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All abstracts by Caroline P. Slomp in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Influence of Filter Age on Fe and Mn Removal in Dual Media Rapid Sand Filters Used for Drinking Water Production
Haukelidsaeter S, Boersma A, Lenstra WK, Kirwan L, Corbetta A, Vos L, Gorres I, Schoonenberg F, Borger K, Wielen PVD, Kessel MV, Lücker S & Slomp CP

(2023) Effectiveness of P Retention in Eutrophic Peat Lake Sediments 10 Years after Fe Amendment
Münch M, van Kaam R, As KS, Peiffer S, ter Heerdt G, Slomp CP, Voegelin A & Behrends T

(2023) Unraveling Trace Metal Co-variation Patterns in Coastal Marine Sediments: Anthropogenic, Redox, and Diagenetic Controls
Paul M, van Helmond NAGM, Slomp CP & Jilbert T

(2023) Methane from the Past: Insights from Clumped Isotope Measurements
Sivan M, Sun J, Röckmann T, Haghnegahdar MA, Farquhar J, Veen CVD, Slomp CP & Popa ME

(2023) Gene-Based Modeling of Methane Oxidation in Coastal Sediments: Constraints on the Efficiency of the Microbial Methane Filter
Lenstra WK, van Helmond NAGM, Dalcin Martins P, Wallenius AJ, Jetten M & Slomp CP

(2021) A Sequential Extraction Procedure for Manganese and its Application to Marine Sediments
Lenstra WK, Behrends T, Klomp R, Molema F & Slomp CP

(2021) Methane Dynamics in a Seasonally Hypoxic Coastal Marine Basin
Zygadlowska OM, Lenstra WK, van Helmond NAGM, Röckmann T, Venetz J, Wallenius AJ, Dalcin Martins P, Veraart AJ, Jetten MSM & Slomp CP

(2021) Speciation Influences Copper Mobilisation from Marine Sediments by the Chalcophore Methanobactin
Rushworth D, Kumar N, Noel V, van Helmond NAGM, Slomp CP, Lehmann MF, Schenkeveld WDC & Kraemer SM

(2021) Iron and Manganese Dynamics in Coastal Seas and Response to Eutrophication
Slomp CP, Lenstra WK & Hermans M

(2021) Milankovitch Climate Control on Redox Cyclicity at the Onset of the Great Oxidation Event
Lantink ML, Davies JHFL, Hennekam R, Hilgen FJ, Lenstra WK, Martin DM, Mason PRD, Reichart G-J, Ovtcharova M & Slomp CP

(2021) Phosphorus Dynamics in a Eutrophic Coastal System with Contrasting Bottom Water Redox Conditions
van Helmond NAGM, Carstensen J, Hermans M, Bastiaan TC, Conley DJ, Humborg C, Lenstra WK & Slomp CP

(2021) Sedimentary P and Fe Dynamics in a Eutrophic Peat Lake after Fe-Amendment
Münch M, van Kaam R, As K, Peiffer S, ter Heerdt G, Slomp CP & Behrends T

(2021) Controls on Phosphorus Burial in Marine Sediments
Slomp CP

(2019) Chromium in the Black Sea
Severmann S, Bruggmann S, Goring-Harford H, James R & Slomp C

(2019) Phosphorus Sequestration in Sediments Populated by Cable Bacteria in the Seasonally Hypoxic Gulf of Finland
Hermans M, Astudillo Pascual M, Behrends T, Lenstra WK, Conley DJ & Slomp CP

(2019) Iron Dynamics in Marine Sediments: New Insights from a Comparison of Sequential Extraction Procedures
van Helmond NAGM, Ungerhofer KA, Hermans M, Lenstra WK & Slomp CP

(2019) Release of Iron and Manganese from Louisiana Continental Shelf Sediments and Impact on the Water Column
Lenstra W, van Helmond N, Zygadlowska O, van Zummeren R, Witbaard R & Slomp C

(2018) Hypoxia in the Stockholm Archipelago over the Past 3 ka: A Natural Phenomenon or Human-Induced?
van Helmond N, Vollebregt A, Lougheed B, Peterse F, Fontorbe G, Conley D & Slomp C

(2018) Probing Sequential Chemical Extractions for Iron Speciation Using Magnetic Methods
Slotznick S, Swanson-Hysell N, Sperling E, Miller A, van Helmond N & Slomp C

(2018) Transfer of Iron from Continental Shelves to Anoxic Basins: A Comparison of the Black Sea and Baltic Sea
Lenstra W, Seguret M, Hermans M, Groeneveld R, van Helmond N, Witbaard R, Severmann S & Slomp C

(2018) Impact of Cable Bacteria on the Biogeochemistry of Coastal Sediment
Hermans M, Behrends T, Risgaard-Petersen N, Meysman FJR & Slomp CP

(2018) Controls on Marine Organic Carbon Burial and its Impact on the Global Carbon Cycle during the Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum
Papadomanolaki NM, Egger M, Sluijs A & Slomp CP

(2018) Oxygen Loss In Coastal Waters: Impact on Geochemical Cycles
Slomp C

(2017) Δ13CH3D and Δ12CH2D2 Signals of Methanogenesis and Methanotrophy
Ash J, Egger M, Kohl I, Treude T, Slomp C, Cragg B, Parkes RJ, Rumble D & Young E

(2017) The Shelf-To-Basin Iron Shuttle in the Black Sea Revisited
Lenstra W, Seguret M, Hermans M, Witbaard R, Kraal P, Kuzminov A, Severmann S, Teaca A, Behrends T, Dijkstra N & Slomp C

(2017) Ocean Circulation and Biogeochemistry during the Toarcian Oceanic Anoxic Event
Ruvalcaba Baroni I, Pohl A, van Helmond NAGM, Coe A, Cohen A, Donnadieu Y & Slomp CP

(2017) Hypoxia in the Holocene Baltic Sea: Comparing Modern Versus Past Intervals Using Sedimentary Trace Metals
van Helmond NAGM, Jilbert T & Slomp CP

(2017) Impact of Natural Reoxygenation on the Sediment Geochemistry in a Euxinic Baltic Sea Basin
Hermans M, Lenstra W, van Helmond NAGM, Egger M, Jilbert T, Witbaard R, Gustafsson E, Gustafsson BG, Conley DJ & Slomp CP

(2017) Molybdenum Dynamics in Sediments of a Seasonally Hypoxic Coastal Marine Basin
Slomp CP, Sulu-Gambari F, Roepert A, Jilbert T, Meysman FJR & Hagens M

(2017) Post-Depositional Vivianite Formation Alters Sediment Phosphorus Records
Hagens M, Dijkstra N, Egger M & Slomp CP

(2017) Trace Metal Dynamics in the Water Column along a Shelf-To-Basin Transect in the Black Sea
Séguret M, Lenstra W, Hermans M, Dijkstra N, Kuzminov A, Severmann S, Rijkenberg M, Laan P & Slomp C

(2016) Cable Bacteria Impact Sediment Iron and Manganese Dynamics in a Seasonally-Hypoxic Marine Lake
Sulu-Gambari F, Seitaj D, Behrends T, Banerjee D, Meysman F & Slomp C

(2016) Coupled Dynamics of CH4-S-Fe-P in Black Sea Sediments
Egger M, Kraal P, Jilbert T, Sulu-Gambari F, Sapart CJ, Röckmann T & Slomp CP

(2016) Redox Processes in Suboxic Worlds: The Highly Different Benthic Geochemistry of Fe-S-Mn Across the Chemoclines of Baltic and Black Sea
Yucel M, Sommer S, Dale A, Slomp C & Arkin S

(2016) Coupled Cycling of Iron, Manganese and Phosphorus in the Water Column of the Black Sea and its Implications for Phosphorus Burial
Dijkstra N, Kraal P, Seguret M, Rijkenberg M, Gonzalez S & Slomp CP

(2015) Reassessing the Nitrogen Isotope Composition of Sediments from the proto-North Atlantic during Oceanic Anoxic Event 2
Ruvalcaba Baroni I, van Helmond N, Tsandev I, Middelburg J & Slomp C

(2015) Phosphorus Dynamics in Coastal Marine Sediments: New Insights in the Role of Fe-P Phases
Slomp C, Egger M, Dijkstra N, Jilbert T, Behrends T, Reed D & Kraal P

(2015) A Holocene History of Dynamic Redox Conditions in the Landsort Deep, Baltic Sea
Hardisty D, Riedinger N, Lyons T, Planavsky N, Andrén T, Jorgensen B, Slomp C, Ash J, Bauersachs T & Martin E

(2014) Controls on Anaerobic Methane Oxidation Coupled to Iron Reduction in a Brackish Coastal Sediment Subject to Eutrophication
Tsandev I, Egger M, Rooze J & Slomp C

(2013) Sediment Phosphorus Dynamics in a Marine Coastal Lake: Response to Seasonal Bottom Water Anoxia
Sulu-Gambari F, Seitaj D, Meysman F & Slomp C

(2013) Coupled Fe-S-P Cycling in Sediments of an Oligotrophic Coastal Basin and the Role of Anaerobic Oxidation of Methane
Egger M, Jilbert T & Slomp C

(2013) Rapid High Amplitude Variability in Baltic Sea Hypoxia during the Holocene
Jilbert T & Slomp CP

(2013) Mediterranean Sapropel S1: Synchronous Basin-Wide Preservation Versus Productivity Signals
De Lange GJ, Slomp C, Corselli C, Erba E, Thomson J & Reitz A

(2012) Multi-Scale Segmentation of Global Continental and Coastal Waters: Typological Analysis and Application to the Carbon Budget
Duerr H, Laruelle G, Lauerwald R, Hartmann J, Regnier P & Slomp C

(2011) Mediterranean Sapropel Formation; Preservation and Palaeoceanography
De Lange GJ, Slomp C, Crudeli D, Corselli C, Principato S, Erba E & Thomson J

(2011) Enhanced Phosphorus Regeneration in Low Oxygen Marine Settings: Insights from Modern and Ancient Sediments and Implications for the Future Ocean
Jilbert T, Slomp CP, Kraal P, Steenbergh AK & Palastanga V

(2010) Nutrient Biogeochemistry in Permeable Sediments Impacted by Submarine Groundwater Discharge
Charette M, Breier C, Dulaiova H, Gonneea M, Henderson P, Kroeger K, Mulligan A, Rao A & Slomp C

(2010) Sedimentary Phosphorus Cycling along an Oxygen Gradient in the Arabian Sea: Insights from Sequential Extractions and X-Ray Spectroscopy
Kraal P, Slomp CP, Reichart G-J & Bostick BC

(2010) Seasonal to Decadal Dynamics of Phosphorus Cycling in the Baltic Sea: The Role of Sediments
Jilbert T, Slomp C, Gustafsson B & Reed D

(2009) Assessing the Role of the Bothnian Sea Phosphorus Burial Sink
Mort HP, Slomp CP & Gustafsson BG

(2009) Sources and Fate of Nitrate and Sulfate in a Sandy Aquifer: A Multi-Isotope Study
Zhang Y-C, Slomp C, Broers HP, Passier H, Böttcher M & Van Cappellen P

(2009) Reconstructing Phosphorus and Carbon Cycling during Cretaceous Oceanic Anoxic Events: Why We Need Modern Analogues
Slomp C, Kraal P, Reed D & Tsandev I

(2008) Modeling Phosphorus Cycling and Carbon Burial during Cretaceous Oceanic Anoxic Events
Tsandev I, Slomp C, Kraal P & Van Cappellen P

(2008) Phosphorus Burial in Baltic Sea Sediments with Contrasting Redox Conditions
Mort HP, Slomp CP & Gustafsson BG

(2008) Redox-Dependent Phosphorus Burial and Regeneration in Cretaceous Black Shales and Mediterranean Sapropel S5
Kraal P, Slomp CP, Forster A & de Lange GJ

(2008) Sedimentary Organic C/P Ratios as a Redox Proxy in Long-Term Records for the Mediterranean Sea
Slomp CP & De Lange GJ

(2008) Denitrification Coupled to Pyrite Oxidation and Changes in Groundwater Quality at Oostrum, the Netherlands
Zhang Y-C, Slomp C, Broers HP, Passier H & Van Cappellen P

(2007) Eastern Mediterranean Sapropel Formation and Preservation; Diagenesis Versus Palaeoceanography
De Lange GJ, Slomp C, Crudeli D, Corselli C, Thomson J, Ferreira A, Sinninghe-Damste J & Vale C

(2007) Modeling Marine Carbon and Phosphorus Cycling during Cretaceous Oceanic Anoxic Events
Slomp C, Kraal P & Tsandev I

(2004) Biogeochemical Dynamics in Sediments of a Coastal Fresh Water Lake
Canavan R, Slomp C, Van Cappellen P & Regnier P

(2002) Trace Metal Dynamics in Freshwater Sediment: The Haringvliet
Canavan R, Slomp CP & Van Cappellen P

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