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All abstracts by Appy Sluijs in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2022) Exploring Systematic Bias in UK’37 in the Mediterranean Sea Through Alkenone Flux and Coccolith Clumped Isotope Measurements in a 28-Year Sediment Trap Record
Rice A, Bouwmans D, van Boxtel A, Peterse F, Ziegler M, Stoll H, Bernasconi SM, de Lange GJ & Sluijs A

(2022) River Particles in Biogeochemical Cycles
Müller G, Börker J, Sluijs A & Middelburg J

(2022) Effect of Ocean Margin Calcification Dynamics on Global Carbon Transfer during the Cenozoic – A box Model Study
Kruijt AL, Soetaert K, Sluijs A & Middelburg J

(2021) Coastal Carbon Transfer in the Past – A box Model Study
Kruijt AL, Middelburg J & Sluijs A

(2021) Spatial Distribution of Lipid Biomarkers, Dinoflagellate Cysts and Pollen in Coastal Marine Surface Sediments in the Northern Gulf of Mexico
Yedema Y, Sangiorgi F, Sluijs A, Sinninghe Damsté JS & Peterse F

(2021) New Insights into the Middle Eocene Climatic Optimum from Lithium Isotopes
Krause AJ, Pogge von Strandmann PAE, Sluijs A, van der Ploeg R & Lenton TM

(2020) Closing the Modern Ocean Alkalinity Budget by Riverine Particulate Inorganic Carbon
Müller G, Middelburg J & Sluijs A

(2018) Controls on Marine Organic Carbon Burial and its Impact on the Global Carbon Cycle during the Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum
Papadomanolaki NM, Egger M, Sluijs A & Slomp CP

(2018) A North Atlantic Sea Surface Temperature Reconstruction for the Middle Eocene Climatic Optimum
van der Ploeg R, Cramwinckel MJ, Kocken IJ, van der Meer AE, Müller IA, Ziegler M, Leutert TJ, Meckler AN, Sexton PF, Bohaty SM, Wilson PA, Peterse F, Schouten S, Reichart G-J, Middelburg JJ & Sluijs A

(2018) Dinoflagellate Cyst Based pCO2 Proxy: First Results and Outlook
Frieling J, Reichart G-J, van Roij L, van de Waal DB & Sluijs A

(2017) Towards Quantitative Reconstructions of Element Cycles for Weathering and Carbon Cycle Tracers Across the Cenozoic
van der Ploeg R, Soetaert K, Bohaty S, Middelburg J & Sluijs A

(2012) A Clumped Isotopes Perspective on Sea Surface Temperatures in the Eocene Southern High Latitudes
Douglas P, Ivany L, Beu A, Hollis C, Houben A, Sluijs A & Affek H

(2011) Quantifying Biotic Responses to Past Abrupt Climate Change: Thresholds and Sensitivities
Gibbs S, Edgar K, Bown P, O'Dea S, Sluijs A, Murphy B & Zachos J

(2010) Parallel Trends in Middle Eocene Temperatures and Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide Concentration?
Bijl PK, Houben AJP, Schouten S, Bohaty SM, Sluijs A, Reichart G-J, Sinninghe Damste JS & Brinkhuis H

(2009) Evolution of Sea Surface Temperatures in the Eocene and Oligocene Reconstructed Using Organic Proxies
Schouten S, Bohaty S, Houben S, Bijl P, Sluijs A, Eldrett J, Harding I, Sinninghe Damste J & Brinkhuis H

(2007) The Magnitude of Ocean Warming during the PETM: Implications for Forcing and Climate Sensitivity
Zachos J, McCarren H, Bohaty S, John C, Sluijs A, Brinkhuis H, Sinninghe Damste J, Schouten S & Sloan L

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