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All abstracts by Joe Small in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Anaerobic Biodegradation of Citric Acid in the Presence of Cement Pellets: Impact on Cement Integrity
Byrd N, Morris K, Singh A, Small J, Taylor F, Boothman C, Engelberg D, Lowe T, Mahmood S & Lloyd JR

(2021) Anaerobic Biodegradation and Biotransformation of Ni-Citrate Complexes at Alkaline pH
Byrd N, Lloyd JR, Small J, Taylor F, Bagshaw H, Hughes L & Morris K

(2020) The Biogeochemical Fate of Organic Decontamination Agents in Low Level Radioactive Waste Disposal
Byrd N, Lloyd J, Small J, Taylor F, Bagshaw H, Boothman C & Morris K

(2017) Plasticised PVC Fuels Nitrate Reduction at High pH: Implications for Nuclear Waste Disposal
Nixon S, van Dongen B, Small J & Lloyd J

(2017) The Biogeochemistry of Gas Generation from Low-Level Nuclear Waste: Modelling After18 Years Study Under in situ Conditions
Small J, Nykyri M, Vikman M, Itävaara M & Paaso N

(2017) Microbial Degradation of Low-Level Radioactive Waste in Repository Conditions
Vikman M, Marjamaa K, Itävaara M, Nykyri M, Small J & Paaso N

(2012) Leak Fluid Chemistry Control on Sr-90 Sorption Mechanism in Sediments
Wallace S, Shaw S, Morris K, Small J & Burke I

(2011) Incorporation of 90Sr into Alkaline Altered Sediments
Wallace S, Shaw S, Morris K, Small J & Burke I

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