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All abstracts by Lynda Soderholm in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2019) Effect of Background Electrolytes Composition on the Interfacial Formation of Th(IV) Nanoparticles
Neumann J, Qiu C, Hellebrandt S, Eng P, Skanthakumar S, Steppert M, Soderholm L & Schmidt M

(2015) Influence of Background Electrolyte on ThIV Sorption Behavior
Hellebrandt S, Schmidt M, Knope KE, Lee SS, Stubbs JE, Eng PJ, Soderholm L & Fenter P

(2014) Surface-Mediated Formation of Pu(IV) Nanoparticles on Muscovite
Schmidt M, Knope K, Lee SS, Stubbs J, Eng P, Bellucci F, Fenter P & Soderholm L

(2013) The Influence of Perchlorate (ClO4-) on the Sorption Behavior of Th(IV) on the Muscovite (001) Basal Plane
Schmidt M, Lee SS, Wilson R, Knope K, Fenter P & Soderholm L

(2012) Actinide Sorption and Reactivity at the Muscovite-Aqueous Interface
Schmidt M, Lee SS, Wilson R, Knope K, Fenter P & Soderholm L

(2011) Cation Adsorption at the Muscovite-Electrolyte Solution Interface
Fenter P, Lee SS, Schmidt M, Soderholm L, Wilson R, Park C, Nagy K & Sturchio N

(2011) Computational Studies of Actinide Clusters and Hydrolysis Reactions
Dixon D, Jackson V, Vasiliu M, Walker S, Duke J, Flamerich R, Knope K & Soderholm L

(2009) X-Ray Views of the Defect Structure and Chemistry of Environmental Nanoparticles
Manceau A, Lanson B, Marcus M, Skanthakumar S & Soderholm L

(2005) The Crystal Chemistry of Neptunium Sulfates and Phosphates
Ziemann T, Burns P, Soderholm L & Skanthakumar S

(2005) Surface Complexation Modeling of U(VI) and Np(V) Adsorption onto the Bacterial Cell Wall of Bacillus subtilis
Fein J, Gorman-Lewis D, Soderholm L, Jensen M & Chiang M

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