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All abstracts by Stefan Sommer in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2022) Nutrient Turnover by Large Sulfur Bacteria on the Namibian Mud Belt during the Low Productivity Season
Chuang P-C, Anderson CH, Kossack M, Fabian J, Su C-C, Vosteen P, Zabel M, Scholz F, Schulz-Vogt HN, Sommer S & Dale AW

(2021) Climate-Driven Marine Silicate Weathering off Peru
Geilert S, Grasse P, Garbe-Schönberg D, Dale A & Sommer S

(2021) Impact of Bottom Contact Trawling on Benthic Biogeochemical Cycling in the Southern Baltic Sea
Zeller MA, Kallmeyer J, Clemens D, Schönke MA, Sommer S & Böttcher ME

(2018) Benthic Trace Metal Cycling on the Peruvian Shelf
Plass A, Scholz F, Schlosser C, Dale A, Achterberg E & Sommer S

(2016) Organic Carbon Preservation in Sediments on the Peruvian Margin
Dale A, Sommer S & Wallmann K

(2016) Redox Processes in Suboxic Worlds: The Highly Different Benthic Geochemistry of Fe-S-Mn Across the Chemoclines of Baltic and Black Sea
Yucel M, Sommer S, Dale A, Slomp C & Arkin S

(2015) Extensive Nitrogen Loss from Permeable Sediments off NW Africa
Sokoll S, Lavik G, Sommer S, Goldhammer T, Kuypers M & Holtappels M

(2013) Benthic Nitrogen Fixation and Mn/Fe Reduction in the Mauritanian Oxygen Minimum Zone: Two Overlooked Processes?
Treude T, Bertics V, Gier J & Sommer S

(2012) A Bottom-Up Perspective on N nd P Cycling in Low Oxygen Environments: The Baltic Sea Versus the Peruvian Shelf
Dale A, Bohlen L, Noffke A, Sommer S, Hensen C & Wallmann K

(2009) Benthic Respiration and Energy Transfer in Cold Seep Habitats
Sommer S, Linke P, Pfannkuche O, Niemann H, Treude T & Haeckel M

(2007) High Sea Bed Methane Emission Rates at Hikurangi Margin (New Zealand) Associated with Extremely Dense Populations of Ampharetid Polychaetes
Sommer S, Linke P, Pfannkuche O, Bowden DA, Greinert J & Haeckel M

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