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All abstracts by Paolo Sossi in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2014) Veritas in Vanadium? Stable Isotope Signatures from the Marianas, MORB and Magnetite
Prytulak J, Sossi P, O'Neill H, Plank T, Elliott T, Nielsen S & Halliday A

(2014) Iron Isotopes on Mars Linked to the Formation of the Terrestrial Planets
Nebel O, Sossi P, Anand M & Poitrasson F

(2014) Iron Isotope Compositions of Oceanic Arc Lavas
Nebel O, Sossi P, Whan T, Bènard A, Wille M, Vroon P & Arculus R

(2014) Fe Isotopes and the Contrasting Petrogenesis of A-, I- and S-Type Granite
Foden J, Sossi P & Wawryk C

(2013) Global Variation in Fe-Isotopic Composition of Arc Basalts Indicate a Variably Oxidised and Metasomatised Mantle Wedge Source?
Foden J, Sossi P & Halverson G

(2013) Iron Isotope Geochemistry of the Balmuccia Peridotite Massif and the Composition of the Upper Mantle
Sossi P, St. C. O'Neill H & Beltrando M

(2012) Fe-Isotopes of Arc Basalts Indicate a Variably Oxidised Mantle Source?
Foden J, Sossi P & Halverson G

(2012) Transition Metal Stable Isotopes in Komatiites
Sossi P, Nebel O, O'Neill H, Eggins S & van Kranendonk M

(2012) Zn Isotope Composition of Paleoproterozoic Carbonates, Banded Iron Formation and Manganese Formation
Kunzmann M, Sossi PA, Halverson GP & Gutzmer J

(2012) Geochemistry of Cryogenian Ironstones – The Link to N-Morb and its Implications
Cox G, Halverson G, Minarik W, Stevenson R, Le Heron D, Macdonald F, Strauss J, Sossi P & Bellefroid E

(2012) Refertilisation of the Hawaiian Oceanic Lithospheric Mantle
Doull J, Yaxley G, Norman M, O'Neill H, Sossi P & Smith I

(2011) Systematic Underestimation of the Oxidation State of MORB Glasses
Sossi P & O'Neill H

(2011) Fe Isotopes and the Contrasting Petrogenesis of A-, I- and S-Type Granite
Foden J, Sossi P & Halverson G

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