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All abstracts by Gordon Southam in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2015) Meteorites as Potential Microbial Habitats on the Surface of Mars
Tait AW, Gagen EJ, Wilson SA, Tomkins AG & Southam G

(2015) Gold Grain Structure and Chemistry: Relics of Biogeochemical Processes
Shuster J, Reith F & Southam G

(2015) Biogenic Methane Cycling in a Laboratory Model of an Abandoned Bituminous Coal Mine
Raudsepp M, Tyson G, Golding S & Southam G

(2015) SHRIMP-Si (18O/16O) Analyses of Goethite: Technical Aspects and Applications to Paleoenvironmental Studies
da Silva Monteiro H, Vasconcelos PM, Ireland T, Farley K, D'Avila J, Miller H, Eiler J & Southam G

(2014) Bacteria-Mineral Interactions at Sulfide Surfaces in Carbonate- Bearing Waste Rock
Dockrey J, Lindsay M, Mayer U, Beckie R, Norlund K, Warren L & Southam G

(2014) Mining Environments as Models for Enhanced Weathering: Lessons for Understanding Element Cycling during CO2 Sequestration
Wilson S, Power I, Harrison A, Dipple G, Hamilton J, Morgan B, Turvey C & Southam G

(2014) Biogeochemical Cycling of Gold: Nanoparticle Formation and Accretion
Shuster J, Reith F & Southam G

(2013) Biogeochemical Cycling of Au and Pt – Integrating Field Studies, Micro-Analyses and Molecular Biology
Reith F, Zammit C, Nies DH, Southam G & Brugger J

(2013) Carbon Mineralization in Artificial Wetlands
Power I, McCutcheon J, Harrison A, Dipple G & Southam G

(2012) New Data on the Cenozoic Epithermal Uranium Concentrations at Nopal Deposit, Mexico
Angiboust S, Fayek M, Power IM, Camacho A, Calas G & Southam G

(2012) The in situ Occurrence of Bacteria on Gold Grain Surfaces: Implications for Bacterial Contributions to Gold Nugget Structure and Chemistry
Shuster J, Johnston C, Magarvey N, Gordon R, Banerjee N & Southam G

(2012) Gold Complexation within a Halophilic Cyanobacterium
Summers K, Shuster J, Stillman M & Southam G

(2012) Archean Laboratory Models Possessing Photosynthetic Microbial Mats
Raudsepp M, Banerjee N & Southam G

(2012) Characterization of Corn Rhizosphere (Zea Mays) Grown in Metal-Contaminated Soil
Mahrous N, Macfie S & Southam G

(2012) Microbially-Accelerated Carbon Sequestration
McCutcheon J, Power IM, Harrison AL, Dipple GM & Southam G

(2012) Biogeochemical Characterization of a Late Archean Sub-Seafloor Hydrothermal System, Dome Mine, Timmins, Ontario, Canada
Stromberg J, Banerjee N, Southam G, Cloutis E, Slater G & Barr E

(2011) The Geomicrobiology of Gold: Fundamental Processes to Industrial Applications
Reith F, Grass G, Zammit C, Southam G & Brugger J

(2011) The Effect of Iron-Oxidizing Bacteria on the Stability of the Gold-Thiosulfate Complex
Shuster J, Smith A, Bolin T & Southam G

(2011) The Weathering of Platinum from Nuggets and Platinum Immobilisation by Cupriavidus Metallidurans
Campbell G, Reith F, MacLean L & Southam G

(2010) Modern Thrombolites from an Asbestos Open Pit Pond
Power I, Wilson S, Dipple G & Southam G

(2010) Insights for CO2 Sequestration from Mineral-Fluid-Gas Interactions in Mine Waste
Dipple G, Wilson S, Power I, Barker S, Fallon S & Southam G

(2010) Evaluaton of Calcium Binding and Carbonate Precipitation by Cyanobacteria in Aquatic and Terrestrial Habitats by XAFS
Omelon C, Power I & Southam G

(2010) Assessing Capture of Atmospheric CO2 within Mine Tailings Using Stable Isotopes and 14C
Wilson S, Dipple G, Barker S, Power I, Atudorei V, Fallon S & Southam G

(2010) An Infrared Study of Modern and Paleo-Filamentous Bacteria from Rio Tinto, Spain
Preston LJ, Shuster J, Fernández-Remolar D, Banerjee NR, Osinski GR & Southam G

(2010) Possible Archean Mineral/Microbial Interactions: Laboratory Model of Microbial Growth on Serpentinized and Non-Serpentinized Mineral Surfaces
Vukosavljevic D, Banerjee N & Southam G

(2010) Microbes Influence the Mobilization and Re-precipitation of Ag in Gossans
Izawa M, Shuster J, Banerjee N, Flemming R & Southam G

(2010) The Immobilisation of Toxic Heavy Metals by Biofilms in Mine Drainage Groundwater Outflow Regions
Ren J & Southam G

(2010) Organic Carbon and Microbial Remnants in Mazon Creek Fossils
Fernandes A, Hills A, Tsujita C & Southam G

(2010) The Immobilization of Au(III) Chloride by Halophilic, Sulfate Reducing Bacteria
Shuster J, Marsden S, MacLean L, Bolin T & Southam G

(2010) Endolithic Habitats in Shocked Gneisses from Haughton Impact Structure, Devon Island, Canada
Pontefract A, Osinski G, Cockell C & Southam G

(2010) Characterization of Biominerals Associated with the Rio Tinto River, Spain
Loiselle L & Southam G

(2010) Acidophiles in Neutral Drainage and their Impact to Chemistry and Flow
Blackmore S, Power I, Southam G, Mayer KU, Beckie R & Smith L

(2009) In situ Analysis of the Molecular Organic and Elemental Composition of a 3.33 Ga Microbial Mat from Barberton
Westall F, Lemelle L, Simionovici A, Salomé M, Marrocchi Y, Foucher F, Cavalazzi B, Meibom A, Robert F, Moustafaoui S, Jauss A, Toporski J, Laclean L, Southam G, Susan W, Vilette S, Jamme F & Dumas P

(2008) Mineral Transformations in Tailings from Active Mines: Implications for Acid Neutralization Potential and Carbon Dioxide Sequestration
Wilson SA, Dipple GM, Raudsepp M, Oliver SL, Gabites JE, Power IM & Southam G

(2008) The Structure-Function Relationship in Bacteria
Southam G, Wanger G, MacLean L & Lengke M

(2008) The Hydromagnesite Playas of Atlin, British Columbia, Canada: A Biogeochemical Model for CO2 Sequestration
Power I, Wilson S, Thom J, Gabites J, Dipple G & Southam G

(2008) Scanning Transmission X-Ray Microscopy (STXM) in Biogeochemical Environments
MacLean L, Southam G, Kimball B, Brantley S & Wirick S

(2007) Anaerobic Nitrate-Dependent Oxidation of Pyrite Mediated by <i>Thiobacillus denitrificans</I>
Torrento C, Southam G, Urmeneta J, Cama J & Soler A

(2005) The Geomicrobiology of Surficial Geochemical Anomalies
Goodhue L, Hamilton S & Southam G

(2005) Bioaccumulation of Gold by Filamentous Cyanobacteria at 25-200 C
Lengke M, Fleet M & Southam G

(2005) Epi- and Endo-Lithic Bacterial Colonisation of Aeolian Sandstone on the Colorado Plateau
Hughes K & Southam G

(2005) Carbon Dioxide Sequestration Through Enhanced Weathering of Chrysotile Mine Tailings and Subsequent Microbial Precipitation of Magnesium Carbonates
Power I & Southam G

(2005) Structural and Chemical Characterization of a Natural Fracture Surface from 2.8 Kilometers Below Land Surface
Wanger G & Southam G

(2005) High Resolution Structural and Chemical Characterisation of Framboidal Pyrite Formed within a Bacterial Biofilm
MacLean L, Pray T, Onstott T & Southam G

(2005) Bacteria Gold Interactions
Southam G & Lengke M

(2001) Biooxidation of Pyrite Under pH Neutral Conditions
Southam G & Mielke R

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