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All abstracts by Robert Sparkes in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2020) Production and Preservation of Novel Bacteriohopanepolyols Under Extreme Environmental Euxinia
Sparkes R, O'Beirne M, Werne J, Gilhooly W & van Dongen B

(2017) Organic Carbon Export from Siberian Permafrost Tracked Across the Arctic Shelf Using Raman Spectroscopy
Sparkes R, Maher M, Blewett J, van Dongen B, Dogrul Selver A, Gustafsson O & Semiletov I

(2014) Terrestrial Organic Carbon and Biomarker Export from East Siberian Permafrost to the Arctic Ocean
Sparkes R, Doğrul Selver A, Bischoff J, Gustafsson Ö, Semiletov I, Dudarev O, Talbot H & van Dongen B

(2014) Terrestrial Microbial Biomarkers Trace Organic Matter Transport to the Arctic Ocean
Bischoff J, Sparkes R, Doğrul Selver A, Gustafsson Ö, Vonk J, Spencer R, Semiletov I, Dudarev O, van Dongen B & Talbot H

(2013) New Views on the Neogene Harvesting & Burial of Terrestrial Organic Carbon
Galy A, Hilton R, Smith J, Sparkes R & Hovius N

(2011) Efficient Cycling of Particulate Organic Carbon Through Orogenic Systems
Hovius N, Galy A, Hilton R, Sparkes R, Kao S-J & Liu J

(2011) Particulate Organic Carbon Deposition Offshore Taiwan Following Typhoon Morakot
Sparkes R, Hovius N, Galy A, Kumar RV & Liu JT

(2011) Looking for PON in Fluviatile and Marine Sediments: Insights from Nitrogen Isotopic Compositions
Galy A, Hilton R, Hovius N, Smith J & Sparkes R

(2009) Erosion and Weathering in Taiwan
Hovius N, Galy A, Calmels D, Meunier P, Hilton R, Bickle M, West J, Chen H & Sparkes R

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