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All abstracts by Samuele Agostini in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Boron Loss and Isotopic Fractionation as a Result of Sediment Dehydration during Subduction from Seafloor to Sub-Arc in SW Japan
Do E, Perez S, Chen T-W, Fisher D, Agostini S, Saffer D & Feineman M

(2023) Boron and B-Sr-Nd Isotopes as Tracers of FME and Volatile Enrichments in the Mantle Source of Kamchatka Arc Basalts
Brennan E, Savov IP, Agostini S, Churikova T, Gordeychik B, Iveson AA, Morgan DJ & Humphreys MCS

(2023) Kamafugites and Kamafugites: A Comparison of the Ugandan, Brazilian and Italian Variants
Innocenzi F, Agostini S, Foley SF, Ronca S & Lustrino M

(2022) Šumovit Greben, a Tale of a Rhyolitic Lava Dome
Molnár K, Dibacto S, Lahitte P, Arató R, Benkó Z, Szepesi J, Agostini S, Döncző B & Temovski M

(2021) Benchmarking Analysis of δ11B in Low B Mid Ocean Ridge Basalt (MORB) Volcanic Glasses
Paul AN, Stewart J, Agostini S, Kirstein L, De Hoog J, Savov I, Walowski K, Rae JWB & Elliott T

(2021) Redox-Dependent Recycling of Carbon in Subduction Zones: A Petrological and Isotope Study from the Belvidere Mountain Complex Ultramafic Body
Boutier A, Vitale Brovarone A, Martinez I, Sissmann O, Agostini S, Daniel I & Mana S

(2019) The Pleiades Volcanic Complex in the W Antarctic Rift: Basaltic Magmas Differentiation Affected by Ice Cover during the Last Glacial Maximum
Agostini S, Leone N, Di Vincenzo G, Rocchi S & Smellie J

(2018) At the Root of the Geothermal Field of Larderello: Boron Isotope Constraints
Dini A, Pennisi M, Agostini S, Di Giuseppe P & Rielli A

(2015) Serpentinites and their Role as Tracer of Fluid Pathway in Subduction Zones
Cannaò E, Scambelluri M, Agostini S & Tonarini S

(2015) Orogenic Volcanism in Kurdistan Province of Iran
Agostini S, Rahimzadeh B, Petricca E, Masoudi F & Lustrino M

(2013) B and O Isotopes as Tracers of Serpentinization along Fossil Oceanic Detachments, Troodos Ophiolite, Cyprus
Elisha B, Katzir Y, Abelson M, Agostini S, Valley J & Spikuzza M

(2013) Isotopic Signature of Naturally Cr(VI) Contaminated Spring Waters from Western Tuscany (Italy)
Chiarantini L, Agostini S, Baneschi I, Guidi M, Natali C, Tonarini S & Frei R

(2013) Sub-Arc δ11B: The Introduction of Boron Isotope Heterogeneity into the Convecting Mantle
Harvey J, Garrido C, Agostini S, Padron-Navarta J-A, Lopez Sanchez-Vizcaino V, Savov I & Marchesi C

(2013) Carbonate, Not Carbonatite, at Villamayor Volcano (Calatrava Volcanic District, Central Spain)
Lustrino M, Agostini S, Capizzi L, Psarakis M & Prelevic D

(2013) Across-Arc Geochemical Variations in Central America Subduction Zone: Evidences from Honduras Basalts
Mattioli M, Agostini S & Renzulli A

(2013) Boron Isotopes in Boninites from the Izu-Bonin-Mariana Arc System: Insights into Subduction Initiation
Savov I & Agostini S

(2013) B, Pb, Sr Isotopic Imprint of Crustal and Mantle Rocks from the Slab-Mantle Interface: The Cima di Gagnone Example (Central Alps)
Cannaò E, Agostini S, Scambelluri M & Tonarini S

(2012) Mantle Source of Back-Arc Ecuador Volcanoes: Insights from B and Radiogenic Isotopes
Agostini S, Puerini M, Renzulli A & Ridolfi F

(2012) High-Pressure Dehydration of Antigorite-Serpentinite and its Effect on Boron Isotope Fractionation in the Shallow Mantle Wedge
Harvey J, Garrido C, Agostini S, Padran-Navarta J-A, Lopez Sanchez-Vizcaino V & Marchesi C

(2011) Subduction-Related or Subdution-Modified Source? The Case of Central-Eastern Anatolia Volcanism
Agostini S, Savaşçın MY & Manetti P

(2010) Mantle Wedge and Slab Fluids in Eastern Mediterranean Arc Magmas
Agostini S, Tonarini S & Manetti P

(2009) Boron Isotope Systematics in Central America Volcanoes
Tonarini S, Leeman WP & Agostini S

(2008) Coupled Li and B Isotope Variations in Aegean-Western Anatolia Arc Lavas: Evidences for δ7Li Fractionation in Subducted Slabs
Agostini S, Ryan JG, Tonarini S & Innocenti F

(2007) B Isotope Study on Tourmalines and Axinites in Hydrothermal Systems: Insights into Fluid Circulation
Agostini S, Oyman T, Tonarini S & Savasçin MY

(2006) Drying and dying of a subducted slab: Li and B isotopes in Western Anatolia Cenozoic Volcanism
Agostini S, Tonarini S, Ryan JG & Innocenti F

(2006) B, Sr, Nd and Pb isotope variations in El Salvador arc lavas: insights into subarc mantle modifications
Tonarini S, Agostini S, Doglioni C, Innocenti F & Manetti P

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