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All abstracts by Marc Spiegelman in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2019) Development of U-Series Disequilibrium Melting and Transport Models Using Jupyter and Python
Elkins L & Spiegelman M

(2019) ENKI: A Framework for Building, Maintaining and Using Chemical Thermodynamic and Fluid Dynamical Models
Ghiorso M, Wolf A, Spiegelman M, Adams J, Evans O, Tweed L & Wilson C

(2016) Water Recycling in Subduction Zones and the Role of Rehydration in the Generation of Intermediate-Depth Seismicity and the Nature of the Cold Fore-Arc Mantle
van Keken P, Abers G, Hacker B, Nakajima J, Kita S, Spiegelman M & Wilson C

(2011) Displaced Helium in Tilted Mantle Plumes
Hofmann AW, Farnetani C, Spiegelman M & Class C

(2009) Modeling the Subduction Factory: The Ins and Outs from a Thermal and Dynamical Perspective
van Keken P, Syracuse E, Hacker B, Abers G, Fischer K, Kneller E & Spiegelman M

(2006) Controls on extent of melting at convergent margins
Langmuir C, Katz R & Spiegelman M

(2002) Highway to Hell: Geochemical Consequences of Channelized Melt Transport
Spiegelman M & Kelemen P

(2000) Making...Moving...Mixing? The Role of Magma Transport in Controlling Observable Geochemical Variation in Mantle Melts
Spiegelman M

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