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All abstracts by Garrison Sposito in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2016) Transition Metal Incorporation into Layer Type FeS
Kwon K, Refson K & Sposito G

(2016) Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Cesium Adsorption on Illite
Lammers L, Bourg I, Okumura M, Kolluri K, Sposito G & Machida M

(2015) Ab Initio Atomistic Thermodynamics of Water Vapor-Pyrophyllite (010) Surface
Kwon K, Newton A, Refson K & Sposito G

(2013) Sorption of Cobalt and Nickel by Biogenic Birnessite
Pena J, Simanova AA, Bargar JR & Sposito G

(2013) A Bimodal Crystallite Size Distribution for Mackinawite (FeS)
Bone S, Sposito G & Bargar J

(2013) Ni Sorption at the Particle Edges of Synthetic and Biogenic Birnessite
Simanova AA, Bone SE, Bargar JR, Sposito G & Pena J

(2012) Does the Naturally Elevated Sulfur Content of Ulva Lactuca Play a Role in the Uptake and Speciation of Arsenic?
Pham C, Charlet L & Sposito G

(2012) Linking Mackinawite (FeS) Structure to Redox Activity
Bone S, Kwon K, Bargar J & Sposito G

(2011) Molecular Dynamics Simulation of the Electrical Double Layer on Smectite Clay Surfaces
Bourg I & Sposito G

(2011) Water Structure and Hydration Properties of Imogolite Nanotubes
Fernandez-Martinez A, Cuello G, Bourg I, Johnson M, Waychunas G, Sposito G & Charlet L

(2011) Arsenic Uptake and Speciation in the Green Marine Alga Ulva Lactuca: Development of a Coastal Aquatic Bioindicator
Pham C, Charlet L & Sposito G

(2011) Sorption of Hg(II) by Nanocrystalline Mackinawite (Tetragonal FeS)
Bone S, Kwon K, Bargar J & Sposito G

(2011) Characterization of Fe(0) Electro-Coagulation Reaction Products Using Synchrotron-Based Techniques
van Genuchten C, Peña J, Addy S, Sposito G & Gadgil A

(2010) Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Brine-Clay Interfaces: Implications for CO2 Storage in Saline Aquifers
Bourg I & Sposito G

(2010) Molecular Dynamics Simulations of CO2-Brine Interfacial Tension and Mutual Solubility
Nielsen L, Bourg I & Sposito G

(2009) Isotopic Fractionation by Diffusion in Liquid Water and Clay Nanopores
Bourg IC & Sposito G

(2009) Nanoscale Environment of Metal Coordination States in Humic Substances: A Molecular Dynamics Study
Sposito G & Aristilde L

(2008) Sorption of Iron from Siderophore Complexes by Mn Oxides
Duckworth O, Bargar J & Sposito G

(2007) Influence of Transition Metal Cations on the Formation and Reactivity of Biogenic Mn Oxides
Peña J, Sposito G & Bargar JR

(2005) Formation of Manganese-Desferrioaxime B Complexes by Dissolution of Manganese Oxides
Duckworth O & Sposito G

(2004) The Energetics of Selenite and Iodate Adsorption onto Goethite
Cheney M, Ferruzzi G, Sposito G & Casey W

(2002) Adsorption of desferrioxamine-B and Oxalate on Al-Goethite: Implications for Microbial Dissolution Processes
Cervini-Silva J & Sposito G

(2001) Abiotic Transformations of Atrazine by Manganese Oxide
Shin JY, Cheney MA, Toner B, Sposito G & Spiro T

(2001) Steady-State Dissolution Kinetics of Aluminum-Goethite in the Presence of Desferrioxamine-B and Oxalate
Cervini-Silva J & Sposito G

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