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All abstracts by Mordechai Stein in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2021) Geochemical Evolution of Lake Lisan from Interstitial Soluble Salts in Cores of Dead Sea Deep Drilling Project and Marginal Outcrops
Khalifa O, Stein M & Lazar B

(2021) Mechanisms of 234U Enrichment in Waters of Carbonate Terrains – Dead Sea Watershed
Saeed D, Stein M, Bookman R & Lazar B

(2019) The Recycling of Dead Sea Brine Through the Marginal Aquifers
Lazar B, Weber N, Yechieli Y, Gavrieli I, Antler G & Stein M

(2019) Sr Isotopes at the Onset of the Ice Ages
Fuchs R, Lazar B, Angiolini L, Crippa G, Felletti F, Khrizman A, Fruchter N, Eisenhauer A & Stein M

(2019) The Rise of the Asthenospheric Mantle Below the Arabian Lithosphere
Stein M

(2019) Geochemical Evolution of Lake Lisan from Interstitial Soluble Salts in Cores of Dead Sea Deep Drilling Project
Khalifa O, Lazar B & Stein M

(2019) Rock Varnish Evidence for the Early to Mid Holocene African Monsoon Influence in the Dead Sea Basin and the Negev Desert
Liu T, Broecker W, Hemming S & Stein M

(2018) Transport of Pollutants by Atmospheric Desert Dust in the Levant
Erel Y & Stein M

(2018) Detrital Calcites from the Sahara: Source of Alkalinity to the Dead Sea, the Mediterranean and the Atlantic Ocean
Stein M & Goldstein S

(2018) Sr Isotopes at the Onset of the Ice Ages
Fuchs R, Lazar B, Angiolini L, Crippa G, Felletti F, Eisenhauer A & Stein M

(2018) Droughts and Tropical-Induced Rainfall in the East Mediterranean during Warm Periods
Kiro Y, Goldstein SL, Kushnir Y, Stein M & Lazar B

(2018) The Circulation of the Dead Sea Brine in the Adjacent Regional Aquifer
Weber N, Yechieli Y, Stein M, Gavrieli I, Yokochi R, Zappala J, Mueller P & Lazar B

(2018) Late Quaternary Climate in Southern China Deduced from Sr-Nd Isotopes of Huguangyan Maar Sediments
Zaarur S, Stein M, Adam O, Mingram J, Chu G, Liu J, Wu J & Erel Y

(2017) 88 Sr/ 86 Sr Fractionation and Calcite Accumulation Rate in the Sea of Galilee
Fruchter N, Lazar B, Nishri A, Almogi-Labin A, Eisenhauer A, Beeri-Shlevin Y & Stein M

(2017) Tracing the Recharge History of Groundwater –The En-Qedem Thermal Brine Springs, Dead Sea Shore
Weber N, Yechieli Y, Stein M, Gavrieli I & Lazar B

(2017) Warm Intervals in the Levant: Reconstructing Temporal and Spatial Rainfall Distribution from Dead Sea Sediment Geochemistry
Kiro Y, Goldstein SL, Kushnir Y, Lazar B & Stein M

(2017) Chemical Characterization of Atmospheric Dust from a Weekly Time Series in the North Red Sea between 2006-2010
Teutsch N, Torfstein A, Tirosh O, Shaked Y, Rivlin T, Zipori A, Stein M, Lazar B & Erel Y

(2016) Paleolimnological and Redox Conditions over the Last Glacial Dead Sea from Pore Fluids
Sivan O, Levy E, Antler G, Turchyn A, Yechieli Y, Lazar B, Stein M & Gavrieli I

(2016) ICDP Dead Sea Deep Core Pore Fluids Reveal Linear Global Climate Coupling with Levant Hydrology
Levy EJ, Lazar B, Stein M, Yechieli Y, Gavrieli I & Sivan O

(2016) Life Influence on the Deep Dead Sea Sedimentary Archive: Insights from Fe-S Minerals and Organic Matter Recycling
Thomas C, Ebert Y, Kiro Y, Stein M & Ariztegui D

(2015) δ88/86Sr and 87Sr/86Sr as Combined Tracers of the Evolution of Continental Strontium – Lessons from Soils and Carbonates in Israel
Shalev N, Halicz L, Stein M, Gavrieli I, Sandler A, Segal I & Lazar B

(2013) The ICDP Dead Sea Deep Drill Core: Chronology and Implications for Levant Climate Change
Goldstein S, Torfstein A, Stein M & Kitagawa H

(2013) Calcitic Corals from the Northern Red Sea as Paleohydrological Monitors
Yehudai M, Lazar B, Kohn N, Shaked Y, Agnon A & Stein M

(2013) Substantial Changes in the Salinity and Paleo-Hydrology of the Late Quaternary Dead Sea Revealed in the ICDP Deep Drill
Lazar B, Sivan O, Antler G, Yechieli Y, Levi E, Gavrieli I & Stein M

(2013) The Geochemical History of the Dead Sea from Dissolved Chemical Species and Isotopes in Pore Waters
Levy EJ, Sivan O, Yechieli Y, Gavrieli I, Lazar B & Stein M

(2013) Dust Transport over the Late Quaternary Red Sea – Dead Sea Regions from Nd-Sr Isotopes in Deep-Sea Cores and Lake Sediments
Stein M, Palchan D, Almogi-Labin A, Erel Y & Goldstein SL

(2012) Glacial-Interglacial Paleotemeperatures and Paleohydrology in the Jourdan River Valley from Clumped Isotopes in Fresh Water Snails
Zaarur S, Stein M & Affek H

(2011) North Atlantic Influence on Rainfall in the Dead Sea – Sahel Watersheds: Implication for Holocene Climate Fluctuations
Stein M, Kushnir Y & Kagan E

(2011) Red Sea Detritus Provenance during MIS 6/5 and MIS 2/1 Transitions
Palchan D, Stein M, Erel Y, Almogi-Labin A & Goldstein SL

(2011) Short Residence Time and Fast Transport of Fine-Grain Detritus – From 7Be in Settled Dust in the Judean Desert
Belmaker R, Lazar B, Stein M & Beer J

(2011) Strontium Isotope Fractionation in Scleractinian Corals
Fruchter N, Böhm F, Eisenhauer A, Dietzel M, Krabbenhöft A, Niedermayr A, Reynaud S, Lazar B & Stein M

(2011) Provenance and Grain Size Effects of Siliciclastic Sediments in the Dead Sea Basin from Pb-Sr-Nd Isotopes and Trace Chemistry
Torfstein A, Goldstein S & Stein M

(2011) Open System U-Th Ages of Red Sea Corals Indicate the Activity of Freshwater Aquifers at the Last Interglacial
Lazar B & Stein M

(2009) Calcitification of the Last Interglacial Coral Reefs in the Gulf of Aqaba – Phreatic Freshwater Activity in the Currently Hyperarid Region
Lazar B, Stein M & Agnon A

(2009) The Last Termination at the Dead Sea Basin: Catastrophic Aridities, Salt Deposition and Human Culture Development
Stein M, Torfstein A, Gavrieli I & Yechieli Y

(2007) Atlantic Cold-Water Spells into the Mediterranean Caused the Abrupt Changes in the Levant's post-Glacial Hydrology and Human-Culture Development
Stein M & Yechieli Y

(2007) 86Sr/88Sr Ratio by ICP-MS-Mc as a New Tracer of Terrestrial Geochemical Processes
Halicz L, Segal I, Fruchter N, Lazar B & Stein M

(2007) U-Th, δ18O and Paleomagnetic Dating of a Mid-Pleistocene Lacustrine Sequence: The Amora Formation, Mount Sedom, Israel
Torfstein A, Haase-Schramm A, Waldmann N, Kolodny Y & Stein M

(2004) Tracing 20 Years of U, Sr and Mg into Porites Coral from the Elat Reef
Schossberger M, Lazar B, Halicz L & Stein M

(2004) Brine-Freshwater Interaction and Redox Conditions in Lake Lisan during MIS2
Torpstein A, Gavrieli I, Goldstein S, Katz A, Haase-Schramm A & Stein M

(2004) Elevated C14 Values Across the Laschamp Geomagnetic Excursion in Lake Lisan, Indicate a Reorganization of the Global Carbon Cycle
Hajdas I, Stein M, Bonani G, Goldstein S & Muscheler R

(2004) Tracing Natural and Anthropogenic Contributions to Modern Dust Storms: Sr, Pb Isotopes and Trace Elememts in Jerusalem Suspended Dust
Rabi R, Erel Y, Dayan U & Stein M

(2004) The Petrogenesis and Thermal History of Lower Crustal Xenoliths from the Karnei-Hitin Volcano, Northern Israel
Ben-Dov O, Navon O, Halicz L & Stein M

(2003) The Sahara – East Mediterranean Dust Connection Revealed by Strontium and Uranium Isotopes in Jerusalem Speleothems
Stein M & Frumkin A

(2003) Radiocarbon as a Paleohydrological Tracer in the Dead Sea
Lazar B, Ken-Tor R, Burr G, Enzel Y & Stein M

(2002) The Fall and Rise of the Dead Sea during the post-Glacial and Younger Dryas Event
Stein M

(2002) The Daly Gap: Low-Pressure Fractionation and Heat-Loss from a Cooling Magma Chamber
Mushkin A, Stein M, Halicz L & Navon O

(2002) Strontium Isotopes in the Red Sea-Gulf of Aden during the Past 530 Kyr: The Role of Hydrothermal and "Erosional" Components during Glacial Interglacial Cycles
Starinsky A, Stein M, Almogi-Labin A, Goldstein SL & Hemleben C

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