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All abstracts by Pierre Agrinier in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Three-Years Variations of HCl Concentration and Chlorine Isotopic Compositions in Fumarolic Gases of La Soufrière de Guadeloupe (FWI) Reveal Key Constraints on the Scrubbing of HCl(g)
Le Glas E, Bonifacie M, Agrinier P, Robert V, Bardoux G, Moretti R, Labidi J, Chilin-Eusebe E, Didier T, Burtin A & Pantobe L

(2023) Balance of Fluid Exchange between Sediments and Seawater. The Perspective of the Chlorine Isotopes of Chlorides
Agrinier P, Gieskes J, Subbarao G, Bardoux G & Bonifacie M

(2023) TERNEB, the Mother Nebula of Terrestrial Planets
Javoy M, Connelly J & Agrinier P

(2023) Fractionation of Stable Chlorine Isotopes in the Kidneys of Mice
Aloisi G, Crambert G, Agrinier P, Bardoux G, Cheval L & Houillier P

(2021) Chlorine Isotopes from Chlorides in Sedimentary Fluids of the Ocean Crust and the Cl Budget of Earth Surface Chlorine
Agrinier P, Bonifacie M, Bardoux G, Giunta T, Lucazeau F & Ader M

(2021) Record of Cenozoic Weathering Episodes in Central Amazon Basin
Ansart C, Demri D, Allard T, Calmels D, Gautheron CE, Guinoiseau D, Agrinier P, Quantin C & Horbe A

(2021) The Cl Isotope Variation of Sodalite and Eudialyte in Ilímaussaq (South Greenland)
Eggenkamp HGM, Marks MAW, Bonifacie M, Bardoux G, Agrinier P & Markl G

(2021) Chlorine Isotopes in La Soufrière de Guadeloupe (FWI) Fumaroles Trace HCl Scrubbing at Shallow Depth
Le Glas E, Bonifacie M, Agrinier P, Bardoux G, Moretti R, Labidi J & Robert V

(2021) Do Ancient Brines Trapped as Fluid Inclusions in Unconformity-Related Deposits Differ from Present-Day Porewaters in Triassic Aquifers of the Paris Basin?
Lenoir L, Blaise T, Chourio-Camacho D, Tarantola A, Agrinier P, Richard A, Rigaudier T, Monvoisin G, Bardoux G, Brigaud B & Barbarand J

(2020) Synthesis of Tachyhydrite and Bischofite for Isotopic Calibration Measurements
Gaucher EC, Pichat A, Ferrage E, Lerouge C, Flehoc C & Agrinier P

(2020) Multiple Origin of Aptian Salt Deposit in Proximal Domain of the West African Margin
Pichat A, Gaucher E, Revillon S, Agrinier P, Catherine L & Christine F

(2019) Ion Filtration in Oceanic Clay-Rich Sediments: Evidence from Chlorine Stable Isotopes of Pore Fluid Chlorides
Agrinier P, Destrigneville C, Giunta T, Bonifacie M, Bardoux G, Lucazeau F & Ader M

(2019) A Forest of Carbonate-Brucite Chimneys at the Southwest Indian Ridge: The Ultramafic-Hosted Old City Hydrothermal Field
Cannat M, Agrinier P, Martinez I, Vitale Brovarone A, Lecoeuvre A, Corre M, Früh-Green G, Fontaine F, Chavagnac V, Brunelli D, Prampolini M, Bickert M, Hamelin C, Lie Onstad S & Rouméjon S

(2019) Chlorine Isotopes in Volcanology: Exemple from La Soufriere de Guadeloupe (FWI)
Bonifacie M, Gérard B, Robert V, Agrinier P, Moune S, Moretti R, Dessert C, Komorowski J-C & Legendre Y

(2017) Carbon Dioxide in the Nepal Himalayas: Segmentation of the Crustal Source?
Girault F, France-Lanord C, Agrinier P, Koirala BP, Bhattarai M, Adhikari LB, Sapkota SN & Perrier F

(2017) Extreme δ37Cl Depletion in Pore Fluids of Compacting Clay Sediments of the Fore Front of the Nankai Subduction Zone
Andre J, Bardoux G, Destrigneville C & Agrinier P

(2017) Halogen Concentrations and Chlorine Isotope Compositions along the Lesser Antilles Arc Recorded in Thermal Springs
Bonifacie M, Bardoux G, Robert V, Dessert C, Moune S, Agrinier P & Joseph E

(2017) The Fate of Carbon during Oceanic Crust Alteration Through Time
Shilobreeva S, Martinez I, Polyakov V & Agrinier P

(2017) Oxygen Isotope Fractionation Among Uranium Oxides: A Tracer of Origins and Transformations of Nuclear Material
Dierick M, Pili E, Szenknect S & Agrinier P

(2016) Solute Transport in Porous Media during Drying: The Chlorine Isotopes Point of View
Bernachot I, Garcia B, Ader M, Peysson Y, Rosenberg E, Bardoux G & Agrinier P

(2016) Oxygen Isotopes in Uranium Oxides from the Front End of the Nuclear Fuel Cycle
Dierick M, Pili E, Agrinier P & Szenknect S

(2015) Cl Isotope Fractionation during Drying of Brine in a Porous Media
Bernachot I, Garcia B, Ader M, Bardoux G & Agrinier P

(2015) Chlorine and Bromine Stable Isotope Diffusion Through Natural Porous Media
Giunta T, Maineult A, Ader M, Bonifacie M & Agrinier P

(2014) Chlorine Stable Isotope Diffusion Through Natural Porous Media
Giunta T, Ader M, Bonifacie M, Meineult A & Agrinier P

(2014) Multiphase Serpentinization at the Southwest Indian Ridge (62°-65°E)
Roumejon S, Cannat M, Agrinier P, Godard M & Andreani M

(2013) Carbon Budget during Alteration of the Oceanic Crust
Martinez I, Shilobreeva S, Busigny V, Laverne C, Alt J & Agrinier P

(2013) Geochemical and Isotopic Monitoring of Dissolved Carbon Dynamic in a Karst Aquifer, Located Above the Rousse Site Test for CO2 Geological Storage
Staniszewski Y, Groleau A, Jézéquel D & Agrinier P

(2012) Denudation of the Lesser Antilles
Gaillardet J, Lajeunesse E, Rad S, Dessert C, Louvat P, Rive K, Agrinier P, Lloret E & Benedetti M

(2012) Understanding Gas Dynamics in Unsaturated Fractured Granite Using SF6, CO2, Rn and Other Noble Gases
Guillon S, Pili E, Sabroux J-C & Agrinier P

(2011) A Review of the Analytical Accuracy of Cl Isotope Measurements in Rocks by Various Techniques: A Way to Explain Inconsistency between Results
Agrinier P, Coleman M & Bonifacie M

(2011) Fractionation of Cl and Br Isotopes during Precipitation of Salts from their Saturated Solutions
Eggenkamp H, Bonifacie M, Ader M & Agrinier P

(2011) A Close Look at the Carbon Cycle from the Roselend Natural Laboratory Using Laser-Based Isotope Ratio Spectrometry
Pili E, Guillon S, Agrinier P & Dellinger M

(2011) Hydrogeochemical Survey of CO2 Geological Leakage Using Noble Gases: Application to the Furnas Caldera (Azores, Portugual)
Gréau C, Moreira M, Agrinier P, Lagneau V, Schneider H, Madureira P & Ruzié L

(2011) On the Mass Independent Fractionations of O, Hg, Si, Mg and Cd during Open-System Evaporation or Thermal Decomposition
Cartigny P, Eiler J, Agrinier P & Assayag N

(2009) Transient Geochemical and Hydrogeological Coupling during Weathering and the Carbon Cycle in the Critical Zone
Pili E, Dellinger M, Charlet L, Agrinier P, Chabaux F & Richon P

(2009) Chlorine Isotope Composition of Spring Waters from Martinique (Lesser Antilles)
Li L, Aubaud C & Agrinier P

(2008) Origin of Riverine Dissolved Inorganic Carbon: Comparison between West Indies, Reunion and Iceland
Rive K, Agrinier P & Gaillardet J

(2008) CO2 Ionic Trapping by Water-Rock Interactions during a Push-Pull Test in a Basaltic-Metasedimentary Aquifer
Assayag N, Matter J, Ader M, Goldberg D & Agrinier P

(2008) Noble Gases as Precursors of CO2 Deep Storage Leaks Towards Surface
Lafortune S, Moreira M, Agrinier P, Schneider H & Catalette H

(2007) DIC Concentration and δ13C in Thermal Springs of La SoufriFre Volcano (Guadeloupe, FWI): Implications for Volcanic Surveillance
Aubaud C, Dessert C, Agrinier P, Crispi O & Beauducel F

(2007) First Steps in the Feasibility Study of CO2 Geological Storages Monitoring Through Noble Gas Geochemistry
Lafortune S, Moreira M, Agrinier P, Schneider H & Catalette H

(2007) Tracing the Sources of Carbon in the Rivers of Lesser Antilles
Rivé K, Gaillardet J, Agrinier P & Rad S

(2006) The global chlorine cycle : Cl isotope constraints
Bonifacie M, Jendrzejewski N, Agrinier P, Coleman M & Javoy M

(2005) The Behavior of Chlorine and d<+>37<$>Cl during the Oceanic Crust Alteration
Bonifacie M, Jendrzejewski N, Agrinier P, Monnin C, Laverne C, Coleman M, Charlou J & Javoy M

(2004) The Geodynamic Cycle of Chlorine Based on d37 Cl
Bonifacie M, Jendrzejzwski N, Agrinier P, Pineau F, Charlou J & Monnin C

(2002) Short Lifetime for CO2 in the Atmosphere after a Meteorite Impact on Sediments
Agrinier P, Alexander D, Urs S & Isabelle M

(2002) Significance of Oxygen Isotopic Signature in Magnetite [Fe3O4] Under Earth Surface Conditions: Preliminary Results
Faivre D, Zuddas P, Agrinier P, Guyot F & Menguy N

(2000) Li Behaviour during Serpentinisation of Oceanic Peridotites
Decitre S, Deloule E, Reisberg L, James R, Mevel C & Agrinier P

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