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All abstracts by Thomas Stephan in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2022) Significance of the Elemental and Isotopic Compositions of GEMS
Bradley JP, Ishii HA, Bustillo K, Ciston J, Ogliore RC, Stephan T, Brownlee D & Joswiak D

(2020) Assessing the Classification of Presolar Silicon Carbide Grains Using Cluster Analysis
Boujibar A, Zhang S, Howell S, Hystad G, Prab A, Narkar S, Eleish A, Morrison S, Liu N, Stephan T, Alexander C, Hazen R & Nittler L

(2020) Nanoscale Properties of GEMS-Like Material in Primitive Carbonaceous Chondrites
Villalon KL, Ohtaki KK, Bradley JP, Ishii HA, Heck PR, Keating K, Davis AM & Stephan T

(2019) Molybdenum Isotopes in Presolar SiC Grains Unveil Details of s-, r-, and p-Process Nucleosynthesis
Stephan T & Davis A

(2019) Simultaneous Measurement of all Isotopes of Iron and Nickel in Cosmic Spherules
Davis A, Stephan T & Pellin M

(2018) Cosmochemistry with CHILI
Davis A, Stephan T, Boehnke P, Pellin M, Trappitsch R & Liu N

(2017) High-Silica Hadean Crust
Boehnke P, Bell E, Stephan T, Trappitsch R, Keller B, Pardo O, Davis A & Harrison M

(2017) Stellar Origins of Type AB Grains
Liu N, Stephan T, Boehnke P, Nittler L, Alexander C, Wang J, Trappitsch R, Pellin M & Davis A

(2017) CHILI: Isotopic Compositions at the Sub-Micrometer Scale Without Isobaric Interferences
Davis A, Stephan T, Trappitsch R, Boehnke P & Pellin M

(2015) Isotopic Compositions of Presolar SiC: First Measurements with CHILI
Davis A, Stephan T, Pellin M, Rost D, Trappitsch R & Savina M

(2014) CHILI: Is it Ready Yet?
Davis A, Stephan T, Pellin M, Rost D, Savina M, Trappitsch R & Liu N

(2014) Atom-Probe Tomography of Cosmochemical Samples
Heck P, Isheim D, Auciello O, Davis A, Elam J, Hiller J, Larson D, Mane A, Pellin M, Rout S, Savina M, Seidman D & Stephan T

(2013) The Chicago Instrument for Laser Ionization: Progress and Promise
Davis A, Stephan T, Pellin M, Rost D, Savina M, Trappitsch R & Liu N

(2011) Approaching the Final Frontier in Lateral Resolution for Isotopic and Chemical Analysis with CHILI
Davis A, Stephan T, Savina M, Pellin M, Veryovkin I, Yokochi R, Trappitsch R, Liu N & King A

(2010) Making CHILI: A Progress Report
Davis A, Stephan T, Pellin M, Veryovkin I & Savina M

(2009) NanoSIMS Search for Interstellar Silicate Dust in Chondritic Samples
Vollmer C, Hoppe P & Stephan T

(2008) Concerted TOF-SIMS and TEM Analysis of Cometary Matter Captured by Stardust
Stephan T & van der Bogert CH

(2008) Construction of the Ion Nanoprobe: A Progress Report
Davis A, Veryovkin I, Stephan T, Pellin M, Savina M, Parai R, Knight K & Levine J

(2006) 18O-tracing of the hydrothermal alteration of pyrochlore
Pöml P, Menneken M, Stephan T, Niedermeier D, Geisler T & Putnis A

(2005) TOF-SIMS – A Tool for Sub-Micrometer Analysis in Geo- and Cosmochemistry
Stephan T

(2005) O- and S-Isotope Imaging of Primitive Solar System Materials with the Mainz NanoSIMS
Hoppe P, Mostefaoui S & Stephan T

(2000) TOF-SIMS Analysis of Presolar SiC x-Grains
Henkel T, Stephan T, Jessberger EK, Hoppe P & Strebel R

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