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All abstracts by Richard Stern in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2019) Isotopic Evidence for the Coupled Recycling of Carbon and Boron to Lower Mantle Depths
Regier ME, Chalk TB, Stern RA, Smit K, Smith EM, Stachel T, Foster GL, Bussweiler Y, Harris JW & Pearson DG

(2019) Assessing Open-System Behaviour in Baddeleyite (ZrO2): A Combined SIMS δ18O and TIMS U-Pb Study
Nilsson M, Stern R & Heaman L

(2019) Time-Space Evolution of the Abitibi-Wawa: New Insights from Hf-O Isotopes in Zircon
Mole D, Marsh J, Thurston P, Ayer J & Stern R

(2018) Oxygen Isotopes in Kankan Super-Deep Diamond Inclusions Reveal Variable Slab-Mantle Interaction
Regier ME, Pearson DG, Stachel T, Stern RA & Harris JW

(2018) Polycrystalline Diamonds and their Mantle-Derived Mineral and Fluid Intergrowths
Jacob D, Stern R, Stachel T & Piazolo S

(2018) Generation of Early Continental Crust: A Billion Year of TTG Evolution from the Eoarchean Saglek Block, Canada
Vezinet A, Pearson DG, Thomassot E, Stern RA, Luo Y & Sarkar C

(2018) Deep Carbon Through Time: The Diamond Record
Howell D, Stachel T, Pearson G, Stern R, Nestola F, Shirey S & Harris J

(2017) Cycling of the Elements of Life within the Archean Crust-Mantle System
Tappe S, Smart K & Stern R

(2017) High Resolution Seasonal Signals in Bivalve Shells from Lake Rotorua, New Zealand
Herath D, Stern R, Jacob D, Clearwater S & Fallon S

(2017) Insights into Diamond Formation from Polycrystalline Diamond Aggregates
Jacob D, Stern R, Chapman J & Piazolo S

(2017) Fluid Induced Transition from Banded Kyanite- to Bimineralic Eclogite and Implications for the Evolution of Cratons
Sommer H, Jacob D, Stern R, Petts D, Mattey D & Pearson G

(2015) Diamond Growth in the Lithospheric Mantle: New SIMS and Raman Evidence from Zimbabwe Diamonds
Smit K, Shirey S, Steele A, Stern R & Wang W

(2015) Pyrite Re-Os Geochronology: Lessons from the Irish Orefield
Hnatyshin D, Creaser R, Wilkinson J, Stern R & Gleeson S

(2015) Eclogite Xeoliths with Subducted Oceanic Crust Signatures from the Wajrakarur Kimberlites, Southern India: Evidences from Trace Element and O Isotope Geochemistry
Dongre A, Jacob D, Stern R & Viljoen F

(2015) Paragenesis of the Anarraaq Deposit in the Red Dog Zn-Pb-Ag±Ba District, Northwestern Alaska, USA
Reynolds M, Gleeson S & Stern R

(2015) Diagenetic H2S Production Provides a Metal Trap in Carbonaceous Mudstones – In situ Microanalysis of δ34S Values in Pyrite and Barite
Magnall J, Gleeson S, Stern R & Paradis S

(2015) Deeply Subducted Carbon and Nitrogen within the Earth’s Mantle: A View from SIMS Analysis of Super Deep Diamonds from Monastery and Jagersfontein (RSA)
Palot M, Pearson DG, Stachel T, Stern RA, le Pioufle A & Harris JW

(2014) A Nitrogen Isotope Fractionation Factor between Diamond and Fluid Derived from Detailed SIMS Analysis of an Eclogitic Diamond
Petts D, Stern R, Stachel T, Chacko T & Heaman L

(2014) A Possible Magmatic Origin for Coronas in Grenville Metagabbros
Shaulis B, Heaman L & Stern R

(2014) W-Isotope Evolution of the 4.02 to 3.4 Ga-Old Acasta Gneiss Complex
Reimink J, Liu J, Pearson G, Chacko T, Stern R & Heaman L

(2013) An Iceland-Like Setting for Generation of Earth’s Earliest Known Crust
Reimink J, Chacko T, Stern R & Heaman L

(2013) The Oldest Zircons of Africa – Their Implications for Hadean to Archean Crust-Mantle Evolution
Zeh A, Gerdes A & Stern R

(2013) Characterisation of Baddeleyite Oxygen Isotopes and Microstructure
Davies J, Stern R, Heaman L, Moser D & Walton E

(2013) Nitrogen Isotope Systematics and Origins of Mixed-Habit Diamonds
Howell D, Stern R, Griffin W, Southworth R, Mikhail S, Stachel T, Verchovsky S, Jones A, O'Reilly S & Pearson N

(2013) Filling in the Juvenile Magmatic Gap: Evidence for Continued Paleoproterozoic Plate Tectonics during the Great Oxidation Event
Partin C, Bekker A, Sylvester P, Wodicka N, Stern R, Chacko T & Heaman L

(2012) Nature of Fluids in the Deep Mantle (>300km) Inferred from a Carbon and Nitrogen Micro-Analytical Study of a Single Ultra-Deep Diamond from Kankan, Guinea
Palot M, Pearson DG, Stern R & Stachel T

(2012) Global Oxygen Isotope Survey of Lithospheric Mantle: Implications for the Evolution of Cratonic Roots
Miskovic A, Ickert RB, Pearson DG, Stern RA, Kopylova M & Kjarsgaard B

(2012) Zircon Alteration in Archean Orthogneisses: Insights from U-Pb-Hf-O Isotopes and Trace Elements
Zeh A, Gerdes A & Stern R

(2012) Non-Gem Diamonds from the Diavik Diamond Mine, Canada: Tracers for Cratonic Mantle Metasomatism
Hunt L, Stachel T, Pearson DG, Stern R, Muehlenbachs K, Marcheggiani-Croden V & McLean H

(2012) Diamond Growth from Organic Carbon Suggested by Coupled delta18O-Delta13C Variations in Diamonds and Garnet Inclusions
Ickert R, Stachel T, Stern R & Harris J

(2012) Formation of Eclogites and Pyroxenites Below Attawapiskat, Superior Craton (Canada)
Smit KV, Stachel T, Creaser RA, DuFrane SA, Ickert RB, Stern RA & Seller M

(2012) Zircon U-Pb Geochronology of the Nuvvuagittuq Greenstone Belt
Darling J, Moser D, Heaman L, Davis W, Stern R, O'Neil J, Carlson R & Francis D

(2011) Mixed-Habit Diamonds: Evidence of a Specific Mantle Fluid Chemistry?
Howell D, Griffin W, O'Reilly SY, O'Neill C, Pearson N, Piazolo S, Stern R, Stachel T & Nasdala L

(2011) Formation of Diamond from Oxidized Fluids/Melts: δ13C-N SIMS Study of an Eclogitic Diamond from the Jericho Kimberlite, Canada
Smart KA, Chacko T, Stachel T, Stern R & Muehlenbachs K

(2010) Zircon Oxygen Isotopes by SIMS: Performance Evaluation of the Canadian IMS1280
Stern R & Ickert R

(2010) MC-HR-SIMS Oxygen Isotope Analysis of Ferropericlase Inclusions in Diamond
Ickert R, Stern R & Stachel T

(2007) Towards Improved Accuracy of SHRIMP Zircon 207Pb-206Pb Measurements
Stern R, Kamo S, Bodorkos S, Hickman A & Corfu F

(2002) A Method of Determining Uraninite U-Pb Ages by SHRIMP II Ion Microprobe
Stern RA, Rayner N, Davis W, Amelin Y, Annesley I & Bonli T

(2001) Two Billion Years of Crustal Evolution Preserved at the Northwest Superior Craton Margin
Böhm CO, Heaman LM, Creaser RA, Corkery MT & Stern RA

(2001) Advancements in Xenotime U-Pb Geochronology by Ion Microprobe
Stern RA & Rainbird RH

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