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All abstracts by Peter Stoffers in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2014) Past Plate and Mantle Motion from New Ages for the Hawaiian-Emperor Seamount Chain
O'Connor J, Steinberger B, Regelous M, Koppers A, Wijbrans J, Haase K, Stoffers P, Jokat W & Garbe-Schoenberg C-D

(2007) Testing the Hotspot Record for Evidence of Broad Melting Anomalies
O'Connor J, Stoffers P, Wijbrans J, Worthington T & Jokat W

(2004) Variation of the Slab Input and its Effects on Partial Melting along the Kermadec Arc
Haase K, Worthington T & Stoffers P

(2004) Effects of Subducting the Louisville Ridge and Osbourn Trough beneath the South Tonga Arc
Worthington T, Stoffers P, Timm C, Zimmerer M & Garbe-Schönberg D

(2002) Seasonal and Spatial Controls of 230Th/231Pa Ratios in the Arabian Sea
Scholten J, Fietzke J, Mangini A, Stoffers P & Ittekkot V

(2002) Distribution of 230Th and 231Pa off SW-Africa
Fietzke J, Scholten J, Mangini A, Reuter S & Stoffers P

(2002) High Precision U-Series Isotope Measurements of East Scotia Back-Arc Basalts Using Single-Collector Sector-Field ICP-MS
Fretzdorff S, Garbe-Schoenberg D, Fietzke J, Livermore RA & Stoffers P

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