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All abstracts by Daniel Stolper in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2022) Temporal Evolution of Sr Isotopes in Island Arc Rocks
Bednarick A, Bucholz CE, Stolper D & DePaolo DJ

(2022) Clumped Methyl Isotopes to Trace Origins of Flavors and Laboratory Standards
Stein R, Lloyd M & Stolper D

(2022) Carbonate Clumped-Isotope Constraints on Recrystallization Rates in Deep-Sea Sediments from Ooze to Chalk to Limestone
Turner AC, McCann FC, Christensen JN & Stolper D

(2022) Plant Photorespiration Reconstructed with Isotopic Clumping in Wood Methoxyl Groups
Lloyd M, Stein R, Thalhammer K, Barclay R, Wing S, Stahle D, Dawson T & Stolper D

(2020) An Experimental and Theoretical Calibration of CH4-H2-H2O Hydrogen Isotopic Equilibrium from 3-200℃
Stolper D, Turner A, Eldridge D, Bill M, Conrad M, Korol R & Miller T

(2020) Mid-Ocean Ridge Hydrothermal Systems and the History of the Oceans
DePaolo D & Stolper D

(2019) Methane Clumped Isotope Compositions from Ethane Pyrolysis Experiments
Eldridge D, Lloyd M & Stolper D

(2019) Triple Oxygen Isotopes of Fluids and Solids from Hydrothermal Systems
Lloyd M, Ibarra D, Chamberlain P, Pester N, Seyfried W & Stolper D

(2019) Experimental Calibration of methane-H2-H2O Hydrogen Isotope Fractionation Factor from 4-160℃
Turner A, Eldridge D, Bill M, Conrad M & Stolper D

(2018) A Phanerozoic Increase in Arc Rock Oxidation State
Stolper D & Bucholz C

(2018) Effects of Nickel Limitation on Carbon and Hydrogen Isotope Fractionation by Methylotrophic Methanogens
Rosen V, Stolper D, Conrad M, Bird D & Maher K

(2017) Off-Axis Oxidation of Oceanic Crust as a Record of Marine O2 Concentrations
Stolper D & Keller B

(2016) The Isotopic Structures of Hydrocarbon Compounds
Eiler J, Clog M, Douglas P, Lawson M, Piasecki A & Stolper D

(2014) Calculating Isotopic Equilibria: Clumped Isotopes in H2O and CH4
Peterson B, Lawson M, Stolper D & Eiler J

(2014) Paragenesis of Cements in the El Abra Formation, Mexico, Based on Clumped Isotope Thermometry
Lawson M, Becker S, Buono A, Eiler J, Phillips-Lander C, Rasbury T, Shenton B, Stolper D & Yurewicz D

(2014) Clumped Isotopes of Methane: Applications to Both Low and High Temperature Natural Systems
Stolper D, Davis C, Eiler J, Ferreira A, Lawson M, Martini A, Santos Neto E, Schoell M, Sessions A, Shusta S, Tang Y, Valentine D & Ellis GS

(2013) Combined 13C-D and D-D Clumping in CH4: Preliminary Results
Stolper D, Shusta S, Valentine D, Sessions A, Ferreira A, Santos Neto E & Eiler J

(2012) The MAT-253 Ultra -a Novel High-Resolution, Multi-Collector Gas Source Mass Spectrometer
Eiler J, Clog M, Deerberg M, Magyar P, Piasecki A, Schlueter H-J, Schweiters J, Sessions A, Stolper D & Thiagarajan N

(2012) Measurement of Intact Methane Isotopologues, Including 13CH3D
Stolper D, Sessions A & Eiler J

(2010) Carbonate Clumped Isotope Thermometry as a Tool for Paleoceanography
Eiler J, Bergmann K, Bonifaci M, Eagle R, Finnegan S, Fischer W, Passey B, Stolper D & Tripati A

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