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All abstracts by Eva Stüeken in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2020) Unsynchronized Evolution of Salinity and pH of a Permian Alkaline Lake Influenced by Hydrothermal Fluids
Xia L, Cao J, Stüeken E, Zhi D, Wang T & Li W

(2020) Nitrogen Isotope Ratios Trace High pH in a Terrestrial Mars Analog Site
Tino C, Stüeken E, Arp G, Jung D & Lyons T

(2020) Feedbacks between Multiple Nutrient Cycles Facilitated the Expansion of Eukaryotic Life at ca. 1.56 Ga
Wang X, Wang Z, Shi X, Tang D, Stüeken E, Song H & Peng Y

(2019) Did Volcanoes Sustain Early Life?
Stüeken E

(2019) Evaluating δ15N as a High pH Proxy for Closed-Basin Lacustrine Systems
Tino C, Stüeken E, Gregory D, Arp G, Jung D & Lyons T

(2019) Sulphur Isotopes of Alkaline Igenous Suites: New Insights into Magmatic Fluid Evolution and Crustal Recycling
Hutchison W, Babiel R, Finch A, Marks M, Markl G, Boyce A, Stüeken E, Friis H, Borst A & Horsburgh N

(2019) Are δ13C and δ34S Robust Biosignatures in Mars-relevant Geothermal Systems?
Moreras-Marti A, Cousins CR, Stüeken E, Fox-Powell M & Zerkle AL

(2019) Early Traces of Life Preserved in 3.51 Ga Old Cherts of the Daitari Greenstone Belt, India
Jodder J, Hofmann A, Wilson A, Stüeken E & Xie H

(2019) Co-evolution of Early Environments and Microbial Life
Lyons T, Tino C, Anderson R, Fournier G, Kappler A, Leavitt W, Magnabosco C, Stüeken E & Zerkle A

(2019) Low Dissolved Phosphorus Content in the Mesoarchean Ocean Limited Oxygenic Photosynthesis
Ossa Ossa F, Hofmann A, Spangenberg JE, Poulton SW, Stüeken EE, Schoenberg R, Eickmann B, Wille M & Bekker A

(2019) Two CAMP Explosive Eruptions
Olsen P, Kinney S, Stüeken E, Jaret S, Percival L, Philpotts A & Whiteside J

(2018) The Role of Remineralization in Archean Phosphorus Limitation
Kipp M & Stüeken E

(2018) δ15N as a pH Proxy for the Miocene Ries Impact Crater Lake
Tino C, Stüeken E, Arp G, Jung D & Lyons T

(2016) The Selenium Isotope Perspective on Biogeochemical Events in Deep Time
Stüeken E

(2016) Selenium Isotopes as a Proxy for Deep-Ocean Redox State during the Paleoproterozoic Lomagundi Event
Kipp M, Stüeken E, Bekker A & Buick R

(2009) Selenium Biogeochemistry as a Deep-Time Redox Proxy
Foriel J, Stüeken E, Nelson B & Buick R

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