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All abstracts by Thorsten Stumpf in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Biogenic Minerals Formation by an FeIII-Reducing Desulfitobacterium sp. Isolate
Cardaio I, Kluge S, Cherkouk A, Müller K, Stumpf T & Mayordomo N

(2023) Sorption of Ba onto Gibbsite: A Batch and Modeling Study
Dück V, Jordan N, Brendler V, Stumpf T & Bok F

(2023) Corrosion of Cast Iron for High-Level Nuclear Waste Containers in the Presence of Bentonite or the SRB Desulfosporosinus Burensis
Kirsch K, Matschiavelli N, Stumpf T & Koerdt A

(2023) Influence of the Competition of Al on the Retention of Trivalent Actinides and their Homologues in Feldspar
Lessing J, Neumann J, Bok F, Luetzenkirchen J, Brendler V, Schmidt M & Stumpf T

(2022) Investigating the Complex Interaction of Technetium with Magnetite Nanoparticles
Zimmermann T, Mayordomo N, Stumpf T & Scheinost AC

(2022) Microscopic and Spectroscopic Insights into uranium(VI) Association-Reduction Processes by a Sulfate-Reducing Microorganism
Hilpmann S, Steudtner R, Rossberg A, Hübner R, Prieur D, Bauters S, Kvashnina K, Stumpf T & Cherkouk A

(2021) U(VI) and Eu(III) Bioassociation Behavior and Uptake Mechanisms of Plant Cells
Jessat J, Moll H, Bilke M-L, John W, Hübner R, Steudtner R, Drobot B, Bok F, Stumpf T & Sachs S

(2021) Sorption and Reduction of uranium(VI) by a Sulfate-Reducing Microorganism in Synthetic Opalinus Clay Pore Water
Hilpmann S, Drobot B, Steudtner R, Bok F, Stumpf T & Cherkouk A

(2021) F-Element Sorption onto K-Feldspar – A Comprehensive Characterization of Mechanism and Thermodynamics
Neumann J, Brinkmann H, Britz S, Luetzenkirchen J, Bok F, Stockmann M, Brendler V, Stumpf T & Schmidt M

(2019) Time Dependence of the Bioassociation Behavior of U(VI) and Eu(III) with Brassica Napus Cells
Jessat J, Sachs S, Moll H, Steudtner R, Bok F & Stumpf T

(2018) U(VI) Sorption by Ca-Bentonite at pH 8-13: Spectroscopic Investigation of Retention Mechanisms
Philipp T, Schmeide K, Roßberg A & Stumpf T

(2018) Molecular Interactions of Fungi with UraniumVI Studied by Microscopic and Spectroscopic Methods
Wollenberg A, Merroun M, Guenther A, Raff J & Stumpf T

(2017) Structural Elucidation of U(VI)-isosaccharinic Acid Complexes Under Acidic Conditions: Spectroscopic and Theoretical Investigations
Brinkmann H, Moll H, Patzschke M, Rossberg A & Stumpf T

(2016) Microbial Biomineralization of Uranium and its Application
Raff J, Vogel M, Günther A, Wollenberg A & Stumpf T

(2016) Structural Studies on Rhabdophane-Monazite Phase Tranformation in La1-xLnxPO4 (x=Eu, Gd)
Arinicheva Y, Clavier N, Huittinen N, Bukaemskiy A, Neumeier S, Stumpf T, Dacheux N & Bosbach D

(2015) Biosorption of U(VI) at Highly Saline Conditions
Cherkouk A, Bader M, Drobot B, Müller K & Stumpf T

(2014) Site-Selective TRLFS of Eu(III) Doped Rare Earth Phosphates for Conditioning of Radioactive Wastes
Huittinen N, Arinicheva Y, Holthausen J, Holliday K, Neumeier S & Stumpf T

(2013) Interaction of Eu(III) with Calcite Surfaces in Presence of NaNO3
Hofmann S & Stumpf T

(2012) Discriminating Factors Affecting Incorporation: Comparison of the Fate of Eu3+/Cm3+ in the Sr Carbonate/Sulfate System
Holliday K, Chagneau A, Schmidt M, Claret F, Schaefer T & Stumpf T

(2012) Immobilisation of Hexavalent Actinides in Cementitious Materials: Evidence for Structural Incorporation in Calcium-Silicate-Hydrates
Tits J, Mace N, Stumpf T, Walther C & Wieland E

(2012) Sorption and Incorporation of Radio-Nuclides at Mineral Surfaces Studied with Quantum Chemical Methods
Polly R, Schimmelpfennig B, Florsheimer M, Heberling F, Stumpf T, Klenze R & Geckeis H

(2012) Influence of Nitrate on the Eu(III) Uptake by Calcite: A TRLFS Study
Hofmann S & Stumpf T

(2012) Sorption of Lanthanides and Trivalent Actinides on Montmorillonite in the Presence and Absence of Carbonate
Marques Fernandes M, Baeyens B, Daehn R, Stumpf T & Bradbury M

(2011) Using TRLFS to Explain Increased Uptake of Eu(III) and Cm(III) into Biologically Produced Apatite
Holliday K, Handley-Sidhu S, Renshaw J, Macaskie L & Stumpf T

(2011) Interactions of Eu(III) and Cm(III) with Celestite and Strontianite: Precipitation Kinetics and Uptake Mechanisms Characterisation
Chagneau A, Holliday K, Schmidt M, Stumpf T & Schäfer T

(2010) Using Time Resolved Laser Spectroscopy to Probe Apatite Containing Europium and Curium
Holliday K, Schmidt M & Stumpf T

(2010) Guest Ion Speciation in a Homogeneous Solid Solution by Polarisation-Dependent TRLFS
Schmidt M, Bosbach D, Stumpf T & Walther C

(2009) Solid Solution in the System Calcite – NaEu(CO3)2
Vinograd V, Luchitskaia M, Joswig W, Stumpf T, Bosbach D & Winkler B

(2009) Structural Incorporation of Eu(III) into Calcite, Aragonite and Vaterite: A Comparitive TRLFS Study
Stumpf T, Schmidt M, Walther C, Geckeis H & Fanghänel T

(2009) Site-Selective Time Resolved Laser Fluorescence Spectroscopy on Ca2+-Bearing Mineral Phases Doped with Cm3+
Schmidt M, Stumpf T, Walther C, Geckeis H & Fanghänel T

(2008) Ln(III) Coprecipitation with Trioctahedral Smectite Hectorite
Finck N, Schlegel ML, Stumpf T, Walther C, Dardenne K & Bosbach D

(2008) Spectroscopic Characterization and Quantification of M(III)/Clay Mineral Outer-Sphere Complexes
Stumpf T, Hartmann E, Baeyens B, Bradbury M & Geckeis H

(2007) Structural Incorporation of EU(III) into Calcite: Process Understanding on a Molecular Level
Stumpf T

(2004) Wet Chemistry and TRLFS Studies of Eu(III) and Cm(III) Uptake by Cementitious Materials
Wieland E, Stumpf T, Tits J & Fanghänel T

(2004) Incorporation of Trivalent Actinides (Cm(III)) in Calcite: A Time Resolved Laser Fluorescence Spectroscopy (TRLFS) Study
Marques Fernandes M, Stumpf T, Rabung T, Bosbach D, Bauer A & Fanghaenel T

(2003) The Immobilisation of Eu(III) and Cm(III) by Calcium Silicate Hydrates
Tits J, Stumpf T, Wieland E & Fanghänel T

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