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All abstracts by Michael G. Babechuk in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2019) Novel Stable Isotope Systems Tracing Atmospheric O2: Progress, Caveats, and Outlook
Schoenberg R, Babechuk MG & Kleinhanns IC

(2019) Unprecedented High δ98Mo of the Ottawa River: Implications for Marine Palaeoredox Reconstruction
O'Sullivan E, Nägler T & Babechuk M

(2018) Dissolved Ultra-Trace REE+Y Geochemistry of Particulate-Poor Icelandic River Waters
Babechuk M & Kamber B

(2018) Geochemistry and Mineralogy of ca. 1.85 Ga Corestone-Saprolite Interfaces
Sindol G & Babechuk M

(2017) Kinetic Fractionation of Stable Cr Isotopes between Aqueous Cr(III) Species: Alternative Cr Fractionation Pathways in Archean Environments
Babechuk M, Kleinhanns I, Reitter E & Schoenberg R

(2015) Transition Metal Behaviour in a Deccan Basalt Weathering Profile
Suhr N, Babechuk M, Kamber B, Schoenberg R & Widdowson M

(2015) The Trace Element and U-Pb Systematics of Metamorphic Apatite: Implications for Provenance Studies
Alberti Henrichs I, Chew D & Babechuk M

(2015) Do Cr Isotopes Really Fingerprint Precambrian Surface Oxidation?
Babechuk M, Schoenberg R, Kleinhanns I, Swanner E, Webb S & Kamber B

(2015) Origin and Evolution of the Mesoarchean Aouéouat Greenstone Belt and Associated Magamatism
Heron K, Crowley Q, Benn K & Babechuk M

(2015) Silicon Isotopic Sytemematics of Different Weathering Profiles, Deccan Traps, India
Wille M, Babechuk MG, Widdowson M, Kamber BS & Schoenberg R

(2015) REE Determination in Olivine by LA-ICP-MS: An Analytical Strategy and Applications
Stead C, Tomlinson E, Kamber B & Babechuk M

(2013) High-Precision Nd Isotope and HFSE Analysis of Deccan Traps Weathering Profiles
Babechuk M, Widdowson M, Murphy M & Kamber B

(2012) Yttrium Mobility during Weathering: Implications for Riverine Y/Ho
Babechuk M, Kamber B & Widdowson M

(2011) High-Resolution, Ultra-Trace and Major Element Chemical Stratigraphy of a New Paleoproterozoic Weathering Profile
Babechuk MG & Kamber BS

(2009) The Compatibility of W during Silicate Differentiation
Babechuk MG & Kamber BS

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