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All abstracts by Jürgen Sültenfuß in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2022) When Does the 39Ar Groundwater Dating Clock Start?
Musy SL, Hinsby K, Troldborg L, Sültenfuß J, Linderberg J & Purtschert RJ

(2021) Hydrological Analysis of Unzen Volcanic Aquifer
Yokochi R, Purtschert RJ, Suda Y, Sturchio NC & Sültenfuß J

(2020) Evolution of Helium Signatures from Kermadec Arc Under Water Volcanoes
Walter M, Türke A, Mertens C & Sültenfuß J

(2020) Impact of Cosmogenic Ar-39 Production on Groundwater Dating
Musy S, Hinsby K, Sültenfuss J, Linderberg J & Purtschert R

(2017) Understanding Controls on Groundwater “Age” in an Alluvial Aquifer
Chambers L, Richards L, Polya D, SÜLTENFUß J, Binley A & Gooddy D

(2017) Understanding Surface Water Incursion in a Shallow, Arsenic-Affected Aquifer in Cambodia: An Application of Geochemical Tracers
Richards LA, Magnone D, Sovann C, Sültenfuß J, Boyce AJ, Bryant C, van Dongen BE, Ballentine CJ & Polya DA

(2017) Ground Water Discharge into the Southern Baltic Sea
Lipka M, Schneider J, Schmiedinger I, Westphal J, Escher P, Sültenfüß J, Dellwig O, Winde V & Böttcher ME

(2011) A Multi-Isotope Study for Identifying Groundwater Movement Near Disturbed Salt Domes: Case Study Stassfurt, Germany
Stadler S, Holländer H, Sültenfuss J, Jahnke C & Bohn A

(2010) A Multi Tracer Study of Groundwater Origin and Transit-Time in the Fore Deep Basin of the Southern Alps
Mayer A, Sueltenfuss J, Travi Y, Rebeix R, Conchetto E, Le Gal La Salle C, Miche H, Purtschert R & Claude C

(2009) Uncertainty Assessment of Tritiogenic 3He and tritium/3He-Ages
Sültenfuß J, Osenbrück K & Weise S

(2009) Isotope Fractionation and Mixing in Methane Plumes from the Logatchev Hydrothermal Field
Keir R, Schmale O, Seifert R & Sültenfuß J

(2007) Gas Geochemistry of a Hydrothermal Plume at 8°18'S on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge
Keir R, Schmale O, Seifert R, Weber S & Sültenfuß J

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