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All abstracts by Roger E. Summons in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2020) Hydrological Controls on Sulfur Cycling in the Green River Formation
Cremiere A, Cui X, Tino C, Pommer M, Roychowdhury M, Sarg F, Lyons T, Summons R, Sessions A & Adkins J

(2020) Biomarkers and Isotopes in the End-Triassic Extinction: Implications for the δ13Corg Record and Extinction
Fox CP, Whiteside JH, Olsen PE, Cui X, Summons RE & Grice K

(2019) An Oxygenation Event or The Oxygenation Event? Prejuices, Perspectives and Possibilities
Izon G, Ono S, Beukes N & Summons R

(2018) Depositional Environment of the South Atlantic Rift Basins: The Onset of the Seawater Intrusion
Cui X, Freeman K & Summons R

(2018) Molecular Characterization of Preserved Tissues in a Cretaceous Ankylosaur
Summons R, Herrera J, Sistiaga A, Brown C, Henderson D & Vinther J

(2018) Mercury Isotopes as a Novel Proxy of Photic Zone Euxinia
Zheng W, Summons RE & Anbar AD

(2018) (Re)defining the Structure of the Great Oxidation Event
Izon G, Ono S, Beukes N & Summons R

(2015) The Occurrence of Novel Ring Containing Archaeal Tetraethers in a Stratified Lake (Green Lake, NY)
Liu X-L, Klepac-Ceraj V, De Santiago Torio A, Summons R & Bosak T

(2015) Rapid Oxygenation of Earth's Atmosphere at ~2330 Ma
Luo G, Ono S, Beukes N, Wang D, Xie S & Summons R

(2015) Constraints on TEX86 Temperatures: Insights from Oceanic Anoxic Event 2 from the Central North Atlantic
Whiteside J, Sepúlveda J, Schaller M, Blum P & Summons R

(2014) The Importance of Non-Phosphorous Containing Lipids in Thermophilic Archaea and Bacteria Inhabiting Terrestrial Hot Springs
Schubotz F, Boyd E, Lipp J, Boyer G, Fecteau K, Shock E & Summons R

(2014) Compound-Specific Carbon Isotopes Reveal Distinct Organic Carbon Sources Through the Shuram Excursion from the Sultanate of Oman
Lee C, Love G, Fike D, Fischer W, Grotzinger J & Summons R

(2014) Microbial Organic Matter Diagenesis and Carbon Cycling within Deep-Sea Antarctica Sediments
Carr S, Mandernack K, Mills C, Schubotz F, Dias R, Dunbar R, Summons R, Escutia C & Brinkhuis H

(2013) Archean Hydrocarbon Biomarkers: Ancient or Not?
French K, Hallmann C, Hope J, Buick R, Brocks J & Summons R

(2013) Diverse Capacity for 2-Methylhopanoid Production Correlates with Specific Niches
Ricci J, Coleman M, Welander P, Sessions A, Summons R, Spear J & Newman D

(2013) Methylated Hopanoid Biosynthesis and Function in Modern Bacteria
Welander PV, Ricci JN, Newman DK & Summons RE

(2013) A New Conceptional Model: Reconstruction of Freshwater Incursions in Stratified Marine Paleoenvironments in Late Devonian Extinctions
Tulipani S, Grice K, Greenwood P, Schwark L & Summons R

(2013) Carbon Isotope and Lipid Biomarker Stratigraphy from Organic-Rich Strata Through the Neoproterozoic Shuram Excursion in South Oman
Lee C, Fike D, Love G, Sessions A, Grotzinger J, Summons R & Fischer W

(2012) Origin of Anomalous Isotope Effects in Photo- and Thermo-Chemical Reactions of Organosulfur Compounds
Oduro H, Whitehill A, Farquhar J, Summons R & Ono S

(2012) Archaeal and Bacterial Tetraether Lipids in Carbonate Chimneys of the Lost City Hydrothermal Field
Lincoln SA, Bradley AS, Newman SA & Summons RE

(2011) The Lomagundi-Jatuli δ13C-Event Revisited
Illing CJ, Summons RE, Fallick AE, Melezhik VA & Strauss H

(2011) Proterozoic Analog Ecosystem and Organic Biomarkers in a Florida Sinkhole
Macalady J, Albrecht H, Welander P, Fulton J, Schaperdoth I, White T, Freeman K, Newman D & Summons R

(2011) Deciphering the Significance of Hopanoids in the Marine Geologic Record
Saenz J, Wakeham S, Eglinton T & Summons R

(2011) Pre-Sturtian Euxinia and Ocean Chemistry: Evidence from the Coppercap Formation in the Northwest Territories, Canada
Thomas K, Hallmann C, Macdonald F, Summons R & Ono S

(2009) C-Isotopic Studies of Hydrocarbons in Neoproterozoic to Cambrian Samples
Kelly A, Rothman D, Love G, Grosjean E, Fike D, Zumberge J & Summons R

(2009) Molecular Biomarker Records from Mid-Proterozoic Sedimentary Rocks and Kerogens
Love G, Li C, Bowden S, Stalvies C & Summons R

(2009) Biogeochemically Cycling of C, S, H Across the P/Tr Boundary in Spitsbergen
Nabbefeld B, Grice K, Twitchett R, Summons R, Hays L & Boettcher M

(2009) Methane Cycling at Lost City: A Biological View of Geochemistry
Bradley A, Song P, Summons R & Girguis P

(2007) Sterols in the Red and Green Algae and their Relevance for Interpretation of Paleozoic Steranes
Kodner R, Knoll A & Summons R

(2007) Significance of Biomarkers for P/T and F/F Mass Extinctions
Grice K, Nabbefeld B, Maslen E, Summons R, Twitchett R, Turgeon S, Algeo T & Bötccher M

(2007) Late Archean Molecular Fossils from Scientific Drill Cores Record the Antiquity of Microbial Diversity
Waldbauer J, Sherman L, Sumner D & Summons R

(2007) Microbial Diversity and SIP Investigations of Streamer Biofilm Communities in Yellowstone National Park
Meyer-Dombard D, Dibbell A, Bradley A, Shock E & Summons R

(2006) Constraining the timing of basal metazoan radiation using molecular biomarkers and U-Pb isotope dating
Love GD, Fike DA, Grosjean E, Stalvies C, Grotzinger J, Bradley AS, Bowring S, Condon D & Summons RE

(2006) Molecular Evidence for Prolonged Photic Zone Euxinia at the Meishan and East Greenland Sections of the Permian Triassic Boundary
Summons R, Love G, Hayes L, Cao C, Jin YJ, Shen S, Grice K & Foster C

(2006) Carbon and hydrogen isotopic analysis of hydrocarbons from the South Oman Salt Basin
Summons R, Grosjean E, Love G, Colonero C, Sylva S, Hayes J & Sessions A

(2006) Compound-specific isotope analysis of cyanobacterial pure cultures and microbial mats: effects of photorespiration?
Jahnke L & Summons R

(2006) Fractionation of carbon isotopes in Methanosarcina barkeri
Bradley A, Grover H, Londry K & Summons R

(2006) Multi-stage Ediacaran ocean oxidation and its impact on evolutionary radiation
Fike D, Grotzinger J, Pratt L & Summons R

(2006) The Biogeochemical Cycling of Sulfur, Carbon and Nitrogen across the Permian-Triassic (P-Tr) Hovea-3 borehole (Western Australia) and Schuchert Dal Section (Eastern Greenland)
Grice K, Fenton S, Bottcher M, Twitchett R, Summons R & Grosjean E

(2006) Biogeochemistry of Silicious Biofilms in Hydrothermal Ecosystems
Meyer-Dombard D, Bradley A, Havig J, Raymond J, Amend J, Shock E & Summons R

(2005) Uncoupled C and S Biogeochemical Cycling in the Neoproterozoic from the Huqf Supergroup, Oman
Fike D, Grotzinger J, Summons R, Pratt L, Finkelstein D & Newall M

(2004) Purple Sulfur Bacteria in an Intensely Stratified Paleoproterozoic Sea
Brocks J, Love G, Summons R & Logan G

(2004) Rapid Screening of Microbial Cultures and Organic Macromolecules to Assess Biomarker Lipid Contents Using Catalytic Hydropyrolysis
Love G, Bowden S, Snape C, Jahnke L & Summons R

(2004) Hydropyrolytic Release of Hopane and Sterane Biomarkers from 2.7 Ga Kerogens
Eigenbrode J, Freeman K, Love G, Snape C & Summons R

(2002) New Ether Lipid Biomarkers from a Thermophilic Methanogen
Summons RE, Embaye T, Jahnke L & Baumgartner M

(2002) Hydrogen Isotopic Compositions of Petroleum Hydrocarbons
Sessions A, Schimmelmann A, Summons R, Boreham C, Logan G & Hope J

(2001) Composition of Hydrothermal Vent Microbial Communities as Revealed by Analyses of Signature Lipids, Stable Carbon Isotopes & Aquificales Cultures
Jahnke LL, Eder W, Huber R, Hinrichs K-U, Hayes JM, Des Marais DJ, Cady SL, Hope JM & Summons RE

(2001) Carbon Isotopic Fractionation Associated with Cyanobacterial Biomarkers: 2-Methylhopanoids and Methyl-Branched Alkanes
Jahnke LL, Summons RE, Hope JM & Cullings KW

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