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All abstracts by Stephen Sutton in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2018) Oxybarometry Based on Valence State Proxies: Progress and Challenges
Sutton S, Lanzirotti A, Newville M, Dyar MD & Delaney J

(2018) Microscale Oxygen Barometry in Basaltic Glasses Using Vanadium K-Edge X-Ray Absorption Spectroscopy
Lanzirotti A, Dyar MD, Sutton S, Newville M, Head E & McCanta M

(2013) L2009R2: A Cluster IDP Sampling a Diversity of Formation Conditions
Flynn G, Wirick S & Sutton S

(2013) High Energy Synchrotron X-Ray Geochemical Probes
Sutton S, Newville M, Lanzirotti A, Rivers M & Wirick S

(2010) Prospects for Nanoscale, Hard X-Ray Studies of Extraterrestrial Materials
Lanzirotti A, Sutton S & Flynn G

(2008) Hard X-Ray Microprobes Using Mirrors: Capabilities, Applications and Future Developments
Sutton S, Newville M, Eng P, Rivers M & Lanzirotti A

(2008) Synchrotron X-Ray Fluorescence Microtomography in Geo-, Cosmo-, and Bio-Chemistry
Lanzirotti A, Sutton S, Newville M & Rivers M

(2007) Rutile Solubility in albite-H2O Fluids at High P and T: Implications for HFSE Mobility in Subduction Zones
Manning C, Antignano A, Wilke M, Schmidt C, Sutton S & Newville M

(2007) Synchrotron-Based Studies of Fluids, Mineral-Water Interfaces and Glasses
Sutton S, Newville M, Eng P, Rivers M & Ghose S

(2005) Transmission and Fluorescence Mode microXAS Analysis of Oriented Mineral Grains
Dyar MD, Delaney J, Gunter M, Sutton S & Lanzirotti A

(2005) X-Ray Fluorescence Microprobes Using Microfocusing Mirrors
Sutton S, Newville M, Rivers M, Eng P & Lanzirotti A

(2002) Neo-Natal Porphyry Copper System at White Island, New Zealand
Bodnar R, Rapien M, Simmons S, Szabo C, Wood P & Sutton S

(2002) Spatial and Temporal Variation of Zn Species in the Rhizosphere of a Contaminated Soil
Scheinost AC, Kretzschmar R, Newville M & Sutton S

(2001) Synchrotron X-Ray Fluorescence Microprobe Determination of Halides in Natural and Synthetic Aqueous-Fluid Inclusions: Analytical Protocol for Low-Salinity Inclusions
Gray JC, Vanko DA, Bodnar RJ, Sutton SR & Lanzirotti A

(2001) Copper Liquid/Vapor Partitioning in Magmatic-Hydrothermal Systems: Spectroscopic Evidence from Natural and Synthetic Fluid Inclusions
Mavrogenes JA, Berry AJ, Newville M & Sutton SR

(2001) 3-D Elemental Mapping by Synchrotron Computed Microtomography
Rivers ML, Sutton SR & Newville M

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