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All abstracts by Atsushi Suzuki in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Insights into Fluid Sources and Flow Rates from Lithium Isotope Composition of Methane-Seep Carbonates
Miyajima Y, Araoka D, Yoshimura T, Ota Y, Suzuki A, Yoshioka H, Suzumura M, Smrzka D, Peckmann J & Bohrmann G

(2019) Assesment on Deep-Sea Fe-Mn Nodule in Response to Future Ocean Acidification by Leaching Experiments
Kawahata H, Wang Q, Yamaoka K & Suzuki A

(2019) Element Fluxes for Sinking Particles in the Northwest Pacific
Yamaoka K, Suzuki A, Tanaka Y, Shimamoto A, Fukuhara T, Matsui T, Kato S, Okamoto N & Igarashi Y

(2018) Seasonal Change of Water Property in Tonlé Sap Lake, Cambodia
Kawahata H, Suzuki A & Uchida E

(2017) Different Responses of Biosphere to Ocean Acidification
Kawahata H & Suzuki A

(2017) Geochemical Compositions and Provenance of Core Sediments from the Gulf of Thailand and East Coast of Malay Peninsula
Hossain HMZ, Kawahata H, Roser BP, Kamei A, Sampei Y, Araoka D, Kon Y & Suzuki A

(2016) Temperature Dependency of Skeletal Growth and Compositions of Temperate Acropora Coral Species Around Japan
Suzuki A, Mori C, Inoue M, Okai T, Isono R, Hayashi M, Yamamoto Y, Suwa R, Yamano H, Nomura K, Nojiri Y & Kawahata H

(2016) Carbonate Cement as an Indicator of Sea Level during the Last Glacial Period: IODP Exp. 325, Great Barrier Reef Environmental Changes
Kan H, Fujita K, Yokoyama Y, Suzuki A, Miyairi Y & Webster JM

(2016) Δ14C Variability of the Kuroshio Region Reconstructed from Corals
Hirabayashi S, Yokoyama Y, Suzuki A, Miyairi Y & Aze T

(2016) Rapid Decline in pH of Coral Calcification Fluid due to Incorporation of Anthropogenic CO2
Kubota K, Yokoyama Y, Ishikawa T, Suzuki A & Ishii M

(2016) Effects of Increasing Salinity on the Biogeochemical Cycle of the Hypersaline Biomat: Insights from the Isotopic Composition of Pigments
Isaji Y, Kawahata H, Kuroda J, Yoshimura T, Ogawa NO, Suzuki A, Shibuya T, Jimenez-Espejo FJ, Lugli S, Manzi V, Roveri M & Ohkouchi N

(2016) Assessing the Roles of Coral-Algal Symbiosis in Coral Calcification Based on Culture Experiments Using Symbiont and Aposymbiont Primary Polyps
Inoue M, Gussone N, Nakamura T, Yokoyama Y, Suzuki A, Sakai K & Kawahata H

(2015) Influences of Ocean Acidification on Skeletal Growth of Temperate Acropora Coral Species Around Japan
Suzuki A, Kim S, Zhang J, Watanabe Y, Yamamoto Y, Suwa R, Isono R, Hayashi M, Yamano H, Nojiri Y, Nomura K, Mori C, Inoue M & Kawahata H

(2013) Reconstruction of pH and Partial Pressure of Carbon Dioxide by Boron Isotopes of Unaltered Ammonoids & Nautiloids and the Expected High Alkalinity during the Cretaceous Period
Kawahata H, Fukushima A, Moriya K, Suzuki A & Ishikawa T

(2013) Ontogenetic Stable Isotope Records of Modern Planktic Foraminifers from Sagami Bay, Japan
Takagi H, Moriya K, Ishimura T, Suzuki A, Kawahata H & Hirano H

(2011) Effects of Thermal and Salinity Stresses on Growth of Aposymbiotic and Symbiotic Primary Polyps (Acropora Digitefera)
Inoue M, Shinmen K, Nakamura T, Iguchi A, Suzuki A, Kawahata H & Sakai K

(2011) Temperature Dependence of Mg Isotope Fractionation in Deep-Sea Coral: Paleoceanographic Implication as a New Proxy for Water Temperature
Yoshimura T, Tanimizu M, Inoue M, Suzuki A, Iwasaki N & Kawahata H

(2009) Assessment of Increased CO2 on Growth and Variation of Trace Elements of the Coral Polyp Skeletons (Genus Acropora)
Inoue M, Suwa R, Iguchi A, Suzuki A, Kawahata H & Sakai K

(2007) Endolithic Aspartic Acid as an Proxy of Fluctuations in the Growth of Coral Skeleton
Kawahata H, Gupta L & Suzuki A

(2002) Microbial Sulfate Reduction in Deep Sediments of ODP Leg 181: Evidence from Stable Sulfur Isotope Fractionation and Pore Water Modeling
Böttcher ME, Khim B-K, Suzuki A, Gehre M, Wortmann U & Brumsack H

(2002) Reconstruction of Chronological Heavy Metal Marine Pollution of Ishigaki Island, the Ryukyus, Japan
Tsunoda T, Suzuki A, Kawahata H & Shikazono N

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