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All abstracts by Elizabeth D. Swanner in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2020) What can Subsurface Chlorophyll Maximum Layers (SCML) Tell us About Productivity in Ferruginous Oceans?
Swanner E

(2020) Constraining the Intermediate Sulfur Species Involved in Sedimentary Pyrite Formation
Islam R & Swanner E

(2020) U(VI) Reduction in an Oligotrophic Ferruginous Ocean Analog?
Romaniello SJ, Gilleaudeau GJ, Swanner ED, Wittkop CA & Chen X

(2015) The Isotope-Geochemical Record of a Near-Shore Neoarchean Oxygen Oasis
Eroglu S, Schoenberg R, van Zuilen M, Taubald H, Swanner E & Beukes N

(2015) A Laboratory-Scale Column to Investigate Microbial Processes in Fe(II)-rich Upwelling Systems
Maisch M, Wu W, Kappler A & Swanner ED

(2015) The Interplay of Microbially Mediated and Abiotic Reactions in the Biogeochemical Fe Cycle
Melton E, Swanner E, Behrens S, Schmidt C & Kappler A

(2015) Do Cr Isotopes Really Fingerprint Precambrian Surface Oxidation?
Babechuk M, Schoenberg R, Kleinhanns I, Swanner E, Webb S & Kamber B

(2015) Carbon Isotope Fractination of Organic Carbon during Simulated Diagenesis of Banded Iron Formations
Halama M, Swanner E, Kappler A, Jochmann M & Konhauser KO

(2015) Fe Isotope Fractionation during Fe(II) Oxidation by Cyanobacteria
Bayer T, Wu W, Kappler A, Schoenberg R & Swanner E

(2014) Toxic Levels of Fe(II) in Archean Seawater Delayed the Great Oxidation Event
Swanner E, Mloszewska A, Konhauser K, Schoenberg R & Kappler A

(2014) Validating the Use of Marine Pyrite as a Record of Trace Element Concentrations in Seawater
Swanner E, Webb S, Halama M & Kappler A

(2014) Fate of Organic Carbon and Primary Iron Minerals during Simulated Diagenesis of Banded Iron Formations
Halama M, Swanner E & Kappler A

(2013) Simulating Precambrian Banded Iron Formation Diagenesis
Kappler A, Posth NR, Koehler I, Swanner E, Schroeder C, Wellmann E, Binder B, Konhauser KO, Neumann U, Berthold C, Nowak M & Papineau D

(2013) Physiology, Mineralogy and Fe Isotope Fractionation of Fe(II) Oxidation by a Marine Photoferrotroph – Implications for the Deposition of Precambrian BIFs
Wu W, Swanner E, Pan Y, Schoenberg R & Kappler A

(2013) The Quantitative Contribution of Oxygenic Photosynthesis to Fe(II) Oxidation in Precambrian Oceans
Swanner E, Wu W, Voelker B, Schoenberg R & Kappler A

(2012) Cyanobacteria and Photoferrotrophs: Together Again?
Swanner E & Kappler A

(2012) Banded Iron Formation as Seawater Proxies
Konhauser K, Robbins L, Eickhoff M, Swanner E & Kappler A

(2011) A Microbially-Mediated Deep Terrestrial Nitrogen Cycle at Henderson Mine, CO
Swanner E & Templeton A

(2010) Ralstonia Species Mediate Fe-Oxidation in the Deep Biosphere of Henderson Mine
Swanner E, Nell R & Templeton A

(2010) Trace Elements in Sulfides from Precambrian Stromatolites and Banded Iron-Formations
Glaser S, Swanner E & Mojzsis S

(2009) Microbial Community Structure and Atmospheric Oxygen ca. 2.4 Ga
Mojzsis S, Van Kranendonk M & Swanner E

(2008) Microbially-Mediated Cycling of Metals in Deep Subsurface Fluids at Henderson Mine, Colorado
Swanner E & Templeton A

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