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All abstracts by Peter K. Swart in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2015) The Effect of Mg/Ca Ratios Upon the Mg, Sr, and Other Elements within Coral Skeletons
Giri S, Swart P, Devlin Q & Adkins J

(2015) Early Diagenetic Processes within Ooids: Implications for the Interpretation of Carbonate Associated Sulphate and Nitrate
Swart P, Diaz M, Altabet M & Eberli G

(2015) A New Look at the Fractionation of the Clumped Isotopes of CO2 as a Function of Technique and Temperature
Swart P & Murray S

(2014) Effect of Seawater Mg/Ca Ratio on Planktic Foraminifera Stable Isotope and Mg/Ca Composition
Hönisch B, Baptist C, Eggins S, Holland K, Spero H & Swart P

(2014) Identifying Water Sources, Including Groundwater Discharge, to Estuaries Using Stable Isotopes of Oxygen and Hydrogen and Strontium
Price R, Swart P, Stalker J & Grierson P

(2013) Application of Clumped Isotopes to the Dolomite Problem
Murray S, Swart P & Arienzo M

(2013) Temperature Determination from Speleothems Through Fluid Inclusion and Clumped Isotope Techniques
Arienzo M, Swart P, Murray S & Vonhof H

(2013) Predictive Bayesian Models for Risk Modeling of Geologic Carbon Capture and Storage Leaks Using Natural Analogues
Augustin C, Swart P & Broad K

(2011) Is There Really a Mixing-Zone Stable Carbon and Oxygen Isotope Signal?
Swart P

(2008) Drilling and Storage Effects on Biogenic Carbonate Mineralogy: Implications for Isotope Fractionation
Waite A & Swart P

(2005) A Paleoceanographic Model For the Michigan Basin during Silurian Time from Stable Isotopic Analysis of Brachiopods
Voice P, Grammer M, Harrison W, Krishnamurthy RV & Swart P

(2004) Salinity Changes in the Atlantic: Confirmation from Proxy Records in Corals and Sclerosponges
Swart P, Moses C, Rosenheim B, Helmle K & Dodge R

(2002) Tropical Sea Surface Temperature and Salinity Change in the Cariaco Basin at the Last Glacial Maximum
Paul HA, Swart PK, Bernasconi SM, Peterson LC & McKenzie JA

(2000) Carbon Isotopic Records in Coral Skeletons: What do They Mean?
Swart PK

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