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All abstracts by Charles R. Bacon in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2008) Growth of an Intrusive Complex beneath Mt. Veniaminof, Alaska
Calvert A, Bacon C, Sisson T & Nye C

(2005) Depth of Andesitic Magma Storage beneath Mt. Mazama from Melt Inclusions and Experimental Petrology
Mandeville C, Webster J, Tappen C, Rutherford M, Hauri E & Bacon C

(2003) Estuarine Salinity Variations from Bivalve Shell B/Ca Ratios Measured in situ by Ion Microprobe (SHRIMP RG)
Takesue R, Bacon C & Brown C

(2002) Magma Differentiation Rates and Processes at Mount Mazama (Crater Lake), a Cascades Arc Volcano
Bacon CR & Lanphere MA

(2002) Ion Microprobe Analysis of 87Sr/86Sr in CaCO3 and Application to Otoliths
Bacon CR, Weber PK, Larsen KA, Hutcheon ID, Ingram BL & Wooden JL

(2002) SHRIMP RG Measurements of 87Sr/86Sr in Granitoid Calcites; Implications for Calcite Petrogenesis
Schulz M, White A, Bacon C, Weber P & Bullen T

(2000) Late Pleistocene Zircons from Cascades Arc Volcanoes Dated by U-Th Analysis with SHRIMP RG
Bacon CR, Lowenstern JB, Persing HM, Wooden JL & Donnelly-Nolan JM

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