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All abstracts by Paul J. Sylvester in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2018) U-Pb Geochronology at High Spatial Resolution Using LA-Sf-ICP-MS: Addressing Variable Downhole Fractionation in Zircon
Mukherjee PK, Souders AK & Sylvester PJ

(2014) In situ Pb Isotope Analysis of Detrital Tourmaline: A New Technique for Sand Provenance
Souders K & Sylvester P

(2014) Effect of Impact-Related Processes on Anorthosites: A Lunar Analog Study at Mistastin Lake Crater, Labrador
Souders K, Sylvester P & Osinski G

(2014) Multi-Mineral, Multi-Isotopic Approach for the Provenance, Weathering and Transport History of Sedimentary Systems
Sylvester P & Souders K

(2013) Simultaneous Laser Ablation Molecular Isotopic Spectrometry (LAMIS), Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS) and Laser Ablation Inductively Coupled Plasma Spectrometry (LA-ICP-MS) for Analysis of Geological Samples
Gonzalez J, Chirinos J, Dong M, Oropeza D, Mao X, Bol'shakov A, Yoo J, Sylvester P, Souders K, Longerich H & Russo R

(2013) Hf Isotope Systematics of Archean Anorthosites: The Manfred Complex, Yilgarn Craton, Western Australia
Souders K, Sylvester P, Crowley J & Myers J

(2013) U/Pb Zircon Age of Mistastin Lake Crater, Labrador, Canada – Implications for High-Precision Dating of Small Impact Melt Sheets and the End Eocene Extinction
Sylvester P, Crowley J & Schmitz M

(2013) Filling in the Juvenile Magmatic Gap: Evidence for Continued Paleoproterozoic Plate Tectonics during the Great Oxidation Event
Partin C, Bekker A, Sylvester P, Wodicka N, Stern R, Chacko T & Heaman L

(2013) The LA-ICP-MS U-Th-Pb Network: Improving Data Standards in Laser Ablation Geochronology
Horstwood M, Kosler J, Gehrels G, Jackson S, Pearson N & Sylvester P

(2012) Mineralogical and Geochemical Evidence for Syngenetic Precious Metal Enrichment in a Deformed Volcanogenic Massive Sulfide (VMS) System
Brueckner S, Piercey S, Sylvester P, Maloney S & Pilgrim L

(2012) Use of MC-ICPMS for Laser Ablation U/Pb Geochronology of Baddeleyite
Souders K & Sylvester P

(2012) Extreme Fractionation of Rare Earth Elements in Volcanogenic Massive Sulfides of the Bathurst Mining Camp: Evidence from Europium Anomalies in Hydrothermal Apatite
McClenaghan S, Lentz D & Sylvester P

(2012) New U-Pb Ages for Gabbro Sills within the Ramah Group, Northern Labrador: Implications for Paleoproterozoic Extension in Nain Carton, and Metallogeny
Sahin T, Hamilton M, Sylvester P & Wilton D

(2012) The Record of Early Crustal Evolution Preserved in Detrital Zircons from Mount Murchison Metasedimentary Rocks, Western Australia
Sylvester P, Souders K & Myers J

(2011) The Archean Anorthosite-Monzogranite Magmatic Association of the Narryer Gneiss Terrane, Western Australia
Sylvester P, Souders K & Crowley J

(2011) The Effect of Sulfur on PGE Solubility in Silicate Melts
Laurenz V, Fonseca ROC, Ballhaus C, Jochum KP & Sylvester PJ

(2011) U-Pb and Th-Pb Dating of Apatite by LA-ICPMS
Chew D, Sylvester P & Tubrett M

(2009) How Extensive is the Effect of Fe and S on the Solubility of PGE in Silicate Melts?
Fonseca R, Laurenz V, Ballhaus C & Sylvester P

(2009) Mineralogical and Geochemical Characteristics of The Borate Bearing Kirka Volcanosedimentary Lacustrine Basin, Gocenoluk Area, Eskisehir, Western Anatolia, Turkey: Preliminary Results
Sahin T, Temel A & Sylvester P

(2008) The Secret Magmatic History of Archean Anorthosites Told by Lead Isotopes in Plagioclase
Souders K, Sylvester P & Myers J

(2008) Integration of SEM Based Quantitative Petrography with Laser Ablation ICPMS for in situ Elemental and Isotopic Analysis of Minerals
Sylvester P, Shaffer M, Tubrett M & Souders K

(2008) Paleodrainage Reconstruction Using Pb Isotopes in K-Feldspar Sand Grains: Examples from the NW European Triassic
Tyrrell S, Haughton P, Daly S, Souders K, Sylvester P & Kronz A

(2008) A Hafnium Isotopic Perspective on the Provenance and Tectonic Setting of Allochthonous Neoproterozoic Sedimentary Sequences in the North Atlantic Region
Daly JS, Kirkland C, Lam R & Sylvester P

(2007) Improved in situ Measurements of Lead Isotopes in Silicate Glasses by LA-MC-ICPMS Using Multiple Ion Counters
Souders K & Sylvester P

(2007) In situ U/Pb Geochronology of Baddeleyite by LA-ICPMS
Sylvester P, Tubrett M & Souders K

(2006) Isotopic constraints on Archean mantle from Archean anorthosite complexes
Souders AK & Sylvester PJ

(2006) Ultramafic alkaline magmas (meymechites) from the mid-Archean Ivisartoq greenstone belt, Southwest Greeenland
Sylvester P, Mader M & Myers J

(2006) New possibilities for the in situ measurement of δ34S and δ33S by laser ablation multiple collector ICP-MS
Mason P, Kosler J, De Hoog CJ, Sylvester P & Meffan-Main S

(2005) U-(Th)-Pb Dating of Monazite and Xenotime by EMPA, LA-ICPMS, and IDTIMS: Examples from the Yilgarn Craton and Himalayas
Crowley J, Chatterjee N, Bowring S, Sylvester P, Myers J & Searle M

(2004) Isotopic Signature in OIB Mantle Sources: The Metasomatic Alternative
Pilet S, Hernandez J & Sylvester P

(2003) Analysis of Fe Isotopes in Sulphides by Laser Ablation High-Mass Resolution MC ICPMS
Kosler J, Pedersen R & Sylvester P

(2002) Isotopic Composition of Li in Foraminifera and their Host Sediments
Kosler J, Kucera M, Sylvester P & Libertinova J

(2001) LAM FT-Dating of Apatite from the Newark Supergroup Basins
Cox RA, Hodych JP, Kosler J & Sylvester PJ

(2000) Precise and Accurate U-Pb Laser Ablation ICPMS Dating of Monazite
Kosler J, Tubrett M & Sylvester P

(2000) Apatite Fission-Track (FT) Dating by LAM-ICP-MS Analysis
Cox R, Kosler J, Sylvester P & Hodych J

(2000) Laser Ablation ICP-MS Analysis of Molybdenites – Implications for Re-Os Geochronology
Kosler J, Cox R, Sylvester P, Wilton D, Stein H & Schersten A

(2000) Melt Inclusion Evidence for Komatiite Genesis in the Gorgona Plume
Sylvester PJ, Kamenetsky VS & McDonough WF

(2000) Li Isotopic Composition of Foraminiferal Tests: A Possible Proxy for Li Isotopic Composition of the Sea Water
Kosler J, Kucera M, Holcova K, Symonova R & Sylvester P

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