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All abstracts by Eszter Badenszki in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2022) Do Palaeoproterozoic Terrane Boundaries (Defined Using Feldspar Pb Isotope Data) Control Mineralization in the North Atlantic Region?
Badenszki E, Daly JS & Flowerdew MJ

(2022) Characterisation of Irish Volcanic Ash Layers Using Combined in situ U-Pb and Lu-Hf Analyses of Zircon and/Or Apatite and its Implication for the Growth Rate of the Waulsortian Reef
Koch HA, Chew DM, Hitzman MW, Slezak P, Dunlevy E, Badenszki E & Holdstock M

(2021) Linking Sedimentary Phosphate U-Pb Ages to Syn-Sedimentary Processes
O'Sullivan GJ, Daly JS, Murray J, Ó'Gogáin A, Chew DM, Badenszki E, Hoare B, Guyett P & Drakou F

(2021) Multi-Method Approach to Understanding the Migration Mechanisms of Pb in Apatite and Ar in Alkali Feldspar from Proterozoic Granitic Batholiths from the Mt. Isa Inlier (Australia)
Popov D, Spikings RA, Ovtcharova M, Chiaradia M, Ulianov A, O'Sullivan G, Chew DM, Badenszki E, Daly S & Davies JHFL

(2019) Diffusion and Fluid-Interaction in Itrongay Pegmatite (Madagascar): The Results of in situ Ar-Ar Dating of Gem-Quality Alkali Feldspar and U-Pb Dating of Apatite Inclusions within it
Popov D, Spikings R, Scaillet S, O'Sullivan G, Chew D, Badenszki E, Daly S, Razakamanana T & Davies J

(2017) Rare Garnet Clinopyroxenite and Garnet Granulite Xenoliths from the Scottish Midland Valley: Products of Contemporaneous Magmatism or an Ancient Buried Ophiolite?
Badenszki E, Daly S & Kronz A

(2017) Metal Extraction from the Lower Crust and the Genesis of the Irish Zn-Pb Orefield
Daly JS, Badenszki E, Chew D, Kronz A, O'Rourke H, Whitehouse M, Menuge J, van Acken D & Van den Berg R

(2015) Deep Crustal Xenoliths Document the Early Palaeozoic Transition from Active Margin to Intracontinental Setting of the Scottish Midland Valley
Badenszki E, Daly JS, Whitehouse MJ, Horstwood MSA, Kronz A, Lancaster PJ & Upton BGJ

(2009) Deep Crustal Xenoliths from the Scottish Midland Valley
Badenszki E, Daly S & Horstwood M

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