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All abstracts by Kazuyo Tachikawa in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) The Modern Mediterranean Sea Neodymium Isotopic Budget: Insight from Core-Top Sediments and box Model Calculations
Tachikawa K, Beny F, Cornuault M, Guihou A, Deschamps P, Schulz H, Sierro FJ & Boye M

(2023) Subsurface/intermediate and Deep-Water Oxygenation States in Mediterranean Sea during the Holocene Sapropel Deposition Inferred from Planktonic Foraminiferal I/Ca and U/Ca Ratios
Guarinos V, Tachikawa K, Vidal L, Garcia M, Minon N, Sonzogni C, Revel M, Schulz H & Sierro FJ

(2022) Simulating Neodymium Isotopes in a General Circulation Model (FAMOUS): Exploring the Role of Non-Conservative Particle-Seawater Interactions in Governing Marine Distributions
Robinson S, Ivanovic R, Gregoire L, Tindall J, van de Flierdt T, Plancherel Y, Pöppelmeier F, Tachikawa K & Valdes P

(2021) Global Continental and Marine Detrital εNd: An Updated Compilation for Use in Understanding Marine Nd Cycling
Robinson SM, Ivanovic R, van de Flierdt T, Blanchet CL, Tachikawa K, Martin E, Cook (Falco) C, Williams T, Gregoire L, Plancherel Y, Jeandel C & Arsouze T

(2021) REE and Nd Isotopes in Sedimentary Fe Oxides as Proxies for Shale Weathering
Bayon G, Jang K, Vigier N, Tachikawa K, Larkin C, Piotrowski A & Tipper E

(2021) Indian-Atlantic Subsurface- and Deep-Water Mass Exchange over the Past 600 kyrs
Perez-Asensio JN, Tachikawa K, Vidal L, de Garidel-Thoron T, Sonzogni C, Guihou A, Deschamps P, Jorry S & Chen M-T

(2017) Holocene Riverine vs. Eolian Contributions to Central Mediterranean Sediments: A High-Resolution Record
de Lange GJ, Wu J, Böning P, Pahnke K & Tachikawa K

(2016) High Resolution Record of Holocene Riverine and Eolian Contributions to Central Mediterranean Sediments
Wu J, De Lange GJ, Boening P, Pahnke K & Tachikawa K

(2016) Circulation Changes in Eastern Mediterranean Sea over the Past 23, 000 Years Inferred from Nd Isotopic Ratios
Cornuaul M, Tachikawa K, Vidal L, Guihou A, Deschamps P & Revel M

(2015) Comparison between Seawater and Archive Nd Isotope Compositions Using Multi-Scatter Plots: A New Global Data Compilation
Tachikawa K, Arsouze T, Bayon G, Bory A, Colin C, Dutay J-C, Frank N, Gourlan A, Jeandel C, Lacan F, Meynadier L, Montagna P, Puceat E, Roy-Barman M & Waelbroeck C

(2013) Southern Hemisphere Orbital Forcing and its Effects on CO2 and Tropical Pacific Climate
Tachikawa K, Timmermann A, Vidal L, Sonzogni C & Elison Timm O

(2013) A New Database for Nd Isotopes in Marine Environments
Lacan F, Tachikawa K, Arsouze T, Bayon G, Bory A, Colin C, Dutay J-C, Frank N, Gherardi J, Gourlan A, Grousset F, Hillaire-Marcel C, Jeandel C, Meynadier L, Montagna P, Puceat E, Matthieu M & Waelbroeck C

(2013) Evidences for a Persistent Link between Greenland Climate and Northeastern Pacific Oxygen Minimum Zone on Millennial Timescales Under Interglacial Conditions
Cartapanis O, Tachikawa K, Romero OE & Bard E

(2012) Distribution of Neodymium in Sedimentary Planktonic Foraminiferal Tests and Associated Mineral Phases Obtained by NanoSIMS
Tachikawa K, Toyofuku T, Basile-Doelsch I & Delhaye T

(2007) Large 14C Age Offsets between Fine Aragonite Fraction and Coexisting Planktonic Foraminifera in Shallow Caribbean Sediments
Sepulcre S, Tachikawa K, Vidal L & Bard E

(2003) Size-Normalised Test Weights, Mg/Ca and Sr/Ca of Planktonic Foraminifera from the Arabian Sea
Tachikawa K, Vidal L, Sepulcre S & Bard E

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