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All abstracts by Takahiro Tagami in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2016) K-Ar Dating for Fault Gouges within the Arima-Takatsuki Tectonic Line, Southwest Japan
Yamasaki S, Zwingmann H, Niwa M & Tagami T

(2016) Low Temperature Thermochronology of Fault Zones: An Overview and Examples
Tagami T

(2016) A New Fault Dating Project on the Nojima and Arima-Takatsuki Active Fault Zones–opportunities for Integrated Geo- and Thermochronology Studies
Lin A & Tagami T

(2013) Relationship between Modern Speleothem Formation and Surface Weather in an Asian Tropical Cave
Hasegawa W, Watanabe Y, Matsuoka H, Ohsawa S, Brahmantyo B, Maryunani KA & Tagami T

(2013) Intermethod Comparison for K-Ar Dating of Clay Gouge
Yamasaki S, Zwingmann H & Tagami T

(2013) Thermochronological Investigation of Seismogenic Fault Zones: An Overview and Examples from Japanese Islands
Tagami T

(2012) Brittle Fault Dating from the Mesoproterozoic to the Neogene
Zwingmann H, Mancktelow N, Viola G, Pleuger J, Yamasaki S & Tagami T

(2012) New Time Constrains on Brittle Faulting in the Toki Granite, Central Japan
Yamasaki S, Zwingmann H, Yamada K, Umeda K & Tagami T

(2011) Constraining Timing of Brittle Deformation – A Case Study from Fault Zones in Toki Granite, Japan
Yamasaki S, Zwingmann H, Todd A, Yamada K, Umeda K & Tagami T

(2009) Isotopic Geochemistry of the Shield-Stage Lavas of Hualalai Volcano, Hawaii
Yamasaki S, Kani T, Hanan B & Tagami T

(2009) Precipitation Variation for the Last 140 Years Recorded in Stable Isotope Ratios from Indonesian Stalagmite
Watanabe Y, Matsuoka H, Sakai S, Yamada M, Ohsawa S, Kiguchi M, Satomura T, Nakai S, Brahamantyo B, Maryunani K, Tagami T, Takemura K & Yoden S

(2009) (U-Th)/He Thermochronologic Analysis of the Median Tectonic Line and Associated Pseudotachylyte
Yamada K, Hanamuro T, Tagami T, Shimada K, Takagi H, Iwano H, Danhara T & Umeda K

(2008) New (U-Th)/He Dating Systems and Ages in Japan Atomic Energy Agency
Yamada K, Hanamuro T, Tagami T, Yamada R & Umeda K

(2007) New 40Ar/39Ar and K-Ar Ages from Macolod Corridor, SW Luzon, Philippines: Implication of its Volcanic History
Sudo M, Listanco E, Ishikawa N, Tagami T, Kamata H & Tatsumi Y

(2006) (U-Th)/He thermochronology of the Tanzawa Tonalite complex, Japan.
Yamada K & Tagami T

(2006) Nojima and MTL fault zone gouge dating, Japan
Zwingmann H, Yamada K & Tagami T

(2003) Pseudotachylyte Dating by Zircon Fission Track Thermochronology
Murakami M, Tagami T & Takagi H

(2003) Comparison between (U-Th)/He and K/Ar Ages from Layered Young Rhyolites in Kyushu, Japan
Yamada K, Tagami T & Farley K

(2003) Thermal Sensitivities of Zircon (U-Th)/He and Fission-Track Systems
Tagami T, Farley K & Stockli D

(2003) New Unspiked K-Ar Ages of Shield and Postshield Lavas from the West Maui Volcano, Hawaii
Murai T, Tagami T & Sherrod D

(2003) Fission Track Thermochronology of an Ancient Seismogenic Zone in the Shimanto Accretionary Complex, Southwest Japan
Satoh T & Tagami T

(2003) Source and Thermal Evolution of High Himalayan Rocks in the Makalu Region Interpreted from U-Pb and Fission-Track Dating of Zircon
Svojtka M, Tagami T, Kosler J, Mikova J & Buriankova K

(2003) Zircon Fission Track Annealing: Short-Term Heating Experiment Toward the Detection of Frictional Heat along Active Faults
Yamada R, Murakami M & Tagami T

(2003) Measurements of Thermal Neutron Flux from Rocks with Fission Track Method
Yamaguchi M, Tagami T & Kudo A

(2003) Argon Isotopic Composition of Historical Lavas of Hawaii
Ozawa A, Tagami T & Kamata H

(2002) Zircon Fission-Track Thermochronology of the Nojima Fault System
Tagami T, Murakami M, Hasebe N, Kamohara H & Takemura K

(2002) Experimental Study on Hydrothermal Annealing of Fission Tracks in Zircon
Yamada K & Tagami T

(2002) Detection of Frictional Heating of Fault Motion by Zircon Fission Track Thermochronology
Murakami M, Yamada R & Tagami T

(2002) K-Ar Age Determination on Honolulu Unit, Oahu, Hawaii
Ozawa A, Garcia M & Tagami T

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