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All abstracts by Toshiro Takahashi in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2019) Deep Crustal Magma Differentiation of Late Cenozoic Volcanic Rocks beneath Northenr Fossa Magna, Central Japan
Aizawa M, Shinjo R, Okamura S, Takahashi T & Fujibayashi N

(2016) Geochemical Relationship of Haybi Volcanics and Amphibolites in the Metamorphic Sole of Oman Ophiolite
Sakashita M, Mori N, Takazawa E, Nohara R, Takahashi T & Tamura Y

(2016) Role of Subducted Sediment in Sr-Nd-Pb-Hf Isotopic Evolution for Early Cretaceous to Paleogene Granitic Rocks from Northeast Japan
Tsuchiya N, Kagashima S-I, Takahashi T, Senda R, Chang Q, Miyazaki T, Vaglarov B, Haraguchi S & Kimura J-I

(2016) Genetic Relationship between Tholeiitic and Calc-Alkaline Suite Magmas at Chokai Volcano in the NE Japan Rear-Arc
Takahashi T, Hirahara Y, Kimura J-I, Chang Q, Ban M, Tatsumi Y & Nakano S

(2016) Origin of Bowers Ridge and its Oligocene Adakitic/Normal Arc Magmatism
Kawabata H, Sato K, Kimura J-I, Chang Q, Senda R, Takahashi T, Hirahara Y, Miyazaki T & Scholl DW

(2016) Geochemical Variations in Japan Sea Back-Arc Basin Basalts Formed by High-Temperature Adiabatic Melting of Mantle Metasomatized by Sediment Subduction Components
Hirahara Y, Kimura J-I, Senda R, Miyazaki T, Kawabata H, Takahashi T, Chang Q, Vaglarov BS, Sato T & Kodaira S

(2016) Homogeneous Mantle and Diverse Arc Crust: Significant Role of Mafic Lower Crust for Chemical Diversity of Arc Magmas
Ban M, Kimura J-I, Takahashi T, Uzawa Y, Ohba T, Fujinawa A, Hayashi S, Yoshida T, Miyazaki T, Chan Q, Senda R, Vaglarov B & Tatsumi Y

(2016) Possible Carbonated Melts from a Mantle Plume; A Study of Raivavae
Hanyu T, Kawabata H, Kimura J-I, Miyazaki T, Senda R, Chang Q, Hirahara Y, Takahashi T, Vaglarov B & Tatsumi Y

(2016) PGE Signature of an EM-1 Mantle Source, Evidence from Pitcairn Basalts
Senda R, Ishikawa A, Hanyu T, Kawabata H, Takahashi T & Suzuki K

(2013) The Source Mantle and Magma Genesis of Basalts from Pitcairn Island: Implication from Highly Siderophile Elements and Os Isotope Ratios
Senda R, Hanyu T, Ishikawa A, Kawabata H, Takahashi T & Suzuki K

(2011) A Possible Mantle Plume Source in the Lower Mantle; Evidence from Polynesian HIMU
Hanyu T, Tatsumi Y, Senda R, Miyazaki T, Chang Q, Hirahara Y, Takahashi T, Kawabata H, Suzuki K, Kimura J-I & Nakai S

(2008) Calc-Alkalic vs. Tholeiitic Revisited: A Radical View of Andesite Genesis
Tatsumi Y, Takahashi T, Hirahara Y, Miyazaki T, Chang Q, Kimura J-I, Ban M & Sakayori A

(2008) Tracing Migratory Behavior of Ayu (Plecoglossus Altivelis) Using Sr Isotopic Composition of Otolith
Amakawa H, Suzuki T, Takahashi T, Tatsumi Y & Otake T

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