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All abstracts by Asako Takamasa in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2021) Hf and W Fractionation between Liquid Metal and Liquid Silicate and Resultant Core-Mantle Interaction Signature on the 182W Isotope of the Ethiopian Basalts
Suzuki K, Takamasa A, Tsuchiya T, Fukami Y, Orihashi Y & Shinjo R

(2021) An Improved Method for 182W/184W Isotope Measurements with High Precision and Accuracy Using Multiple Collector Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry and its Application for Terrestrial Samples – GSJ Medal Lecture
Takamasa A, Suzuki K, Fukami Y, Iizuka T, Tejada MLG, Fujisaki W, Orihashi Y & Matsumoto T

(2019) High Precision 182W/184W of Ocean Island and LIP Basalts from Deep Mantle
Takamasa A, Suzuki K, Fukami Y & Iizuka T

(2018) Highly Precise 182W/183W Isotopic Compositions of Terrestrial Samples Using MC-ICP-MS
Takamasa A, Fukami Y & Suzuki K

(2017) High Precision Tungsten Isotope Analysis Using MC-ICP-MS and Application for Earth’s Rock Samples
Takamasa A & Suzuki K

(2016) Uranium Isotope Composition of Soil Samples Determined by TIMS
Sahoo SK & Takamasa A

(2016) The Influence of U, Th Mobility in Hydrothermal Fluids on U-Th Radioactive Disequilibrium Dating of Sulphide Minerals
Nakai S, Takamasa A, Yoshizumi R, Urabe T, Fujiwara T, Toyoda S & Ishibashi J

(2016) High Precision Analysis of Os and W Isotopes Applied for Earth’s Rock to Elucidate Interaction and Co-evolution of Core and Mantle
Takamasa A, Suzuki K, Senda R & Fukami Y

(2014) ESR, 226Ra-210Pb and 228Ra-228Th Dating of Barite in Sea-Floor Hydrothermal Sulfide Deposits in the Okinawa Trough
Fujiwara T, Toyoda S, Uchida A, Ishibashi J-I, Nakai S & Takamasa A

(2014) Dating Hydrothermal Minerals in Active Hydrothermal Fields in the Southern Mariana Trough
Ishibashi J-I, Shimada K, Sato F, Toyoda S, Takamasa A, Nakai S & Kumagai H

(2013) Determination of U, Cs and Sr Isotopes and their Distribution Coefficients in Soil Affected by Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant Accident
Mishra S, Takamasa A, Arae H, Mietelski W, Watanabe Y, Yoshida S & Sahoo SK

(2011) Dating of Submarine Hydrothermal Deposits by ESR and U-Series Methods
Toyoda S, Sato F, Nakai S, Takamasa A & Ishibashi J

(2008) W Isotopic Composition and Concentration of Oceanic Island Basalts
Takamasa A, Sahoo YV, Nakai S, Hanyu T, Kawabata H & Tatsumi Y

(2008) Tungsten Isotopic Investigation of Eoarchean Terrestrial Rocks with Implications for Mantle Evolution
Iizuka T, Nakai S, Sahoo YV, Hirata T, Takamasa A & Maruyama S

(2007) Tungsten Isotopic Compositions of South Polynesia Islands and Ontong Java Plateau
Takamasa A, Nakai S, Sahoo Y, Hanyu T & Tejada MLG

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