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All abstracts by James Badro in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Densities of Fe2+- and Fe3+-bearing Silicate Glasses and the Redox State of Deep Magma Oceans
Girani A, Petitgirard S, Tucoulou Tachoueres R, Badro J & Sossi PA

(2022) Experimental Determination of H2 Solubility in Primitive Melts
Brugman K, Shahar A, Badro J & Cody G

(2022) Investigating Magma Ocean Solidification on Earth Through Laser-Heated Diamond Anvil Cell Experiments
Badro J, Boukaré C-E, Nabiei F, Gillet P, Hébert C, Wehr N & Borensztajn S

(2021) Nb-Ta Paradox and the Redox State of Earth's Primordial Magma Ocean
Huang D, Badro J & Siebert J

(2021) A Decade of Diamond Anvil Cell Metal-Silicate Partitioning Experiments: What Have We Learned ?
Badro J & Siebert J

(2021) Thermodynamics in the Fe-Si-O System up to 300 GPa
Boukaré C-É, Badro J & Brodholt J

(2019) Using Stable Isotopes to Probe the Differentiation and Evolution of Planetesimals
Shahar A, Ni P, Badro J, Young E, Elardo S & Chabot N

(2019) Ab Initio Molecular Dynamics Investigation of SiO2 Precipitation in Earth’s Core
Huang D, Badro J, Brodholt J & Li Y

(2019) The Oxidation State of Iron in Peridotite Liquids and Implications for Planetary Magma Oceans
Sossi P, Burnham A, Badro J, Lanzirotti A, Newville M & O'Neill H

(2018) Experimental Determination of Zn Isotope Fractionation during Evaporation
Wimpenny J, Marks N, Knight K, Rolison J, Ryerson R, Badro J, Sanborn M, Huyskens M & Yin Q-Z

(2018) Magnesium Partitioning between Earth’s Mantle and Core and its Consequence on an Early Geodynamo
Badro J, Nomura R, Aubert J, Siebert J, Blanchard I & Hirose K

(2017) Experimental and Theoretical Investigation of Core-Mantle Interactions
Huang D & Badro J

(2017) Pebbles or bam Bam?: Insights into Earth's Source Material, Accretion and Differentiation from Zn Metal-Silicate Partitioning
Mahan B, Siebert J, Blanchard I, Badro J & Moynier F

(2016) Primordial Volatilization on Earth Inferred from the High-Pressure Metal-Silicate Partitioning Behavior of Gallium
Blanchard I, Badro J & Siebert J

(2016) Melting of Peridotite at Lower Mantle Conditions: LH-Dac Experiments with Metal Encapsulated Samples
Baron MA, Lord OT, Drewitt JWE, Badro J, Walter MJ & Trønnes RG

(2016) Metal Silicate Partitioning of Mo and W in a Deep Magma Ocean
Siebert J & Badro J

(2016) The Solubility of Lithophile Elements in Iron during Core Formation, and its Subsequent Exsolution; or How on Earth can We Generate an Ancient Magnetic Field?
Badro J, Siebert J & Nimmo F

(2015) Seconds after Impact: Insights into the Thermal History of Tektites
Stolper E, Macris C, Badro J, Asimow P, Zhang Y & Eiler J

(2014) Silicon Isotopes in Achondrites and Clues to Planetary Differentiation
Pringle E, Savage P, Badro J, Barrat J-A & Moynier F

(2014) Multi-Component Diffusion between Felsic and More Silicic Melts from Tektites and Experiments
Macris C, Badro J, Asimow P, Stolper E & Eiler J

(2013) Earth’s Building Blocks: The “Core Spyglass”
Badro J, Brodholt J, Siebert J & Ryerson F

(2013) The Copper Isotope Composition of Bulk Earth: A New Paradox?
Savage P, Chen H, Shofner G, Badro J & Moynier F

(2013) Redox State during Core Formation on Planetesimals
Pringle E, Savage P, Badro J, Barrat J-A & Moynier F

(2013) Experimental Study of Accretion and Early Differentiation of the Earth
Siebert J, Badro J, Antonangeli D & Ryerson F

(2012) The Major Element Composition of Earth's Core
Badro J, Brodholt J & Cote A

(2011) The Composition of the Earth’s Outer Core from First Principles
Côté A, Brodholt J & Badro J

(2011) A Multidisciplinary Study of Core Composition
Badro J

(2011) Oxygen and Silicon Partitioning between Molten Iron and Silicate Melts up to 70 GPa and 4000 K
Ricolleau A, Badro J, Siebert J, Antonangeli D, Cantoni M, Hebert C, Alexander D & Gillet P

(2011) Partitionning of Pt-Re-Os between Solid and Liquid Metal in the Fe-Ni-Si System
Morard G, Siebert J, Antonangeli D & Badro J

(2011) Diamond Anvil Cell Applied to the Geochemistry of Earth's Core Formation
Siebert J, Badro J, Antonangeli D & Ryerson F

(2011) Kinetics of the Reaction Perovskite + Ferropericlase = Ringwoodite
Dobson D, Badro J, Meibom A & Mariani E

(2007) Iron Partitioning and the Self-Oxidation of the Lower Mantle
Auzende A-L, Badro J & Ryerson FJ

(2006) Thermochemical State of the Lower Mantle: New Insights from Mineral Physics
Badro J, Fiquet G & Guyot F

(2006) Effect of Light Elements on the Sound Velocities in Solid Iron: Implications for the Composition of Earth’s Core
Badro J, Fiquet G & Guyot F

(2006) Element partitioning at ultra-high pressure: new insights on bulk lower-mantle geochemistry
Auzende AL, Badro J, Weber P, Fallon S & Ryerson F

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