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All abstracts by Ryoji Tanaka in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Development of a Sequential Ion Exchange Chromatography Method to Separate Geochemically Important Tracers for Isotope Measurements
Ratnayake RMDM, Tanaka R & Nakamura E

(2023) Constraining the Processes Responsible for the Origin and Evolution of Extraterrestrial Organic Matter: Evidence from the Asteroid Ryugu
Potiszil C, Kobayashi K, Tanaka R, Kunihiro T, Kitagawa H, Ota T, Yamanaka M, Sakaguchi C & Nakamura E

(2023) Aqueous Alteration on the Progenitor Body of the Asteroid Ryugu Revealed Through H-C-N-O Isotope Systematics
Tanaka R, Potiszil C, Ota T, Kunihiro T, Sakaguchi C, Kobayashi K, Kitagawa H, Yamanaka M & Nakamura E

(2020) Modern and Ancient Hydrosphere-Rock Interactions Constrained from Triple Oxygen Isotope and in situ δ18O Measurements
Zakharov D, Tanaka R, Butterfield D, Reed M, Palandri J, Bindeman I, Bouvier A-S & Marin-Carbonne J

(2018) Triple Oxygen Isotopes in Hydrothermal Systems: Insights into Ancient Meteoric Waters and Paleoseawater
Zakharov D, Bindeman I, Tanaka R, Friðleifsson GO & Reed M

(2017) Development of a Purification Method for Analyses of Highly Siderophile Elements in Desilicified Geological Samples
Zhou X, Tanaka R & Nakamura E

(2017) Characteristics and the Distribution of Source Materials for OIB at the West African Passive Margin
Belay IG, Tanaka R, Kitagawa H, Kobayashi K & Nakamura E

(2016) Gas-Melt Reaction in the Reduced Nebula Environment Revealed by Oxygen Isotope of EH Chondrules
Tanaka R & Nakamura E

(2015) The Origin and Dynamics of Mantle Sources beneath the Cameroon Volcanic Line
Belay I, Kobayashi K, Kitagawa H, Tanaka R, Aka F & Nakamura E

(2015) Fractionation Behavior of 238U-Series Nuclides during Acid Leaching of Basaltic Samples
Tanaka R, Yokoyama T, Kitagawa H, Tesfaye DB & Nakamura E

(2015) Geochemical Characteristics of the Latest Eruptions in the Ulleung Island, Korea
Kim J, Cho M, Tanaka R & Nakamura E

(2013) Internal 238U-230Th Isochron Method for Dating Young Basaltic Eruptions
Tanaka R, Yokoyama T & Nakamura E

(2012) Involvement of Recycled Silica-Rich Pyroxenite in Continental Intraplate Magmatism: Evidence from Alkaline Basalts in NW Kyushu, SW Japan
Tokeshi S, Tanaka R, Kobayashi K, Makishima A & Nakamura E

(2011) Li-O-Pb-Nd-Hf Isotope and Trace Element Systematics and S in Residual Peridotites: Evidences for Ancient Hydrothermal Fluid-Rock Interactions at Mid-Ocean Ridges
Ranaweera L, Moriguti T, Tanaka R, Makishima A & Nakamura E

(2008) Evolution of the Southern Ethiopian Rift System: Constrained from Geochronological and Geochemical Data of Mafic Lavas of Amaro and Yabello Areas
Tesfaye DB, Tanaka R & Nakamura E

(2008) Lead Isotope Systematics of Olivine-Hosted Melt Inclusions from Hawaiian Lavas
Tanaka R, Sakyi PA, Kobayashi K & Nakamura E

(2008) Dislocation Microstructures in Naturally Deformed Olivine Crystals from Hawaiian Lavas
Sakyi PA, Tanaka R & Nakamura E

(2007) Forsterite-Rich and Ca-Poor Olivine Phenocryst Crystallized by Polybaric Melting in a Subduction Zone
Tanaka R & Nakamura E

(2006) Recent and episodic addition to the Hawaiian plume activity
Tanaka R, Makishima A & Nakamura E

(2004) Boron Isotopic Composition of Hawaiian Shield Lavas
Tanaka R & Nakamura E

(2003) Suppression of Zr, Nb, Hf, and Ta Co-precipitation during HF Digestion of Ca-Rich Geological Materials
Tanaka R, Kitagawa H, Makishima A & Nakamura E

(2003) Lithium, Boron and Lead Isotope Systematics on Glass Inclusions in Olivine Phenocrysts from Hawaiian Lavas
Kobayashi K, Tanaka R, Moriguti T, Shimizu K & Nakamura E

(2003) Evolution of an Isotopically Depleted Mantle Xenolith from Salt Lake Crater, Hawaii
Nakamura E, Sakaguchi C, Tanaka R, Moriguti T & Kushiro I

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