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All abstracts by Masaharu Tanimizu in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2015) Boron Isotope Fractionation during Transportation of Sea-Salt Particle
Sakata K, Sakaguchi A, Takahashi Y, Nagaishi K & Tanimizu M

(2015) Reconstruction of Heavy Element Emission Histroy from a Peat-Rich Pond in the Western Pacific Region
Tanimizu M, Kohno M, Asahara Y, Minami M & Hosono T

(2015) Dissolved Species Controlling Isotope Effect for Cerium during Adsorption and Precipitation
Nakada R, Tanaka M, Tanimizu M & Takahashi Y

(2015) Determination of Isotopic Ratio of Nickel, Copper, and Zinc in Seawater Using an Ethylenediaminetriacetic Acid Chelating Resin
Takano S, Tanimizu M, Hirata T, Sohrin Y, Little S & Archer C

(2013) Cerium Stable Isotope Fractionation as a Potential Paleo-Redox Proxy
Nakada R, Takahashi Y & Tanimizu M

(2013) Stable Isotopic Fractionation of Sr and Eu Among Igneous Rocks
Wakaki S, Tanimizu M, Ishikawa T & Tanaka T

(2013) Vertical Profiles of Copper Isotopic Composition in the Ocean
Takano S, Tanimizu M, Hirata T & Sohrin Y

(2013) Origin of Atmospheric Dust and the Associated Anthropogenic Lead Around Omura Bay, West Japan
Saitoh Y, Umezawa Y, Kawamoto K, Tanimizu M & Ishikawa T

(2012) Chemical Processes of Zinc in Aerosols Inferred from the Speciation and Isotopic Analyses
Fujiwara M, Tanimizu M & Takahashi Y

(2012) An Experimental Study on Stable Isotope Fractionation of Rare Earth Elements during the Adsorption on Iron and Manganese Oxides
Nakada R, Takahashi Y & Tanimizu M

(2012) Sr Isotopic Composition of Pore Water of Shelf Cores from IODP Expedition 317: Canterbury Basin, New Zealand
Yoshimura T, Kawahata H, Tanimizu M, George S, Lipp J & Claypool G

(2012) Coseismic Fluid-Rock Interaction in an Active Fault Zone Estimated from Sr Speciation Analysis of Fault Gauge
Tanimizu M, Ishikawa T, Takahashi Y, Soh W & Song S-R

(2011) Molecular-Scale Mechanism of Mo Isotopic Fractionation during Adsorption on Ferromanganese Oxides
Kashiwabara T, Takahashi Y & Tanimizu M

(2011) Temperature Dependence of Mg Isotope Fractionation in Deep-Sea Coral: Paleoceanographic Implication as a New Proxy for Water Temperature
Yoshimura T, Tanimizu M, Inoue M, Suzuki A, Iwasaki N & Kawahata H

(2011) Sr, Nd, and Pb Isotopes of Basalts along Hotspot-Influenced Central Indian Ridge
Machida S, Orihashi Y, Neo N, Tanimizu M, Unsworth S & Tamaki K

(2011) Geochemical and Isotopic Analyses of Non-Volcanogenic Hot Springs in Central Japan
Kusuda C, Iwamori H, Kazahaya K, Morikawa N, Takahashi M, Takahashi H, Ohwada M, Ishikawa T, Tanimizu M & Nagaishi K

(2010) Geochemical Modeling of Slab-Derived Fluids
Kusuda C, Iwamori H, Kazahaya K, Morikawa N, Takahashi M, Takahashi H, Ohwada M, Ishikawa T, Tanimizu M & Nagaishi K

(2009) Natural Isotopic Variation of Europium Among Geological Samples
Tanaka H, Wakaki S, Tanimizu M & Tanaka T

(2009) Antimony Isotopic Fractionation during Adsorption on Ferrihydrite
Araki Y, Tanimizu M & Takahashi Y

(2009) Multiple Eruptions of the Ontong Java Plateau as a Trigger of the Cretaceous Oceanic Anoxic Event-1a
Kuroda J, Tanimizu M, Hori R, Suzuki K, Ogawa N, Tejada M, Coffin M, Coccioni R & Ohkouchi N

(2007) Determination of Magnesium Isotopic Variation and Fractionation in Carbonate Minerals
Tanimizu M

(2007) Elemental and Isotopic Fractionation in Some Organs of Bamboo
Tanaka T, Wakaki S, Tanimizu M & Asahara Y

(2007) Determination of Lead Isotopic Ratios in Ferromanganese Crust by Using MC-ICP-MS and NanoSIMS
Takata Y, Tanimizu M, Takahata N, Amakawa H & Sano Y

(2007) Spatial and Temporal Variation of Anthropogenic Lead Inputs to the Western Pacific
Inoue M & Tanimizu M

(2006) Determination of precise nickel isotopic composition and natural nickel isotopic variation by ICP-MS
Tanimizu M & Hirata T

(2003) An Investigation for Isotopic Discrimination Effect during ICP Ionization
Tanimizu M, Asada Y & Hirata T

(2002) Isotope Diluted Neutron Activation Analysis (ID-Naa) for Quantitative Analysis of PGEs and Re
Tanaka T, Senda R, Shibata S-N, Minami M & Tanimizu M

(2000) Ce-Nd-Sr Isotope Systematics of Lunar Samples and Origin of Ce Anomalies on the Moon
Tanimizu M & Tanaka T

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