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All abstracts by Sebastian Tappe in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Calcium Isotope Constraints on the Mantle Sources of Volatile-Rich Alkaline Magmas
Chen C, Foley SF, Liu Y & Tappe S

(2023) Zinc Isotopes in Deep Carbonated Mantle Melts do not Hint at Recycled Carbon
Tappe S, Rosca C, Stracke A, König S, Strauss H & Schoenberg R

(2022) The Mineral Chemistry Derived Diamond Potential of NW Botswana: on- or Off-Craton in West Gondwanaland?
Shaikh A, Tappe S, Viljoen F, de Wit M & Ueckermann H

(2022) Mass-Dependent Titanium Isotope Variations of Global Carbonatites
Kommescher S, Magna T, Rapprich V, Fonseca ROC, Kynický J, Tappe S & Giebel RJ

(2022) Not yet on Everyone’s LIPs? Tasting the Potassic Flavours of Karoo Volcanism
Tappe S, Stracke A, Romer R & Schmitt A

(2022) IUGS Classification of Igneous Rocks Revisited: Update from the New Task Group
Lustrino M, Tappe S, Day JMD, Zellmer GF & Mitchell R

(2021) The Paleoarchean Buffalo River Komatiites: Evidence for Progressive Melting of a Single Large Mantle Plume beneath the Growing Kaapvaal Continent
Netshidzivhe T, Tappe S, Wilson A, Ishikawa A & Viljoen F

(2021) Cycling of Surficial Sulphur into the Lithospheric Mantle: Constraints from the Kaapvaal Craton Root
Burness S, Thomassot E, Smart K & Tappe S

(2021) Tracking Cratonic Lithosphere Thinning beneath Southern India with Mantle Xenocryst Geochemistry
Shaikh A, Tappe S, Bussweiler Y & Viljoen F

(2021) Calcium Isotopes in Cratonic Mantle Eclogites
Smart K, Tappe S, Woodland AB, Harris C, Gussone N & Simonetti A

(2021) Late-Orogenic Juvenile Magmatism of the Mesoproterozoic Namaqualand Province (South Africa) and its Relation to REE-Th Monazite-Iron Oxide Mineralization
Ballouard C, Elburg MA, Harlov DE, Tappe S, Knoper MW, Eglinger A & Andreoli MAG

(2020) Multiple Sulfur Isotopes of Carbonatites, a Window into their Formation Conditions
Bouyon A, Klausen M, Mata J, Tappe S, Farquhar J & Cartigny P

(2019) Trace Elements in Olivine from Diamondiferous Lamproites: Proxies for Magma Origin and Cratonic Mantle Lithosphere Evolution
Shaikh A, Patel S, Bussweiler Y & Tappe S

(2019) Views of Plate Tectonics and Mantle Metal Budgets from Alkaline and Carbonate Magmas
Tappe S, Burness S, Smart K, Magna T & Stracke A

(2019) Metasomatic Effects of Sulphur-Bearing Carbonated Melts on the Lithospheric Mantle
Burness S, Smart KA, Tappe S, Stevens G & Woodland AB

(2018) Reduced Volatile Sources for Karelian Diamonds Linked to Punctuated Ultramafic Magmatism
Smart K, Cartigny P, Tappe S, O'Brien H & Klemme S

(2017) Cycling of the Elements of Life within the Archean Crust-Mantle System
Tappe S, Smart K & Stern R

(2017) The Redox State of Mantle Eclogites
Smart K, Tappe S, Simonetti A, Simonetti S, Woodland A & Harris C

(2017) S-Bearing Metasomatism of Mantle Eclogites: Constraints from the Kaapvaal Craton and Experiments
Burness S, Smart K, Stevens G, Tappe S, Sharp ZD & Gibbons J

(2016) Evidence for the Deep Archean Nitrogen Cycle from >3 Ga Diamonds
Smart KA, Tappe S & Stern RA

(2016) Oxidized Carbon Species in the Early Archean Mantle: Clues to the Evolution of Plate Tectonics and Terrestrial Magmatism
Tappe S, Smart KA & Stern RA

(2015) The Misleading Role of Carbonatites in the Deep Volatile Cycle
Tappe S, Smart KA, Stracke A, Romer RL, Steenfelt A & Muehlenbachs K

(2015) Metasomatic Growth of Eclogitic Diamonds from Decoupled Volatile Sources
Smart K, O'Brien H, Cartigny P, Tappe S, Klemme S & Harris C

(2014) Mantle Carbon Mobilization during Supercontinent Break-Up: Evidence from Kimberlites and their Diamonds
Tappe S, Kjarsgaard B & Aulbach S

(2013) Linking Kimberlite Magmatism, Transition Zone Diamonds, and Subduction Processes
Tappe S, Pearson G, Kjarsgaard B, Nowell G & Dowall D

(2013) The Role of Ultramafic Veins in Mafic Alkaline Magmatism: Contrary Evidence from Continental Intra-Plate Settings
Smart K, Tappe S, Stracke A, Romer R & Prelevic D

(2012) Subduction-Driven Growth and Modification of Cratons: Examples from Canada and Greenland
Smart K, Tappe S, Simonetti A & Klemme S

(2012) Carbon Fluxes beneath Cratons: Insights from West Greenland Kimberlites and Carbonatites
Tappe S, Smart K, Stracke A, Romer R, Steenfelt A & Muehlenbachs K

(2011) Rogue Hafnium Isotopes in Lac de Gras Kimberlites, Canada: Ultradeep vs. Shallow Mantle Processes
Tappe S, Pearson G, Kjarsgaard BA, Nowell G & Dowell D

(2011) Crust-Mantle Links in Cratons
Pearson GD, Tappe S, Smart KA, Mather KA, Dale CW & Kjarsgaard BA

(2010) Relative Roles of Cratonic Lithosphere and Asthenosphere in Controlling Kimberlitic Magma Compositions: Sr-Nd-Hf Isotope Evidence from the Greenland-Labrador Diamond Province
Tappe S, Pearson DG, Heaman L, Nowell G & Milstead P

(2009) Quest for Primary Carbonatite Melts beneath Cratons: A West Greenland Perspective
Tappe S, Heaman L, Romer R, Steenfelt A, Muehlenbachs K, Simonetti A & Stracke A

(2008) The Alleged Carbonatitic-Kimberlitic Melt Continuum: Contrary Evidence from West Greenland
Tappe S, Steenfelt A, Heaman L, Romer R, Simonetti A & Muehlenbachs K

(2007) Interactions between Carbonate Magmas and MARID Metasomes: The Case of Diamondiferous Aillikites from the Torngat Mountains, Canada
Tappe S, Foley S, Heaman L, Romer R, Stracke A, Kjarsgaard B & Jenner G

(2006) Ugandan kamafugites: Re-melting of a variable enriched veined subcontinental lithospheric mantle
Rosenthal A, Foley SF, Pearson GD, Nowell G & Tappe S

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