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All abstracts by Franco Tassi in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Geochemical Markers of Magmatic Solicitations to Volcanic-Hydrothermal Systems: The Long-Standing Unrest of La Soufrière de Guadeloupe Dissected via Non-Condensable Gases
Moretti R, Robert V, Moune S, Inostroza Pizarro M, Jessop DE, Tassi F, Vaselli O, Bonifacie M, Fiebig J, Labidi J, Vlastelic I, Chilin-Eusebe E, Grassa F, Metcalfe A & Allard P

(2020) Elevated Natural As in Surface Water Around the Guallatiri Volcano, Northern Chile
Inostroza M, Aguilera F, Tapia J, Sepulveda J & Tassi F

(2019) “Sources and Pathways of Fluid Migration in Mt. Amiata Area (Central Italy): Novel Insights from Full Noble Gas Isotope Investigations”
Magi F, Darrah TH, Minissale AA, Pandeli E, Tassi F & Vaselli O

(2018) Abiotic Hydrocarbons in Earth's Crust: A Phantom?
Fiebig J, Tassi F, Stefansson A, Viveiros F, Silva C, D'Alessandro W, Ricci A, Schreiber C, Lopez T & Mountain B

(2017) Isotopic Constraints on the Origin of Hydrocarbons in Volcanic-Hydrothermal Emissions
Fiebig J, Tassi F, Stefansson A, Viveiros F, D'Alessandro W, Ricci A & Lopez T

(2017) Extreme Isotope Fractionation of Hydrothermal Methane due to Oxidation Processes in Hot Springs of Central Greece
D'Alessandro W, Daskalopoulou K, Gagliano AL, Calabrese S, Fiebig J, Tassi F & Kyriakopoulos K

(2013) Acid Water Problem: Mining Districts from Tuscany (Central Italy)
Nisi B, Raco B, Vaselli O, Abebe T, Battaglini R, Masetti G, Tassi F, Lelli M & Doveri M

(2013) Gas Discharges for Continental Spain: Geochemical and Isotopic Features
Vaselli O, Nisi B, Tassi F, Darrah T, Bruno J, Elio J, Grandia F & Del Villar LP

(2013) Fluid Geochemistry of the Deep CO2-Rich Caprese Reservoir (Northern Apennines, Italy)
Bicocchi G, Tassi F, Bonini M, Capecchiacci F, Ruggieri G, Chiodini G, Buccianti A & Vaselli O

(2012) Hydrothermal Hydrocarbon Gases: Geothermometry and Origins
Fiebig J, Tassi F, D'Alessandro W, Vaselli O & Woodland A

(2009) Influence of the Analytical Errors in Geochemical Modeling Programs
Bicocchi G, Buccianti A, Montegrossi G & Tassi F

(2009) Sourcing Hydrocarbons in CO2-rich Hydrothermal Systems
Fiebig J, Tassi F, D'Alessandro W & Woodland A

(2007) Statistical Evaluation of Anomalous Compositions in Fluid Geochemistry
Buccianti A, Tassi F & Vaselli O

(2006) Natural fluctuation of sulfur species (SO2, H2S and S80 ) in volcanic fumaroles
Minissale A, Montegrossi G, Tassi F, Vaselli O & Buccianti A

(2000) Hydrogeochemistry of the Bakony-Balaton-Highland Volcanic Field (Western Hungary)
Bodó P, Vaselli O, Szabó C, Tassi F, Casiglia A & Magro G

(2000) Multivariate Analysis of Water Geochemical Data: A Case Study in the Chiavenna Valley (Central Alps, Northern Italy)
Buccianti A, Vaselli O, Minissale A, Tassi F & Gallorini L

(2000) Fluid Geochemistry vs. Neotectonics: Constraints from the Rapolano Terme Area (Siena-Radicofani Basin, Central-Northern Apennine, Italy)
Minissale A, Vaselli O, Tassi F, Grechi G, Magro G & Montegrossi G

(2000) Analysis of Sulphur Species in Volcanic Gases
Montegrossi G, Tassi F, Vaselli O & Garofalo K

(2000) The Southern Strimon Lineament (Bulgaria/Greece): A Fluid Geochemistry Study
Vaselli O, Rossi F, Tassi F, Magro G, Petrov P, Kolios N, Minissale A & Marchev P

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