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All abstracts by Heinrich Taubald in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2018) Redox-Record from Sulfur-Selenium Isotope Decoupling at the Sulfide Scale
König S, Eickmann B, Zack T, Yierpan A, Taubald H & Schoenberg R

(2015) The Isotope-Geochemical Record of a Near-Shore Neoarchean Oxygen Oasis
Eroglu S, Schoenberg R, van Zuilen M, Taubald H, Swanner E & Beukes N

(2012) Variations of Catchment P in Stream Water Constrained by Oxygen Isotopes in Phosphate
Taubald H, Tonderski K, Andersson L & Roennberg R

(2010) Oxygen Isotopes in Phosphate as a Tracer for Sources and Pathways of Catchment P in Stream Water
Taubald H, Tonderski K, Andersson L, Ronnberg R & Ahlgren J

(2009) Mantle Source and Crustal Contamination of the Anorthosites of the Kunene Intrusive Complex, NW Namibia
Gleißner P, Drüppel K, Taubald H & Romer RL

(2009) New in situ Zircon U-Pb Age Evidence for Archaean Crust Fragment in the Heterogeneous Saharan Metacraton, Central North Sudan Basement
Shang CK, Satir M, Taubald H & Morteani G

(2008) Heterogeneous Signature of the Saharan Metacratonic Crust in Central North Sudan
Shang C, Satir M, Taubald H & Morteani G

(2008) C-Isotope Exchange Experiments between DIC and TCE
Taubald H, Schüth C & Link M

(2008) Element and Isotope Compositions of Variscan S-Type Granites Reflect Different Basement Domains
Siebel W, Shang C, Reitter E & Taubald H

(2007) Phosphoric Acid Fractionation Factors for Aragonite between 25 and 72℃ with Implications on Aragonite-Calcite Oxygen Isotope Fractionation
Gilg A, Taubald H & Struck U

(2007) Coeval Pan-African Granitization and Migmatization of the North Sudan Basement
Shang CK, Satir M, Taubald H & Morteani G

(2004) C-Isotope Exchange between DIC and Organic Compounds (TCE)
Taubald H & Schueth C

(2002) Geochemical and Geochronological Investigations of TTG Rocks from the Ntem Complex, Congo Craton and Implications for Post Magmatic Evolution
Shang CK, Siebel W, Satir M, Nsifa EN, Taubald H & Chen F

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