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All abstracts by Lawrence A. Taylor in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2015) Lithium in Mantle Xenoliths from Siberian Kimberlites
Pernet-Fisher J, Magna T, Barry P, Day J & Taylor L

(2015) Multiple Metasomatic Events within the Siberian SCLM Revealed by Halogen and Noble Gas Analysis
Broadley M, Barry P, Burgess R, Sumino H, Ballentine C, Zedgenizov D & Taylor L

(2015) Origin of Nitrogen in Lunar Basalts
F├╝ri E, Barry PB, Taylor LA & Marty B

(2015) Diamond Inclusions: OH in NAMs
Taylor L, Logvinova A, Guan Y, Howarth G, Chen Y, Liu Y & Sobolev N

(2014) Planetary Apatites: Critical Problems in Models of OH Contents
Taylor L, Pernet-Fisher J, Liu Y, Guan Y, Chen Y, Barry P & Howarth G

(2014) Highly Siderophile Element Enrichment in Native-Fe Basaltic Ores
Howarth G, Day J, Ryabov V, Barry P, Pernet-Fisher J & Taylor L

(2013) Ancient Recycled Nitrogen Isotope Signatures in Siberian Xenoliths
Barry P, Hilton D & Taylor L

(2012) Water in the Moon: D/H and High Volatile Abundances of Lunar Apatite
Greenwood J, Itoh S, Sakamoto N, Warren P, Taylor L & Yurimoto H

(2012) Water, Water, Everywhere on the Moon
Liu Y & Taylor L

(2011) Sulfur Speciation in Lunar Apatite
Boyce J, Ma C, Eiler J, Liu Y, Stolper E & Taylor L

(2010) Evolution of the Siberian Platform; Constraints from Diamondiferous Xenoliths of Nyurbinskaya
Riches AJV, Liu Y, Day JMD, Spetsius ZV & Taylor LA

(2010) Effects of Water in Lunar Basalts
Liu Y & Taylor L

(2010) D/H of Lunar Water: Implications for the Origin of the Earth's Water
Greenwood J, Itoh S, Sakamoto N, Warren P, Taylor L & Yurimoto H

(2010) Origin of OH/Water on and in the Moon
Taylor L

(2010) New Lunar Discoveries from the Moon Mineralogy Mapper on Chandrayaan-1
Isaacson P, Pieters C & Taylor L

(2009) The Role of Volatiles during Asteroidal Differentiation
Day J, Walker R, Sunshine J, Ash R, Rumble D, Liu Y, McDonough B & Taylor L

(2000) Lu-Hf Systematics and the Early Evolution of the Moon
Lee D, Halliday A, Snyder G & Taylor L

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