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All abstracts by Emmanuel Tertre in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Calcium Isotope Fractionation during Adsorption and Desorption on/From Soil Phyllosilicates and Phyllomanganates(kaolinite, Montmorillonite, Muscovite and Vernadite)
Schmitt A-D, Gangloff S, Brazier J-M, Nuvoli N & Tertre E

(2021) Effect of Particle Orientation on the Diffusion of Water in the Dual Porosity of Vermiculite Porous Media
Asaad A, Hubert F, Ferrage E, Dabat T, Paineau EN, Savoye S, Gregoire B & Tertre E

(2019) Calcium Isotope Fractionation Associated to Adsorption and Desorption on/From dMnO2
Schmitt A-D, Gangloff S, Brazier J-M & Tertre E

(2017) Calcium Isotopic Fractionation during Adsorption and Desorption onto Common Soil Phyllosilicates
Brazier J-M, Schmitt A-D, Gangloff S & Tertre E

(2016) How to Experimentally Improve the Predictive Capacity of Adsorption Models of Solutes on Swelling Clays ?
Tertre E

(2015) Influence of Particle Size on the Experimental Dissolution and Al-Hydroxylation of K-Vermiculite
Viennet J-C, Hubert F, Tertre E & Turpault M-P

(2012) Ion Exchange Model for Reversible Sorption of Divalent Metals on Calcite
Tertre E, Beaucaire C & Page J

(2012) Clay-Rock Alteration Experiments at 80Â℃ in Closed and Open Conditions: Application to the Waste Storage
Beaucaire C, Tertre E, Ferrage E, Grenut B, Pronier S & Made B

(2010) Transport and Ion Exchange between Na+ and Ca2+ in Vermiculite: Modeling of Experimental Data Obtained for Static and Stirred Flow-Through Reactor Methods
Tertre E, Pacreau M, Bruzac S, Ferrage E & Prêt D

(2008) Behaviour of Lanthanides in Sorption Process at the Thermodynamic Prospect
Belline J, Conceição R, Formoso M, Tertre E & Berger G

(2008) A Multi-Site Ion Exchange Model to Predict Contaminants Sorption in Sediments
Beaucaire C, Tertre E, Coreau N, Juery A & Legrand S

(2007) Modeling of Zn Sorption onto Clayey Sediments Using a Multi-Site and Multi-Componant Ion-Exchange Model
Tertre E, Coreau N, Juery A & Beaucaire C

(2007) Is There a Reversible Step in 45Ca Sorption onto Pure Calcite?
Ly J, Tertre E, Beaucaire C & Mevellec V

(2004) Experimental Sorption of Cs+, Ni2+ and Eu3+ onto a Montmorillonite from 25 to 150℃
Tertre E, Berger G & Castet S

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