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All abstracts by Svetlana Tessalina in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2020) Role of Granites in Genesis of Archean VHMS Systems, WA Examples
Tessalina S, Ware B, Barrote V & McNaughton N

(2019) Integrative Geochronology of Hydrothermal Ore Deposits: Towards 4D Evolution Model
Tessalina S, Barrote V & McNaughton N

(2019) Nanoscale Quantification of Isotope Ratios by Atom Probe Tomography
Saxey D, Fougerouse D, Reddy S, Rickard W, Tessalina S & Pearce M

(2019) Oxygenation: Global Tipping Point, Local Records
Philippot P, Avila J, Bouyon A, Killingsworth B, Siciliano Rego E, Rossignol C, Ader M, Busigny V, Cartigny P, Lalonde S, Tessalina S, Marly B, Trevor I, Zapporeli A, Bacelar Hühn S & Trindade R

(2018) Insights into the Hydration and Fertilization of the Kalkarindji CFB Magmas: Evidence for a Hydrated Source?
Ware B, Jourdan F, Tessalina S & Nebel O

(2018) Re-Os Isotope and Trace Elements Study of Black Shales and Nodular Pyrites Associated with Massive Sulphides in the Nimbus VHMS System, Western Australia
Barrote V, Tessalina S, McNaughton N, Evans N & McDonald B

(2017) Globally Asynchronous Sulfur Isotope Signals Require Re-definition of the Great Oxidation Event
Philippot P, Ávila J, Killingsworth B, Baton F, Caquineau T, Muller E, Pecoits E, Cartigny P, Tessalina S, Lalonde S, Ireland T, Thomazo C, Van Kranendonk M & Busigny V

(2017) Re-Os Geochronology of Sub-Micrometre Meteoritic Alloys Through Atom Probe Microscopy
Daly L, Bland PA, Tessalina S, Saxey DW, Reddy SM, Fougerouse D, Rickard WDA, Forman LV, Trimby PW, Yang L, La Fontaine A, Cairney J, Ringer SP & Schaefer BF

(2017) Application of Atom Probe Microscopy to Nanoscale Os Isotopic Studies
Tessalina S, Daly L, Bland P, Saxey D, Reddy S, Fougerouse D & Rickard W

(2015) Silver Isotope Systematics in Native Ag from Hydrothermal Mo-Cu, Cu-Pb-Zn and Ag-Au Deposits
Tessalina S

(2014) Re-Os Pilot Study of Western Australian Oil
Tessalina S, Grice K, Maslen E & Creaser R

(2013) Re-Os Isotope Systematics of Sulfides from Olympiada Gold Deposit (Yenisei Rige, Russia)
Naumov E, Tessalina S, Borisenko A, Nevolko P & Kovalev K

(2013) Sources and Concentrations of Highly Siderophile Elements in VHMS Deposits Through Time
Tessalina S

(2012) Tracing Magmatic Fluid in Hydrothermal Deposits within Subduction Zone Setting
Tessalina S

(2007) Isotopic Record of Hadean Crust in Western Australia
Tessalina S, Philippot P, Van Kranendonk M, Bourdon B & Birck J-L

(2006) Nd-Pb-Os and Cu-Zn isotope systematics of Urals VHMS deposits
Tessalina S, Weiss DJ, Mason TF & Chapman JB

(2006) Continental lithospheric mantle origin of 2.5 Ga old Monchegorsk layered intrusion from the Fennoscandian Shield
Tessalina S, Birck J-L, Allégre C-J, Sharkov EV & Belyatsky BA

(2005) Sources of Unique Rhenium Enrichment in the Kudriavy Volcano, Kurile Islands
Tessalina S, Yudovskaya M, Françoise C, Birck J, Vadim D, Chaplygin I & Allègre C

(2000) Late Devonian Re-Os Age for Sulphides from Dergamish Massif Sulphide, South Ural, Russia
Gannoun A, Tessalina S, Orgeval J, Tatarko N, Birck J & Allègre C

(2000) Isotopic Indicators of Subduction Process in South Urals (Russia)
Tessalina S, Guerrot C, Gannoun A, Orgeval J & Zaykov V

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