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All abstracts by Mark H. Thiemens in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2015) Isotopic Fractionation during Low Temperature (80 K) VUV Photodissociation of Nitrogen: Connection to Isotopic Heterogenity in the Solar Nebula
Chakraborty S, Jackson T, Rude B, Ahmed M & Thiemens M

(2015) Sulfur Isotope Anomalies in Sulfate Aerosols and Solar System Materials: Understanding the Present is a Key to the Past
Shaheen R & Thiemens M

(2013) Advances in Mass Independent Isotopic Studies
Thiemens M

(2012) Isotopic Composition of Volcanic Sulfate Aerosols
Cole-Dai J, Savarino J, Lanciki A & Thiemens M

(2012) Mass-Independent Sulfur Isotopic Fractionation in VUV Photodissociation of H2S: Implications for Meteorite Data
Chakraborty S, Davis R, Jackson T, Ahmed M & Thiemens M

(2010) A Fundamental Approach to Isotopic Fractionations Induced By Thermal Gradients in Melts
Dominguez G, Wilkins G & Thiemens M

(2009) Mass Independent Isotopic Fractionations: Discovery and Recent Applications in Nature: Earth and the Early Solar System
Thiemens M

(2008) Ca Isotopes and the Rainfall Limit of Silicate Weathering on Earth
Ewing S, Amundson R, Stewart BW, Thiemens M & DePaolo D

(2007) The Climatic and Biotic Thresholds on Soil Elemental Cycling along an Arid to Hyperarid Rainfall Gradient
Amundson R, Ewing S, Michalski G, Thiemens M, Kendall C, Nishiizumi K, McKay C & Chong G

(2005) Effect of Precipitation on Anomalous Oxygen in Soil Nitrate and Sulfate
Ewing S, Michalski G, Amundson R & Thiemens M

(2005) The Onset of Hyper-Aridity in the Atacama Desert: Nitrate D<+>17<$>O as a Tracer of Soil Moisture
Michalski G, Rech J & Thiemens M

(2005) A Survey of Mass Independent Isotope Effects in Nature
Thiemens M

(2004) Seawater Sulfur Isotope Fluctuations in the Cretaceous
Paytan A, Kastner M & Thiemens M

(2003) UV Induced Mass-Independent Sulfur Composition in Stratospheric Volcanic Eruptions
Savarino J, Romero A, Cole-Dai J & Thiemens M

(2002) Oxygen-17 Anomalies Generated by Thermal Decomposition of Carbonates
Miller MF, Thiemens MH, Jackson TL, Franchi IA & Pillinger CT

(2001) Sulfur and Oxygen Isotope Analysis of Sulfate in the Vostok, Antarctica Core: A New Pyrolysis Technique in a Continuous Flow System
Alexander B, Savarino J, Thiemens MH & Delmas R

(2001) Basal Miocene Volcanic Ashes in Mid-North America: An Isotopic Mystery
Bao H, Thiemens MH, Loope DB & Yuan X-L

(2001) Implications of Mass-Independent Sulfur for the Archean Atmosphere
Farquhar J, Airieau S, Savarino J & Thiemens MH

(2001) Tracing the Atmospheric Source of Desert Nitrates Using ?17O
Michalski GM, Holve M, Feldmeier J, Bao H, Bockheim JG, Reheis M & Thiemens MH

(2000) Multiple-Isotope Insights into the Earth's Earliest Sulfur Cycle
Farquhar J, Bao H & Thiemens MH

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