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All abstracts by Massimo Tiepolo in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) In situ Ti Isotope Determination in Silicates and Oxides Through LA-MC-ICP-MS
Cannaò E, Tiepolo M, Sessa G, Greber ND, Storck J-C & Farina F

(2023) Experimental Evidence of Fast REE Re-distribution in Mantle Clinopyroxene via Reactive Melt Infiltration
Borghini G, Fumagalli P, Arrigoni F, Klemme S, Rampone E & Tiepolo M

(2021) Evidence of High Ba-Sr Granites in the Adamello Batholith, Southern Alps
Mosconi A, Tiepolo M, Farina F & Cannao E

(2021) Molybdenum Isotope Budget of Arc Derived Differentiates and Cumulates
Storck J-C, Greber ND, Tiepolo M & Pettke T

(2019) The T-T Evolution of the Ivrea-Verbano Zone in Val Cannobina
Langone A, Tiepolo M & Zanetti A

(2019) Subduction-Related Hybridization of the Lithospheric Mantle in Mantle Xenoliths from Tallante (Spain)
Avanzinelli R, Bianchini G, Tiepolo M, Jasim A, Natali C, Braschi E, Beccaluva L, Dallai L & Conticelli S

(2017) Amphibole as a Proxy for the Volatile Content of the Archean Mantle
Sessa G, Tiepolo M, Fiorentini M, Moroni M, Deloule E, Ottolini L, Langone A & Ferrari E

(2014) LA-ICP-MS U–Pb Zircon Ages of Syn-Extensional Granitoids in the Alaçamdağ Metamorphic Core Complex, Western Turkey
Erkul F, Erkul S, Kloetzli U & Tiepolo M

(2013) U-Pb and Hf Isotopes in Zircons from Mantle Chromitites of the Finero Peridotite (Ivrea Verbano Zone)
Giovanardi T, Zanetti A, Mazzucchelli M, Tiepolo M, Wu F, Langone A & Vannucci R

(2013) Cold Marine Patagonia Waters and Stable Isotopes and Trace Elements from Quaternary Mollusk Shells
Consoloni I, Zanchetta G, Baneschi I, Dallai L, Guidi M, Tiepolo M & D'Orazio M

(2013) New Insights into the Evolution of the Finero Mafic Complex
Langone A, Renna MR, Tiepolo M, Zanetti A, Mazzucchelli M & Giovanardi T

(2013) Zircon U-Pb Age and Hf Isotope Constraints on the Petrogenesis of the Alpine Periadriatic Intrusions
Ji W-Q, Wu F-Y, Tiepolo M, Langone A & Braga R

(2013) Mantle-Crust Interactions in the Oceanic Lithosphere: Constraints from Minor and Trace Elements in Olivine
Sanfilippo A, Tribuzio R & Tiepolo M

(2013) On the Evolution of the Western Alpine Orogen: U-Pb Geochronology and Hf Isotopic Ratios in Zircons from Adamello and Bergell Amph-Rich Mafic and Ultramafic Rocks
Tiepolo M, Tribuzio R, Lustrino M & Wu F-Y

(2013) U-Pb Geochronology and Geochemistry of the Granulite-Amphibolite Complex in the Asinara Island (Italy)
Gaggero L, Oggiano G, Casini L & Tiepolo M

(2013) Boninite-Derived Mafic-Ultramafic Intrusives from Northern Victoria Land (Antarctica): Implications for Mantle Source Metasomatism
Tribuzio R, Henjes-Kunst F, Braga R & Tiepolo M

(2009) Recycling/assimilation of the Ultramafic Lower Crust in Arc Settings: Evidence from Southern Adamello (Italian Alps)
Tiepolo M, Tribuzio R & Langone A

(2009) Zircon Geochronology of Amph-Rich Gabbroic Rocks and Associated Granitoids from Kyushu Island (Southwest Japan Arc)
Langone A, Morishita T & Tiepolo M

(2009) Subduction and Crust Recycling – Petrological Evidence and U-Pb Dating in Mantle Xenoliths from the Betic Area (Spain)
Bianchini G, Beccaluva L, Siena F & Tiepolo M

(2007) Disturbance of the Monazite U-Th-Pb Chronometer by Fluids: A Study Combining Stable Isotopes and in situ Dating
Boulvais P, Bosse V, Gautier P, Tiepolo M, Ruffet G & Devidal J-L

(2006) Timescale of Magmatic Processes by In-Situ Sr-isotope Data in the Present-Day Activity of Stromboli, Italy
Francalanci L, Nardini I, Tiepolo M, Chertkoff DG, Morgan DJ, Avanzinelli R & Davidson JP

(2006) Recent Stromboli (Italy): insights into magma sources and processes from melt inclusions.
Vannucci F, Kobayashi K, Nakamura E, Tiepolo M, Schiavi R, Bertagnini A & Métrich N

(2005) Insitu Single Spot Analysis of B Isotope Ratios by Laser Ablation Multiple Ion Counting ICPMS
Bouman C, Tiepolo M, Vannucci R & Schwieters J

(2004) The Earliest Stages of Formation of Oceanic Lithosphere in the Central Atlantic Ocean: The Oceanic Plate beneath the Canary Islands
Neumann E, Vannucci R, Tiepolo M, Griffin W & Pearson N

(2003) Light Lithophile Elements (Li, Be and B) Determination by Laser Ablation – ICPSFMS
Zanetti A, Tiepolo M & Vannucci R

(2003) Light Lithophile Elements (Li, Be and B) Determination in Amphiboles: A Comparison between LA-ICP-SFMS and SIMS
Vannucci R, Tiepolo M & Zanetti A

(2003) Contrasting Trace Element Signatures in Subduction-Related Mafic Cumulates from the Adamello Batholith (Central Alps, Italy)
Tiepolo M & Tribuzio R

(2002) Trace Element Behaviour during Magma Mingling: The Case Study of the Gabbro-Granite Association of Ota (Western Corsica)
Renna MR, Tiepolo M, Tribuzio R & Vannucci R

(2002) Trace Element Partitioning Evidence for Growth of Early Continental Crust from Amphibolites, not Eclogites
Foley S, Tiepolo M & Vannucci R

(2002) In situ U-Pb Dating of Zircon by Means of Single-Collector Sector-Field LA-ICP-MS
Tiepolo M, Palenzona M & Vannucci R

(2002) Structural Constraints to Nb and Ta Incorporation in Minerals
Tiepolo M, Oberti R & Vannucci R

(2001) Experimentally Determined Titanite-Melt Partition Coefficients for High Field Strength, Rare Earth, Large Ion Lithophile and Selected Transition Elements
Tiepolo M, Oberti R & Vannucci R

(2001) Trace Element Partitioning during Melting of Subducting Ocean Crust
Foley SF, Tiepolo M, Vannucci R & Barth MG

(2001) Rutile/Mineral and Rutile/Liquid Partition Coefficients for HFSE, REE and Actinides: Results from Natural Eclogites and Partial Melting Experiments
Dardon A, Schmidt MW, Chazot G, Tiepolo M & Vannucci R

(2000) Primary Liquid Composition in Continental Collisional Setting: Inferences from the Adamello and Val Masino-Bregaglia Intrusions (Central Alps)
Tiepolo M, Tribuzio R, Bottazzi P & Vannucci R

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