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All abstracts by Ruth Tinnacher in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2022) Effects of Temperature on uranium(VI) Solution Speciation and Sorption Behavior
Urick B, Tournassat C & Tinnacher R

(2021) Effects of Temperature on uranium(VI) Solution Speciation
Urick B, Tournassat C & Tinnacher R

(2021) Molecular-Level Insights on Uranium Surface Speciation in Engineered Barrier Systems
Bhattacharyya A, Massey M, Grangeon S, Tournassat C & Tinnacher R

(2021) Effects of Heat and Dissolved Calcium on the Sorption of Uranium(VI) in Bentonite Barrier Systems
La DQQ, Gutierrez Diaz A, Voltolini M, Carrero S, Sauer K, Fox PM, Bhattacharyya A, Caporuscio F & Tinnacher R

(2020) Characterizing Uranium Surface Speciation on Na-Montmorillonite
Tinnacher R, Massey M, Bhattacharyya A, Grangeon S & Tournassat C

(2020) Sorption of Uranium(VI) onto Montmorillonite in the Presence of Calcite
Urick B, Shaw A, La DQ, Gutierrez Diaz A, Tournassat C & Tinnacher R

(2014) Characterization, Transformation, and Mobilization of Sediment-Associated Natural Organic Matter in Subsurface Sediments
Fox P, Tinnacher R, Nico P, Gilbert B & Davis J

(2013) Numerical Interpretation of Laboratory and Field Data Showing CO2-induced Groundwater Changes
Zheng L, Tinnacher R, Varadharajan C, Spycher N, Bianchi M, Nico P, Birkholzer J, Trautz R & Pugh J

(2010) Subsurface Transport of Pu on Nanominerals: Teasing out Biogeochemical Controls in Field Environments
Kersting A, Zavarin M, Dai Z, Felmy A, Kips R, Moser D, Powell B, Tinnacher R & Zaho P

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