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All abstracts by Edward Tipper in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2021) REE and Nd Isotopes in Sedimentary Fe Oxides as Proxies for Shale Weathering
Bayon G, Jang K, Vigier N, Tachikawa K, Larkin C, Piotrowski A & Tipper E

(2021) Distinct Organic Carbon Dynamics in the Irrawaddy, Salween, and Mekong River Basins
Baronas JJ, Hilton RG, Stevenson EI, Bickle M & Tipper E

(2020) Muddying the Waters: Sediment Water Cation Exchange Reduces Silicate Weathering Feedback
Tipper E, Stevenson E, Alcock V, Knight A, Larkin C, Feng L, Bickle M, Baronas J, Relph K, Hilton R & Hughes G

(2020) Evolution & Stability of Sediment Chemistry in Himalayan Rivers
Hughes G, Tipper E, Bickle M & Andermann C

(2020) Using Oxygen and Sulfur Isotopes to Partition Sources of Riverine Sulfate
Relph K, Stevenson E, Turchyn S, Antler G, Bickle M, Baronas J, Parsons D, Darby S & Tipper E

(2020) Lithium Isotope Fractionation during the Formation of Secondary Minerals in Large Rivers
Feng L & Tipper E

(2020) A Trapdoor in the Carbon Cycle: The Global Implications of Riverine Carbonate Chemistry
Knapp W, Stevenson E & Tipper E

(2020) Sulfuric Acid Weathering in a High Arctic Watershead
Stevenson E, Murphy M, Relph K, Tipper E, Turchyn S, Pogge Von Strandmann P & Christensen T

(2020) Deconvolving the Effects of Lithology, Sorting, and Chemical Weathering Using Compositional Analysis of Irrawaddy River Sediments
Baronas JJ, Lipp A, Stevenson E, Bickle M, Shorttle O & Tipper E

(2020) Lithium Isotope Fractionation in Aqueous Glass Dissolution
Go├╗t T, Misra S, Tipper E, Bohlin M, Guo R & Farnan I

(2018) Sources of Sulfate in the Mekong River
Relph K, Tipper E, Bickle M, Turchyn A, Antler G, Feng L & Baronas J

(2018) Old Dissolved Inorganic Carbon in the Mackenzie River Basin: A Smoking gun for the Degradation of Aged Organic Matter?
Hilton R, Tipper E, Galy V, Garnett M, Dellinger M, Schwab M, Tank S, Bryant C, Ascough P & Eglinton T

(2017) Li and Mg Isotope Fractionation during Clay Mineral Formation
Hindshaw R, Tosca R, Tosca N & Tipper E

(2017) Linking Isotope Fractionation and Secondary Mineral Formation in Field and Laboratory Settings
Tipper E & Hindshaw R

(2017) Silicate and Carbonate Weathering in the Mighty Mekong River Basin
Relph K, Tipper E, Bickle M, Parsons D, Darby S & Robinson R

(2017) Controls on the Mackenzie River Sediment Geochemistry
Dellinger M, Gaillardet J, Hilton RG, Galy V, Bouchez J, Tipper E & Calmels D

(2017) Synthesis of Layer Silicate Minerals by Co-precipitation: A Tool for Systematic Isotope Fractionation Studies
Tosca R, Hindshaw R, Tosca N & Tipper E

(2017) Carbonate Weathering Processes: Controls and Rates
Calmels D, Bouchez J, Gaillardet J & Tipper E

(2017) Erosion and Weathering Drive Net CO2 Drawdown in the Mackenzie River Basin over Geological Time
Horan K, Hilton R, Dellinger M, Galy V, Gaillardet J, Tipper E, Selby D, Ottley C & Burton K

(2015) Ocean Acidification and the Permo-Triassic Mass Extinction: Process and Manifestation
Kasemann S, Wood R, Clarkson M, Lenton T, Daines S, Richoz S, Ohnemueller F, Meixner A, Poulton S & Tipper E

(2015) Li and Mg-Isotopic Tracers of Fluid Mineral Reactions in Natural Analogues for Geological Carbon Storage
Morgan A, Tipper E, Bohlin M, Misra S & Bickle M

(2015) Experimental Determination of Mg, Si and Li Isotope Fractionation during Clay Mineral Formation
Tosca R, Tosca N & Tipper E

(2015) Stable Isotope Fractionation during Porous Flow with Fluid-Solid Exchange
Bohlin M, Misra S, Tipper E & Bickle M

(2015) Chemical Weathering in the Flood Plain of the Ganges
Bickle M, Chapman H, Tipper E, Galy A, de la Rocha C & Ahmad T

(2015) Re-assessing the Weathering Signature of Continental Waters
Tipper E

(2012) Mg Isotopes in Natural Waters: What do They Mean?
Tipper E

(2012) Inter-Mineral Mg Isotope Fractionation in Mantle Xenoliths
Stracke A, Tipper ET & Bizimis M

(2011) A Paradox between Mg and Li Isotope Ratios during Weathering
Tipper E, Calmels D, Gaillardet J, Louvat P, Capmas F & Dubacq B

(2010) Silicate Weathering and Si Isotope Fractionation in a Glacial, Granitic Catchment
Reynolds B, Lemarchand E, Hindshaw R, Tipper E & Bourdon B

(2010) Tracing Mg Transfer from Rock to the Oceans: Insights from Mg Isotope Ratios in the Rivers of the Mackenzie Basin
Tipper E, Gaillardet J & Calmels D

(2009) Li Isotope Fractionation in Surface Waters of an Alpine Granitic Catchment
Lemarchand E, Tipper ET, Hindshaw R, Wiederhold JG, Reynolds BC, Bourdon B & Kretzschmar R

(2009) Process-Related Mg Isotope Fractionation during a Seasonal Cycle in a Granitic Catchment
Tipper E, Lemarchand E, Hindshaw R & Bourdon B

(2008) Ca Isotope Ratios in the Largest Rivers in the World: Implications for the Global Ca Budget and Weathering Processes
Tipper E, Gaillardet J, Galy A, Louvat P & Bickle M

(2007) Calcium and Magnesium Isotope Systematics in Rivers. Fractionation or Lithological Control?
Tipper E, Galy A, Gaillardet J & Bickle M

(2007) Interpreting the Ca Isotope Record from Marine Biogenic Carbonates
De La Rocha C, Sime N, Tipper E, Tripati A, Galy A & Bickle M

(2006) A revised estimate of the δ44/42Ca of continental runoff
Tipper E, Galy A, Bickle M, Calmels D & Gaillardet J

(2006) The Mg isotope budget of the modern ocean: Constraints from riverine Mg isotope ratios
Tipper E, Galy A, Gaillardet J, Bickle M, Elderfield H & Carder E

(2005) Process-Related Covariation in Mg and Ca Isotopes in the Riverine Dissolved Load
Tipper E, Galy A & Bickle M

(2005) Record of the Weathering Timescale in Himalayan Rivers
Pomies C, Bickle M, Tipper ET, Chapman H, Fairchild I & Harris N

(2005) The Importance of a Vital Effect on the Ca Isotopic Composition of Foraminiferal Tests
Galy A, Sime NG & Tipper ET

(2004) Isotopic Composition of Dissolved Mg in Himalayan River Waters
Tipper E, Galy A & Bickle M

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