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All abstracts by Erin Todd in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Chemical Geodynamics Insights from a Machine Learning Approach
Stracke A, Willig M, Genske F, Beguelin P & Todd E

(2020) Coupled Magmatic and Eruption Dynamics of the Puipui and Nearby Submarine Eruptions (Tonga)
Rubin K, Clague D, Michael P, Russo C, Jenner F, Gill J, Todd E, Finlayson V, Escrig S & Embley B

(2016) Zircon Ages and Compositions Constrain the Nature and Sources of Melting during and after Progressive Accretion of the Wrangellia Composite Terrane to the Southern Alaska Margin
Todd E, Jones J & Kylander-Clark A

(2015) Composition within and between Tonga Arc/Lau Basin Backarc Eruptions Reveal Wide Variety of Parent Melts Linked to Eruption Styles
Rubin K, Michael P, Jenner F, Clague D, Glancy S, Hellebrand E, Arculus R, Gill J, Todd E, Lupton J & Embley R

(2014) Geochronological and Geochemical Transects of the Western Alaska Range Batholith
Ayuso R, Haeussler P, Todd E, Box S, Jones J, Bradley D, Vazquez J, Karl S & Jackson J

(2014) Geochemistry and Tectonic Significance of Pluton Successions in the Western Alaska Range
Todd E, Jones J, Karl S, Ayuso R, Stelten M, Saltus R, Box S, Bradley D, Haeussler P & Gamble B

(2013) Timescale and Petrogenesis of 2009 and Older W. Mata Boninite Magmas
Rubin K, Michael P, Gill J, Clague D, Plank T, Escrig S, Glancy S, Todd E, Cooper L, Keller N, Soule A, Hellebrand E, Kelley K, Cottrell L, Jenner F, Arculus R, Ruprecht P, Lupton J, Langmuir C & Embley R

(2011) A Variably Enriched Mantle Wedge and Contrasting Melt Types during Arc Stages Following Subduction Initiation in the Southwest Pacific
Todd E, Gill J & Pearce J

(2009) Creating New Continental Crust in Fiji-Tonga
Gill J, Todd E, Drewes E, Ishizuka O, Tani K & Campbell I

(2009) Volatility in BABB: Implications for Nb/Ta in the Mantle Source Region
Hergt J, Woodhead J, Greig A, Wysoczanski R, Leybourne M, Todd E & Wright I

(2009) Hf Isotopic Evidence for Small-Scale Heterogeneity in the Mode of Mantle Wedge Enrichment: Southern Havre Trough Back-Arc
Todd E, Gill J, Wysoczanski R, Handler M, Wright I & Gamble J

(2009) Geochemistry, Geochronology and Tectonic Implications of Cross-Arc Ridge Volcanism in the Southern Kermadec Arc, SW Pacific
Gamble J, Wright I, Wysoczanski R, Todd E & McIntosh W

(2006) Hf mobility and immobility during subduction
Gill J, Tollstrup D & Todd E

(2001) Electronic Structures of Iron and Manganese Oxides: Theory and Experiment with Applications to Surface Electrochemistry
Sherman DM, Todd EC & Purton JA

(2000) Mechanism of Cu Sorption onto Iron Oxides: Results from Sorption Isotherms and Spectroscopy
Peacock CL, Sherman DM, Todd E & Heasman DM

(2000) Nature of Sulphide Mineral Surfaces Under Atmospheric Conditions: Results from NEXAFS
Todd E, Sherman DM & Purton JA

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