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All abstracts by Igor Tolstikhin in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2017) Processes, Materials and Time Scales of the Late Earth Accretion
Tolstikhin I

(2015) Formation of Hydrocarbon Accumulations: Noble Gas Chronometry
Tolstikhin I, Ballentine C, Polyak B, Prasolov E & Kikvadze O

(2013) Two Noble Families Display What Happened in their Early Days
Tolstikhin I

(2011) Mantle Degassing Rates and Gas Loss from Atmosphere: A View from Xenology
Tolstikhin I, Marty B & Hofmann A

(2009) Mantle and Crustal Helium in Ancient Mafic Rocks: Components, Sites and Mobilities
Tolstikhin I, Kamensky I, Tarakanov S, Kramers J, Pekala M, Skiba V & Gannibal M

(2009) Tritium/3He Dating and Fast Changes of Groundwater Quality
Tokarev I, Kamensky I, Tolsrikhin I, Rumynin V & Zubkov A

(2009) Cradle Dates of 3H – 3He Dating
Tolstikhin I

(2009) N and C Isotopic Compositions in High-3He Kola Plume Rocks
Verchovsky A & Tolstikhin I

(2007) Helium Isotope Signatures in Rocks, Minerals, and Related Groundwater: Residence Time of He in a Sandstone – Shale Interlayering (Molasse Basin, N. Switzerland)
Tolstikhin I, Waber N, Loosli HH, Kamensky I, Skiba VI & Novokov D

(2006) Terrestrial Xe isotope systematics and the missing Xe problem can be resolved in a model of Giant Impact-related atmosphere loss
Kramers JD & Tolstikhin IN

(2004) Formation of D” Reservoir during Late Stages of Earth`s Accretion: Multi-Isotope-Systematic Geochemical Modelling
Tolstikhin I, Kramers J & Hofmann A

(2004) Helium in Quartz Crystals and Pore Fluids: Equilibrium – Concentration Concept and Helium Residence Times
Gannibal M, Tolstikhin I, Tarakanov S, Pevzner B & Lehmann B

(2002) Residence Time of Helium Isotopes in Sediments and Related Groundwaters, Molasse Basin, Northern Switzerland
Tolstikhin I, Kamensky I, Gannibal M, Tarakanov S, Lehmann BE & Waber HN

(2002) Generation of a Long-Lived Primitive Mantle Reservoir during Late Stages of Earth Accretion
Tolstikhin I & Hofmann A

(2000) Early Earth Evolution: Constraints from Combined Siderophile Element and Noble Gas Modeling
Kramers J & Tolstikhin I

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