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All abstracts by Paul B. Tomascak in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2014) Using Trace Element and Halide Isotopes to Understand Salinization Mechanisms of Groundwaters from an Arid Aquifer
Meredith K, Hollins S, Tomascak P, Moriguti T, Frape S & Nakamura E

(2013) U-Pb Dating of Carbonates and Fluorite: Prospects for Understanding Fluids from Deposition Through Burial
Rasbury T, Parrish R, Austin-Gidding W, Lanzirotti T, Tomascak P & Kyle R

(2009) On Lithium Isotope Systematics and Abundances in Lunar Mare Basalts
Magna T, Neal CR, Tomascak PB, Bourdon B, Oberli F & Day JMD

(2003) Lithium Isotopes in the Solid Earth
Tomascak P

(2003) Lithium Isotopic Fractionation during Continental Weathering
Njo H, Rudnick R & Tomascak P

(2002) Late Pleistocene Variations of Lake Level and Glacial Activity at Mono Lake, CA, USA
Zimmerman S, Hemming S, Hemming NG & Tomascak P

(2002) Evidence for Li Isotope Fractionation during Subduction
Zack T, Tomascak PB, McDonough WF, Rudnick RL & Dalpe C

(2001) Lithium, Boron, and Strontium Isotope Constraints on Solute Sources for the Great Salt Lake, Utah
Tomascak PB, Hemming NG & Pedone VA

(2001) Li Isotope Fractionation during Slab Dehydration? Implications from Studies of Subduction-Related Eclogites and Associated Garnet Mica Schists
Zack T, Tomascak P, Rudnick RL & McDonough WF

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