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All abstracts by Brandy M. Toner in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2020) Modern Water-Microbe-Mineral Feedbacks within a Subsurface Banded Iron Formation
McDermott JM, Gralnick J, Santelli CM, Bond DR, Sheik C, Kang PK, Peterson D, Lee W, Hsu D, Schuler CJ, Alexander SC, Noren A & Toner BM

(2020) Can Microbial Activity Enhance Chromium Removal from Industrial Stormwater?
Stewart B, Sheik C, Eger P & Toner B

(2020) The Effect of Climate Change on Methylmercury in Boreal Peatlands
Pierce C, Sebestyen S, Kolka R, Griffiths N, Nater E & Toner B

(2020) Solid-State Chemistry of Near-Field Hydrothermal Particles
Toner B, Cron B, Hoffman C, Nicholas S & Stewart B

(2015) Quantification and Description of As Species in Aquifer Solids with µXAS
Nicholas S, Gowan A, Knaeble A, Marcus M, Woodruff L, Erickson M, Lynch J & Toner B

(2015) Role of Authigenic Fe-Mineral Formation in the Delivery of Carbon to Marine Sediments
Toner B, Hoffman C, Fitzsimmons J, Sherrell R, Heller M, Lam P & German C

(2015) Interpretation of Depth Profiles of Organic Sulfur Species in Northern Peatlands
Furman O, Toner BM, Nater EA, Sebestyen SD & Kolka RK

(2014) Quantification of Arsenic Species in Aquifer Solids Using micro-XAS
Nicholas S, Knaeble A, Marcus M, Woodruff L, Erickson M & Toner B

(2014) Scanning Transmission X-Ray ‎Microscopy Analysis of the ‎Composition and Distribution of the ‎Organic Matter Chemically Stabilized ‎by Soil Clay Minerals
Oufqir S, Bloom P & Toner B

(2014) The Formation and Fate of Minerals in a Buoyant Rising Plume
Sorensen J, Breier J, Jiang H, Dick G, Tamura N, Kunz M & Toner B

(2014) Speciation of Mercury and Sulfur in Northern Peatlands
Furman O, Toner BM, Nater EA, Sebestyen SD, Tfaily MM, Chanton JP & Kolka RK

(2014) Microscale Characterization of Sedimentary Sulfur Speciation in Prairie Pothole Lakes
Zeng T, Arnold W & Toner B

(2012) Identifying the Arsenic Source in Glacial Aquifer Sediments, West-Central Minnesota, USA
Nicholas S, Toner B, Erickson M & Knaeble A

(2012) Measuring the Speciation of Iron in Hydrothermal Plume Particles
Toner B, Breier J, Edwards K, Fakra S, German C, Marcus M & Rouxel O

(2011) Ni Speciation and Isotope Fractionation in Marine Ferromangenese Deposits
Sorensen J, Toner B, Gueguen B & Rouxel O

(2011) Mineral Sources of Arsenic from Glacial Aquifer Sediments to Well Water in Minnesota, USA
Nicholas S, Toner B, Erickson M, Woodruff L, Knaeble A & Meyer GN

(2011) Biogeochemical Patterns and Processes in Buoyant, Deep-Sea Hydrothermal Plumes
Wendt K, Ananatharaman K, Breier J, Dick G, Edwards K, Girguis P, Sorensen J, Sylvan J & Toner B

(2011) Iron Microbial Mat Formation from Deep Continental Brines
Toner B, Briscoe L, Michel FM, Alexander S, Alexander C & Gralnick J

(2010) Retention of Biogeochemical Signatures by Iron Oxyhydroxide Minerals in Deep-Sea Deposits
Toner B

(2010) Mineralogy Selects Microbial Community Characteristics at Low-Temperature along the Global Mid-Ocean Ridge
Toner B, Lesniewski R, Marlow J, Santelli C, Bach W, Orcutt B & Edwards K

(2010) The Fate of Phosphorus in Biosolids Treated Soils: Speciation, Transport and Accumulation
Quazi S, Toner B & Bloom P

(2010) Going Deep: Elemental Distribution, Speciation and Redox States in a Marine Ferromanganese Nodule
Marcus MA, Fakra SC, Toner BM, Horn G & Edwards KJ

(2010) Life in Young Ocean Crust: Insights from Subsurface Microbial Observatories
Orcutt B, Bach W, Becker K, Fisher A, Hentscher M, Toner B, Wheat CG & Edwards K

(2010) Massively Parallel Tag Sequencing of Bacterial Communities on Basalts and Extinct Sulfides Reveals Substrate Endemic Populations
Sylvan J, Orcutt B, Toner B & Edwards K

(2010) Geochemical Analysis of Altered Seafloor Lavas Hosting Extensive Microbial Communities
Santelli C, Toner B, Bach W & Edwards K

(2010) Biotic-Abiotic Interactions in Deep-Sea Hydrothermal Plumes
Breier J, Anantharaman K, Toner B & Dick G

(2009) Trace Element Partitioning and Redox States in a Ferromanganese Nodule from the SW Pacific
Marcus M, Fakra S, Toner B, Horn G & Edwards K

(2009) Deep Ocean Interactions between Hydrothermally-Sourced Iron and Organic Carbon
Toner B, Bennett S, Chu N-C & German C

(2008) Sea-Floor Weathering of Hydrothermal Chimney Sulfides at the East Pacific Rise 9N: Chemical Speciation and Isotopic Signature of Iron Using X-Ray Absorption Spectroscopy and Laser-Ablation MC-ICP-MS
Toner B, Rouxel O, Santelli C & Edwards K

(2007) Evaluation of Oxidation State and Potential for Bio-Signatures in Fe-Bearing Minerals in Deep-Sea Minerals Using Spectroscopic Approaches
Edwards K, Marcus M, Toner B & Santelli C

(2006) Seafloor weathering of hydrothermal chimney sulfide minerals from East Pacific Rise 9o N: an X-ray absorption spectroscopic study
Santelli C, Toner B, Rouxel O & Edwards K

(2001) Abiotic Transformations of Atrazine by Manganese Oxide
Shin JY, Cheney MA, Toner B, Sposito G & Spiro T

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